Good Sunday morning friends.....

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It's a rainy, chilly morning this morning - by god, I'm appreciating it after the long stretch of heat & sun. Our lawns & crops so need rain right now. Our recovery workers - well, let's just say, not so much.

A day of rest is planned today. husband is heading out to visit with wm; kt & PCA will be scoping out the kitchen supplies to make dinner tonight. (They made homemade chicken fingers last night with Texas toast.)

I personally have a taste for spaghetti, home made pasta sauce & a big old salad.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. :coffee:


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G'day, Linda (and all to follow).

Enjoy your day of rest. I think you need to take a breather for a while.

I do hope the rescue workers can get recovery efforts managed as quickly as possible, this is a terrible time for those who are missing loved ones. We had a bridge disaster in Australia, back in about 1977, I think it was. A road bridge over the main railway line came down - onto the train that hit it. It was a peak-hour commuter train from the Blue Mountains and it happened at Granville. Our worst rail disaster. Those big flat sections of engineering can make rescue efforts so very difficult. And our rescuers didn't have the fast-flowing water to contend with!

We had a moderately busy day today - husband was pottering outside, I had the book to discuss with my client. But getting in the way - symptoms of an infection meant I had to call my friend the District Nurse, to give me an antibiotic injection. A real pain in the a***, if you know what I mean. There went an hour of my day, the injection alone takes a good half hour (12 ml, i.m.). So I was late to my client's, and sat there working for several hours favouring one cheek. Tonight - I'm hoping to head for bed early, I always feel a bit frail when this happens. Tomorrow - back to work finishing the book, just final polishing, before I email it in to the printer. Got to get it ready quickly, the client may have to dash off to Europe in the next fortnight. Half their luck!
Then it's back to my own work, in between difficult child 3's education (not much space for me, in the between cracks).

Here's hoping for a quiet day tomorrow - although I'll have both BF2 and difficult child 1 home. Individually, they make a lot of noise. Together... although difficult child 1 has a driving lesson to go for, that could quiet things down a bit.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I hope the recovery effort moves swiftly, but I don't see how it can with the scope of the area. I pray the families of the missing find peace. :angel:
Marg- All I have to say is it's a good thing you aren't much for sitting around on your duff! :smile: I hope you are feeling better soon.
We have church and assorted sundry things to do today. I need to catch up because I was basically out of it from noon on yesterday with a fever. Ugh. :ill:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:



Linda you make me hungry. Don't get the opportunity for a family dinner on my work days, so I am real hungry right now.

Marg - hope you feel better.

My last day of work. Finish today at noon and on Vacation for 10 days. Hope the rain is done by the time we head up north. Not leaving until Tuesday evening.

Have a great day.



I have been up sense early, D/H got the call this morning, and his father passed away at 7am before he got to hospital.

difficult child's are sleeping, and I will tell them once they're up, neither had a close relationship with their grandfather, so I am not too worried. My Dad, when the time comes, will be another story.

Well now that I am up, we will make church for a change. There'a picnic today afterwards. It is rainy here too, but I'd rather be wet then sweating.

Then I guess I will see what's what with services for this week. And hopefully d/h will be able to hold it together. He is either going to get better or worse at this point.

My goal for this week is to make a list of goals (me and my lists) LOL

Blessings ianav


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Good Morning All!!!

difficult child and i just got back from vacation, my house is still standing as i left my soon to be 21 year old nephew with adhd to watch it. difficult child and i had a blast, the weather was great and difficult child was awesome. We got to do a lot of extra stuff this yera, and difficult child is finally tall enough to drive the go carts,he did okay and can't wait until next year. I also drove him close to two hours away so he could go down the alpine slide, for those of you that don't know what it is, you take a ski lift up to the top of a mountain, then come down on a special sled that has a go and stop lever, and ride a mile and a half down the side of the mt. on a very curvy track. He was nervous going up alone, but he had fun. No rest today as we are off, to reunite my uncle from Arizona with his brother in ct. should be fun. Have a great day!
Good morning, all! Took the cubs to the beach yesterday. We had fun until difficult child decided to be a difficult child and throw sand toys and defy his father. easy child didn't mind leaving so we just packed it up and went home. We go in the morning and then leave before lunch, anyway. We're all so fair-skinned, I don't like having the cubs out in the sun too long even though they are slathered with high spf sunscreen. So far, we've never been burned on a beach trip, so at least I'm doing something right.

Not sure what to do today. Our church does not have children's programs on the 1st Sunday of each month. They have a charming idea that we can all worship together once of month. Right. I take difficult child for regular church service and I spend the whole time hauling him out from under the pews, stopping him and easy child from doing things to each other, and hissing death threats, which seems somehow at odds with the spirit of worship we're supposed to be experiencing.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Good Sunday Morning!

Linda, wish it was rainy and cool here....we are supposed to be at 100 the rest of the week. Enjoy your day of rest :smile:.

Marg, hope the shot works for you - hope your Monday is not too noisy :nonono:

TM, hope you are feeling better today :doctor:

Kjs, wishing you guys a great vacation - I'm sure there are some family dinners in store for vacation.

Ianav, wishing your family the best at this time of loss.

Jen, miss seeing you on the morning post! Glad you and difficult child had a great vacation!

Running, love the visual on difficult child in church :rofl:

Well, mom is enjoying my pampering so much that she has decided to stay an extra day :surprise: So, she will be here until tomorrow.

difficult child is sick today. He can't seem to keep anything down. We were going to take advantage of the tax holiday in our state and do the school supply shopping today. Should have done it yesterday......

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday.


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Good Morning All!

Linda-We have the rain here too. The first real rain since July 3rd. I hope get your spaghetti tonight! We had spaghetti with Italian links last night for dinner but the pasta wasn't homemade! :smile:

Marguerite-I hope you are feeling better and have a quiet day tomorrow. :flower:

TM-I hope you are feeling better-fevers in the summer are not good. Take it easy today if you can. :bath:

Kjs-I'm glad you have 10 days off-you deserve the vacation!! :beach:

Iana-Sorry to hear about your father in law. I hope husband is able to hold it together. The picnic sounds nice. :flower:

Razzle-It's good to hear your vacation went so well! Sounds like both you and difficult child had a ton of fun!! :smile:

RFS-I'm glad you had fun at the beach even if it was for a short while. :beach: :dance: I hear you about the church thing. My difficult child is 10 and he still can sit still or be quiet through a service. Lately we have just stopped taking him-husband stays home while easy child and I go.

Sharon-You snuck in on me. I hope the visit is going o.k.! Enjoy the school shopping-I wish our state would offer a day like that!

I'm glad we are getting the rain but, of course, now I will end up having to mow the lawn once it dries up! Not sure what we're going to do today as I am feeling a bit lazy. I know at some point we'll get to the health club and I'll do some reading and take a nap but we need to find something to keep difficult child occupied. We'll probably play a few board games.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day!