Good Sunday Morning Friends


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:salute: Good Morning!

I hope this Sunday morning finds you without too much on your agenda.

We have promotion Sunday at church this morning. It will be my first time back on Sunday School since May. I must say that I have enjoyed the extra hour and a half on Sunday morning, but I am also looking forward to seeing my teens!

After church difficult child has two pages of homework and easy child has to work on her first writing assignment for ap english. Fortunately I don't have any homework :geek:

Hope you are able to find some time to slow down and enjoy your loved ones.

Sharon :salute:


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Good morning! :coffee:
Sharon- I hope church goes smoothly this morning and homework is taken care of PDQ. :teacher:
We won't be at church for SS registration today as Duckie has a conflict. Our weather should be damp and cooler today, I'm looking forward to cooking a big roast chicken later. :thumb:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck. :salute:


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G'day, everybody. Sunday night here, we've mostly had dinner although difficult child 1 has gone for his first solo drive - through the bush to the mainland to collect BF2 from work. Both fellas will need to be fed when they get home - easy child 2/difficult child 2 has some fish fillets marinating for them to share.

Sharon, I hope the sunday school return is positive for you.
And TM - enjoy the roast chicken. We're thoroughly chickened out after trying to satisfy BF2's appetite for the stuff. And since my SNAFU last week in over-ordering, we've been eating roast lamb ever since.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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Sharon- enjoy Sunday school, you must be glad your back.

Tm- i'm heading out now so i can have some chicken, it sounds yummy

Marg- enjoy your night, hope difficult child 1 had a safe drive.

Well life here is pretty crazy, difficult child started school on Thursday, his only complaint is only one of his friends is in his wing. Yesterday he had his first soccer game of the season, well summer decided to return and it was over 100 when the boys played. I am now a pretty shade of brown, and red, and difficult child has an amazingly tan face . It was so hot i felt bad for the kids, difficult child had the only shot on net, and they lost 2-0, i said it was to hot to play, so i wouldn't worry about it. I need everyone to say some extra prayers for me, i screwed up on the afforadble apt. homes i wanted to move to so bad. It seems i sent the wrong thing in for my cheking information, and now i will be put on the wait list, because i didn't have the right info. I spent last night in tears, i am so mad at myself. I plan to get the right things in the mail tomorrow. Enjoy oyur dya everyone!


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Good Morning everyone, on another bright, cloudless, warm day. I think rain is in the forcast.

LDM,pretty funny about you not having homework. :bravo: Seeing the kids growing up so fast and doing so well is wonderful.

TM,yum about a big roast. I love that sort of all day cooking on a Sunday. It's just screams comfort food and family meals. Enjoy.

Marguerite, congrats on difficult child 3 driving.

difficult child is finishing up his work week and will be planning the drive to NC next weekend. His application is in the works. Keep your fingers crossed that difficult child is on the cusp of a fuller life.

Today is just more of the cleaning that goes with moving.

Hope today is a day when you make some good memories with your kids.
Happy sunday!

Football season starts today. I don't think any of you know how happy I am.

<span style='font-size: 20pt'><span style="color: #FF6600">GO</span><span style="color: #000099">BEARS!</span></span>


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Good morning my friends,

Sounds like everyone's day is planned, wonderful dinners are being served & cleaning is happening. :rolleyes:

I, myself, am enjoying my last day of being alone. husband should be home around 2 this afternoon; kt will be home after 3. I spent the majority of yesterday sleeping on & off. Never did get dressed - oh well, I love jammie days. :smile:

I ordered my new stove yesterday :bravo: & it should be delivered mid week. I'm so looking forward to having a working oven again - miss baking. I use treats to bribe service providers - it's amazing how well that works. LOL :rofl:

Enjoy your Sunday - keep it calm. Find any reason to laugh today - it's the best medicine. :flower:


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Oooh, roast chicken and jammie days. :smile:
difficult child's 1st drive alone, Marg? I assume it goes well.

I have a cold, and cramps, and will be driving to another city to read poetry and interview for a project (a book project, I hope) in the middle of Tropical Storm Gabrielle, so today is a very full day.

husband took both kids to church and I'm home alone. Yay! difficult child has tutoring and then baseball, so he, too,has a full day. He was whiny and upset but, oh well, that's life.

Tomorrow I get my massage!

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Good Morning All,

Sorry I can't address everyone individually this morning! difficult child let us sleep late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my Michigan team isn't doing well at all this year :thumbsdown: but the Packers start today.

<span style="color: #009900">
<span style='font-size: 20pt'>Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!</span></span>

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Morning everyone!
I'm going to lay around today and recover. We had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. My garage is now clean! :bravo:



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Good Morning!

husband worked a 14 hour day at the college football game yesterday so we are doing nothing today. He is going to recover, and we are having a movie day. It is my 38th birthday so I am having a cyberparty in the watercooler! My gma is having emergency hip replacement surgery, so my family party will be later this week. Gotta go get the donuts.

Hugs to all!