Good Sunday morning, my friends &

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  1. timer lady

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    fellow :warrior:parents. It's a tad chilly here this morning - 10 below zero, :blizzard: with blizzard type conditions. Brrrrrr.

    So I have the coffee brewing & am waiting not so patiently for that first cuppa of the morning :coffee2:.

    As it's dangerously cold, we're hunkered in for the day. The 3 of us each have our own various & sundry ideas & plans for the day. I do plan on playing at least one game of scrabble with kt & husband together today.

    I've a pot roast to go into the slow cooker for dinner tonight along with red potatoes & carrots. I thought I'd bake an angel food cake with a strawberry yogurt glaze for dessert (the only desert of the week).

    Enjoy your Sunday - stay warm. Here's to difficult children that appreciate their family & cooperate; husband's & easy child's who pitch in with any help needed & an enjoyable Sunday. Hug your loved ones. :grounch_day:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day Linda (and those to follow).

    That sounds like a delicious meal you have planned.

    And those temperatures - absolutely amazing. When we were caught in the snow in New Zealand, it was far warmer (it was only a few degrees below zero Celsius - would have been just below 30 F) and we were too nervous to drive into the shops down the road to have a meal or buy supplies, we just made do with what we could scrape together. How nervous were we?

    Again we had cool autumn winds this morning, which eased off to a sunny, warm day. I did suggest going to the beach, but difficult child 3 was too busy playing computer games with difficult child 1 and instead I got some errands done and helped husband burn some windfall timber in our pizza oven. And because we aren't permitted to incinerate, instead difficult child 3 & I tasted marshmallows and made damper, which we wrapped round some thick sticks and baked. We then pulled off the damper twists (shaped like tubes) and filled them with butter and "cocky's joy" or Golden Syrup, a kind of light molasses that is a by-product of cane sugar production. Very Australian. It has a sort of toasted butterscotch flavour, very distinctive. Sweeter than maple syrup, less of a burnt taste (although I like REAL maple syrup).
    (by the way - "cocky" in "cocky's joy" is NOT referring to cockatoos, it was an old term for a struggling farmer).

    Tomorrow morning I'm taking mother in law out early to have some blood tests done. I have a few things I need to get, if I can I'll see the GP to get some paperwork done. Call the hospital and book the biopsy, do some urgent shopping for food supplies, then get home fast to see how difficult child 3 is doing with his work. Tomorrow is a good day for this - more rain is forecast and it won't take much for the road to flood again and make it a VERY long trip.

    So early to bed (hopefully) and a productive day tomorrow (hopefully).

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning Linda, Marg & all to follow. :coffee:

    Linda- Could you post your angel food and yogurt glaze recipe? I'm on the lookout for healthier desserts. Stay warm!

    Marg- Our kids "dress for the weather" and go outside at recess for short periods of time even in winter as long as it's not dangerous.

    Duckie and I are heading out to church soon. We need to be at both services to hand out prayer beads and Valentines. She sings in the second service with the other children, so we're in for a long day.

    Have a great day! :)
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-We're having the same weather here this morning-oh joy-I think you're the smart one staying inside. Enjoy the scrabble and the pot roast.:D

    Marg-I haven't roasted marshmallows in years-yum! :D

    TM-How nice to be passing out prayer beads and valentines!:church:

    We're having the same cold Linda is having. While staying inside would be the wise thing difficult child has a wrestling tournament about 50 minutes from here. We're going to try it and if the snow that is already on the ground is drifting too much we'll turn back.

    I also have to get to the grocery store and the health club weather permitting. It's 25 below right now with the wind chill-brrr:2cold:

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-stay warm!:flowers:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :jumphappy:Good Sunday Morning All!

    Linda, I would love the glaze recipe as well - we love angel food cake - a great dessert if you are eating healthy - we had angle food cake with cherries for dessert last night! Stay warm and enjoy your day :frostbite:.

    TM, I am getting ready to go up and wake the troops for church as well :church:, easy child had a friend spend the night and she will be going to Sunday School and church with us. Sounds like a meaningful day at your church today.

    Marg, sounds like you have a really busy day planned for Monday - hope you are able to get everthing accomplished - roasted marshmellows....yumm.......:entertaining:.

    Sharon, you guys be careful on the roads - make sure you get your nap in today - stay warm :frozen:.

    After church today, we just have a few things to do around the house and difficult child has to finish up a statistics project. It's not due until thursday, but he also has two other projects to work on that are due in 2 weeks so I am getting him cracking!!!!! He has this friday off and next monday - four day weekend! I'm hoping to get a good start on his other two projects this week so he doesn't have to work a lot on his time off. Fortunately, his teachers don't give too much homework when they have a special project due.

    So, I think I'm going to hunker down this afternoon and watch a movie in my evil chair by the fire!

    I wish everyone a day where you can find the time to relax!

  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning folks. Brrrrrrrr to you arctic explorers.
    We continue to have spring like weather. I have daffodils popping up. A little worrisome for a long and difficult summer. Especially given the level of drought we are in.

    Linda sounds wise to have a stay home day.
    Marguerite, hope you get a bit more summer in your year. We just put a fire pit on the patio. I'm sure my nephews will enjoy toasting marshmallows. Good idea.
    TM, have a nice together day with Duckie.
    Wiped out hope your trip to the wrestling tournament is not too harrowing.

    difficult child called Friday. He continues with a positive attitude and cooperation with the staff as he is progressing towards independence. There was a Sweetheart dance last night as well as a round of the Dating Game as a fun activity to get the adults to know each other a bit and to get them to mingle. Remember the group isn't known for social skills. difficult child attended both and I'm sure he socialized. I'm hoping it was a good time. Today is an awards dinner for talent that has performed through the year. Suit jacket required. It makes me feel so happy that he is doing something but sitting on his behind playing games. He even worked on getting his car jumped without too much input from us. Yay! I hope he keeps his defensiveness put away for a longer period of time. Hope springs eternal.

    Have a good day all. We are going to prepare for the family visit next weekend with my 3 sibs and their kids. We are looking forward to it. Wish my kitchen table was here already. LOL. The plastic fold up one will have to work.
  7. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    Good morning. Or rather, good afternoon, LOL. difficult child was on computer then husband was.....then son was, now I get a turn! LOL. Except I fell back to my familiar web TV. LOL

    Timerlady- I am gonna go look and see if you posted that recipe for that glaze. I tend to do horribly unhealthy things to angel food cake, like pour hot fudge on it and top it with whip cream! Well, in summer, I slice fresh strawberries on it...but.....

    Marg, my kids love toasted marshmallows- I like them if they get burnt and black and crisp- inside a Smore. But thats the ONLY way I eat a mrashmallow. I was trying had to undestand what you were saying- but I got lost around the damper, I'm afraid? Maple syrup? LOL, I had always simply used um- Log Cabin maple pancake syrup, but for Christmas Santa put a small bottle of REAL maple syrup in my stocking. OMG- I LOVED it!
    TM- prayer beads and valentines? Sounds thoughtful and fun! We did not go off to church today....WAY too cold for me! We did make Valentines, tho, and got trinkets to put with many of them. The kids are gonna send them to their cousins and close friends. I think we are also gonna make red heart shaped sugar cookies- today might be a good day to do that, as soon as easy child gets home from work.

    WO- BRR! sorry you have to venture out in this! YUK! Hope you get the things done you plan to. Without getting frostbite!

    LDM- hope difficult child gets his work done without a hitch? I am with you in hunkering down in the chair- for me it will be with my newest book. LOL. Yesterday I went out to return a copy of this book, I had wound up buying 2 copies of it, forgetting I had already bought one copy a couple days ago! LOL!

    Fran- sounds like difficult child is doing well! YAY! as for your drought, I would gladly share some of our precipitation, LOL- Hope your sibling visit goes well, sounds fun! Good to see family.

    Oh, had to walk away here, easy child just got home from work. SHe is NOT happy. SHe still is not feeling up to par, and it was slow at work, so she asked if she could go home early. They said to just hang on..and when it was her scheduled time to go home, she said she was leaving and they said, no, wait, next shift is late-so she said they had NO customers- and she had asked to leave early, and then wound up staying late, and she was not scheduled to work today at all, but got called in very early this morning as a fill in for someone else. SO she came home frustrated and in tears.

    Yesterday I made an awesome pot of split pea soup- might be the best one I ever made. Day before I made beef barley- guess I am in a soup phase? AM thinking of either chicken rice today or multiple bean. ANd the Valentine sugar cookies- and- reading my new book.
    I also belong to the Artic Club here, so I doubt I am going out ANYWHERE.

    SO- since I am so late today here- Happy Sunday to all who follow.