Good Sunday morning my friends.....

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Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside. I spent a bit of time working outside; light cleaning up around the bird feeders & such. kt & PCA went on their every other Saturday visit to the humane society to walk the dogs while husband worked on the curriculum for one of the classes he is teaching at night.

I "baptized" our new stove by baking a cake; this morning I need to bake a simple recipe of cookies for wm. husband will be heading out for a visit with wm today.

All in all, I overdid it yesterday. And am paying for it right now doing the GM thread at 3:30 in the morning.

Today, other than a few loads of laundry (kt is in charge of running the stairs) nothing is on the agenda. I'm setting the crockpot up with a pot roast for dinner, then sitting about reading the entire paper & napping.

Hope your day can be just as relaxing. Enjoy your Sunday - find a reason to smile.


Linda sure sounds like you enjoyed your Saturday. I thought it was a bit too cool.

After work I headed to difficult child's double header. Caught the last half of the first game and left shortly into the second. difficult child was acting up and I have been up for 20 hours by that time, and I am not going to sit there while he throws his tantrum. In front of his baseball team/coach/parents. I shook my head and told husband it is time I leave. Never did ask who won. I really don't care.

Today will be better. Last day of my workweek and then 4 days off. So at noon today I head home to watch Football. I love football. Must cheer for my hometown team even though I am closer to our rivals now! Go Packers!! I have on my lucky Packer socks today!

Have a restful Sunday.


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G'day, people.

Linda, I'm glad you finally have your new stove. About time! Don't overdo things...

Kjs, sorry your weather is turning so cool so quickly. I think you did the right thing leaving the game - difficult child can't be rewarded if he's playing up, and you DO need your sleep. Good luck tomorrow.

We had a fairly quiet day today. difficult child 3 & I worked on his New Zealand diary project, he's finally finished it (with a lot of help). It's 22 pages, 800 Mb in size. No way am I emailing that to the school - husband is going to try to print it at work tomorrow. Here's hoping the printer doesn't internally haemorrhage!

After we'd finished, difficult child 3 went for another walk/run - he is really pushing this exercise thing. I suggested he take the route we followed yesterday and explore the bush, instead of simply running in a circle round the track. And he did! He came back about an hour later, said, "I'm bushed - in both senses of the word!"

And husband has finally joined this site independently as "Marg's Man" - all his lurking using my address has been confusing me when I try to see which posts I've read and which I haven't. And when he DOES post, using my sig - it can be a bit confusing for you all when you read it. This way should be much better.

Give him a wave when you see him... now much more out in the open.

Have a good Sunday.



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Good Morning my friends. Happy Sunday to you all.
Linda, glad you are up and about a bit. I know there is a price but pushing yourself is the first step to getting back to normal. Today rest up. I know you must be frustrated. I can't imagine my house if husband and the kids took care of it.

KJS,sorry to hear difficult child shot himself in the foot again. Hope today is better.

Marguerite, glad to hear your husband will be joining us. Hopefully he will be able to pull some insight and info from a pretty experienced group as you have. Of course, sharing is what we do.

difficult child finally got to NC. He drove up with his old buddy and tutor. He actually drove hours at a time on the big highways. I'm glad he had the experience. The GPS navigation system was one of those tools that helps compensate for his disability and allows him to increase his independence. Best Christmas gift he ever got. I highly recommend this sort of practical thing if your difficult child isn't functioning as independently as his peers. difficult child is much more likely to go for a job interview or visit friends now that he knows where he is going. He never had a sense of where he was on the planet. His debit card was a good tool for independence since he isn't able to grasp money concepts in the real world. It allowed him to go to movies or get gas or all those real places adults need to go but pay for on their own.

Today is day 2 of the dog whisperer. We are training the puppies to use a visual aid(flags) and a collar with sound/shock to keep them from running out of the yard. This guy thinks he is a shaman of dogs and only he is kind and humane. He is a difficult child of biblical proportions that's for sure. He loves dogs though.(and the sound of his own dog lectures)LOL.

Have a wonderful sunday.
You know, I had something to do today, but I can't seem to remember what it was...

..Oh NOW I remember...

<span style='font-size: 26pt'><span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'><span style="color: #FF6600">GO</span> <span style="color: #000099">BEARS!!</span></span></span>



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Please don't overdo it. Enjoy the new stove! :thumb:
Kjs- Enjoy your 4 days off. I always found it much more difficult to tolerate Duckie's stunts when I was overtired. :faint:
Marg- Welcome aboard, Marg's Man! Glad you had a quiet day. :flower:
Fran- Do you think he's a kitty whisperer as well? My difficult child cat woke everyone real early this morning by running around like a maniac. Ugh. :rofl:
Duckie has a football game to cheer at today. It will be strange for me because it's in my old stomping grounds. Go team! :princess:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good Morning Everyone!

Slept in a little today.

Linda, glad you enjoyed your Saturday and are resting today!

Kjs, good for you for leaving the game! Enjoy your four-day rest.

Marg, looking forward to our member!!!

Fran, we have the electric fence for our last dog, Clebo. Clebo was an outdoor dog and rarely came in unless it was really cold or really hot! We wanted to use if for Spot as well so he could run around out back, but terriors don't do well because they are scenters. Neither shock nor sound will stop them if they are on the trail!! I hope the kids do well with their training today.

BBK, ok - we know what you'll be doing today.

TM, enjoy the game today with duckie - the fall weather just screams football!

Running late this morning - have to go and get ready for Sunday School. Mom comes in this afternoon. She and her sister stayed in WVA after the funeral last week and drove around where they were born and raised. Not much left anymore but they had a good time visiting with family and looking up old friends. She wants to stop here on the way home (even though it is not really on the way) and spend the night.

I'm hoping to catch a little catnap between church and mom's arrival! Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday.



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Morning all,

Linda, take it easy. Sounds like you have a good plan and I hope it works.

KJS-I hope difficult child does well at the game

Marg- I am glad you husband has his own identity. It will make it easier for you to keep up on your posting.

tm-enjoy your trip down memory lane at the game.

Sharon--I hope you get your catnap.

BBK-- I will cheer for the NFL Bears if you cheer for the "Central Oregon Raiders" parks and rec football team that difficult child is on. I cannot go as I have to work. This is the first game he has gone to, and I really hope husband gets him there on time. I swear that man was probably born late and has never been on time since.