Good Sunday morning, my friends;

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Oct 7, 2007.

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    Yesterday was a quiet day around the tweedle household due to all the rain. kt spent a good deal of her time playing a computer game & helping me with laundry. husband spent his first Saturday since going back to work just playing. It was a healthy outlet for him.

    Today, more thunderstorms forecast - it hot & muggy already this morning. I'm finishing a book on Nature Journaling & look forward to a starting a new book. I don't know which one it will be yet as kt & I will be going to the library this afternoon.

    I've been researching what I want to plant in my front yard since the loss of all my trees out there. It looks very barren. I think I've got an idea for at least the east side of the front yard; the local nursery is have a 75% off sale so I want to head out there this afternoon, if at all possible. It's a fairly large lilac bush that I have my eye on. I'm also drooling over the half off perrineals (Sp?) to plant where we lost a Cedar tree. husband will be planting a hedge across our front lawn.

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Find a bit of joy amidst the chaos that are our children. Laugh at the absurd.
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    Good Morning Linda~

    Why on earth are we up so early on a Sunday morning. Ugh!

    I envy your nice long growing season. We live in the north and I just pulled all of my flowers out for the winter. It always makes me kind of melancholy.

    Church ... naps ... then the kids are coming out for dinner. Gonna throw some burgers on the BBQ. Nice and easy ... its a day of rest ya know!

    Blessings ~
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    I'm in MN - we don't have a long growing season. We just having freakishly weird weather this year. :smile: We're looking at a high in the 80s today. It's October for goodness sake. I've never planted this late in the season.

    I'm up early because of medications that seriously agitate my sleep pattern - this is how I'll look this afternoon. :bloodshot:
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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, the hedge sounds lovely. What sort of hedge? In Wandiligong in Victoria (a southern Aussie state) is a very large hedge maze made of lemon cypress. It smells absolutely wonderful and also gives good screening.
    Or maybe that's going a bit too far? It WOULD give you some greenery back in your front yard again, though...

    GG, I know you've pulled your flowers out, but can't you put bulbs in now for spring? A lot of bulbs NEED to be thoroughly chilled in the ground or they won't flower properly. In most of Australia, we have to put them in the fridge because our winters aren't cold enough.

    We had a quieter day today, weather-wise. Again a few drops of rain but the path dried quickly - almost as we watched. And when I say a few drops, I mean you could almost count them.
    Today was the big car race at Mt Panorama, Bathurst (west of Sydney). THE race. I've grown up with this car race every year, the TV is totally taken over for the day. I'm not into sports much but this is one car race I'm prepared to watch. The track spends most of the year as a standard suburban road. We've driven on it, just to show the kids. It took us fifteen minutes to drive one circuit of the track, driving as fast as we felt safe. The race car drivers do it in two minutes. The cars - not race cars, they have to be cars which any person could theoretically purchase and drive on the road, although they have been modified for the race with standard safety gear installed, cameras fitted, passenger seats taken out etc. The race started as a way to showcase cars available to the public, so it's always fascinating to watch. We have other car races in Australia and round the world, but this one is our biggie. It's like the Melbourne Cup for cars; the football grand final for race car drivers. And today, having a few roos on the race track made life interesting indeed. All the rain we got in June has greened up the area, which brings in the roos from further west, and they rapidly breed to plague proportions (a cute marsupial trait).
    Today's race was a bit rough on the cars - 30 cars started the race, only 16 finished. A number of them went out in flames which was unusual. And no roos were harmed during the running of this race. Can't say the same for some of the cars...

    It looks like we might have BF2 home from work tomorrow, he's been unwell all day (not like him). easy child 2/difficult child 2 is off work but she & I need to see the doctor for various reasons - I need my BiPolar (BP) checked, she needs to have a SERIOUS talk about going onto antidepressants. Here's hoping the doctor we want to see has some time free tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.


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    Linda, oh lilacs those are my favorites i'm jealous you can plant them, apt. life we have no choice.

    GG, enjoy your bbq& church

    Marg, the race sounds cool, my difficult child would love it, have a nice night

    Well we are down to a week before we get the keys to the new place. Yesterday was my friends wedding and didn't i not wake up sick, i pushed so many pepto's in my system so i would be there. difficult child did awesome, except for the fact this one waiter who kept bringing the appetizers kept picking on him, difficult child did well but man i was waiting for him to lose his cool. difficult child was so sweet there he kept saying i want to get Kelly in the booth with me, they had a picture booth, so i said she's been part of our life for seven years just go ask. Of course she did, and difficult child was all happy. The only down side they fed the kids right when the grown ups had first course, so all the kids were starving by our main course, they finally brought the kids sundaes. On the way home difficult child goes i almost cried two times Kelly looked so beautiful. Those are moments i will cherish forever! Have a great day everyone, i am off to pack!
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    Morning everyone!

    Linda, I love planning stuff to plant, just don't enjoy the upkeep much! LOL If I could just plant and go I would be happy but there are those pesky weeds and such that always need ripped out. Bah. Lilac sounds wonderful though, I love them! Are you getting the purple or the white?

    GG, enjoy your day. It's supposed to be warm here today too.

    Marg, a good race now and then is good! I'm not a race fan but always watch the Indy 500 every year. It's so pathetic too......I have lived in Indiana my entire life and have only been to the race once.

    Razzy, glad you were able to make it to the wedding. Sounds like it was a good day.

    Not much planned around here for the day. husband is off and I've volunteered him and difficult child to help a friend's mother cart some stuff to the curb for the annual fall clean up. She was widowed almost a year ago and our friend (who is her child that lives the closest) is 2 hours away so we help her out whenever we can. I'm due for another "clean up the catepillars that are my eyebrows" so I think I'll take a bit of "me" time today after I read my newspapers. difficult child was a bit of a tool yesterday so I could use it.

    Morning to any that snuck in and here's to a good day.
  7. Fran

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    Good Morning and Happy Sunday.

    Linda, I am planning a container garden for my patio. Not sure if I can do it this late in the year but I will research my new climate to find out. I want to order 2 olive trees and maybe a fruit tree of some sort that will grow in a container. I also plan a fig tree in the back yard at some point.

    gg,sounds like a lovely day with the family.

    marguerite, hope the doctors. visit goes well. Enjoy the race.

    Raz, the wedding experience sounds wonderful. Glad difficult child was charming and memorable.

    Mustang, I'm not a big fan of weeds myself. Enjoy your me time.

    difficult child is dog sitting for us. Evidently, he isn't walking them as long as they need. He called at 7AM to rant about the accident they had after their walk. :rofl: Poor honey. It's tough being difficult child(especially because he gags when cleaning up behind the puppies)

    husband and I are enjoying our weekend away with good friends. It's been a welcome respite in this sea of craziness.

    It's a beautiful day at the beach. A little hot and muggy for Oct. but enjoyable. We are heading off to brunch and some tourist type shopping.

    Hope your day is a good one. Find a moment of peace for yourself today.