Good Sunday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    It was a long day yesterday at Mom's-maybe I'll post later. Unfortunately we didn't go sledding because neither child wanted too-bumps on a log!

    Anyways I was so tired that I was falling asleep around 7:00 on the lazy boy chair and finally went to bed at 8:00. I was asleep immediately and other than getting up a few time to use the bathroom slept til a little after 6 this morning. Do you think my body is trying to tell me something? Of course, I didn't get my nap yesterday-what will I do when I go back to work? lol.

    Not much planned today. I'm heading off to church in a bit and then the health club. I plan on watching the Packer's game this afternoon and taking a long nap! Yes more sleep!

    I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday! :skate:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, Sharon (and all to follow). I'm sorry you didn't get to go sledding, but it sounds like you really needed that rest.

    husband & I went to church this morning. I was waiting for a phone call and had my mobile on 'silent' - expecting a client to call, he was planning to visit and was going to call to organise meeting up. At the church (located ono the beach) we could see the crowds of holidaymakers everywhere, it was very busy.

    Got home from church to find he had telephoned, I had somehow missed the call. He was on the way when I called back, would be arriving on the wharf any minute.

    Therein began a comedy of errors. Having seen the holiday crowds in the village I didn't take the car but took my scooter instead. Got to the wharf right on time, to learn that the ferry had broken a rudder. Long queues of people waiting to leave, but no boat in sight. Cars illegally parked everywhere, on the wharf, along the road, on the footpath - bedlam.

    So I scooted round to the church (not easy - the traffic was unbelievable!) and waited, desperate to get out of my somewhat formal clothes and into a swimsuit. Other parishioners were just getting back onto the church lawn from the beach. Finally the phone rang - the repairs were going to take too long, my client called off the trip for the day.
    By now, the best part of the beach day had passed, but I still headed home (via the shops again, to buy milk) again taking my life in my hands with the tourist traffic.
    Got home, changed into my swimsuit, grabbed difficult child 3 and headed to the beach (scooter again). We had a relaxing hour or so then headed home. husband was supposed to be joining us (he had a maintenance job to do at the church first) but drove past me as I was beginning my scooter trek home. He couldn't find a parking spot.
    So back home we went - an hour later he said he was ready for a swim. So back to the beach - the fourth time for me, for a second swim.
    husband & I chatted to a couple of artist friends (they were late to the beach also - they open their studio every weekend) then headed home to organise dinner and water the garden (Sunday and Wednesday we are permitted to use the hose between 4 pm and 10 pm).

    BF2 got home - a smaller backup ferry was running, would have been working later to get all the tourists home - and for a while we thought he would go for a swim also. But easy child 2/difficult child 2 said there was still too much sting in the sun, she is very sensitive to getting sunburnt, and he wouldn't go on his own. So I missed out on a fifth trip to the beach!

    Amazingly, I'm not sunburnt. My skin has finally reached that summer state where I've got enough natural protection now.

    Tomorrow husband & I have some shopping to do. difficult child 1 has to take his new car to get checked out. It needs new tyres, the registration and ownership needs to be transferred, he needs to make sure he hasn't bought a stolen car, for example. Should have done it before, but he didn't listen.
    After running the gauntlet of the crowds in the village today, we should be able to handle the mall, no trouble! And tomorrow night we will probably spend New Year's Eve with friends from church - from their balcony we should be able to see the fireworks in Sydney Harbour. They are expected to be superb. Mind you, it's still a long way away, but there's something about being able to see them, line of sight... although the TV coverage is always best.

    Have a happy New Year, if I don't talk to any of you before then.

  3. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Well-Known Member

    Good Morning.
    Sharon- Don't you have a planning period at work that you could sneak a few winks during? :rofl:
    Marg- I grew up in a tourist town, I know of what you speak! I hope traffic calms a bit today. :smile:
    We're off to church soon, then one of Duckie's friends is to join us for dinner and a sleep over. Wish me luck! :hammer:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :smile: Good Morning Sharon, Marg, TM, and all to follow!

    A sleepy, slow Sunday morning it appears.

    Sharon, you definately must have needed the sleep. Sorry the kids didn't want to go sledding. I can't imagine mine turning that down - but then again, the last time we got snow for sledding was probably two years ago! Have a relaxing day.

    Marg, glad you got a couple trips to the beach in today!

    TM, good luck with Duckie's sleepover! Get a little rest in this afternoon.

    Kinda a lazy day here - easy child and I will run to the mall after church - I'm looking for a new wallet. difficult child finished his invention report and book report. Now he has to write the conclusion to his science experiment and he is ready to go back to school on Wednesday. easy child says she doesn't have anything to work on for school, but I imagine she will "remember" on Tuesday evening!

    Wishing everyone a great Sunday.

  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning Sharon, Marguerite and TM.
    It's a wonderfully wet, soggy morning in our horrendously drought stricken area. It's a reason to celebrate. Things here are in pretty bad shape water wise.

    I picked the pups at the kennel and forgot to have them bathed before coming home. PU!!! So this AM at 8, they headed to get a deodorizing bath. No way are they laying on my floors smelling like they rolled in dead stuff. Yuck.

    Not much planned today. Laundry and starting to declutter difficult child's room so that it can return to a normal guest room. This afternoon we head to the genius bar (mac help) to work on the glitches with the I Phone.

    Sharon, hope all those naps catch you up.
    Marguerite, I have been to the beach house during tourist season. I'll pass. We go in the off season.
    TM, have fun with the girls.

    difficult child went to New Year's Party last night. Yay!
    easy child is working 9 and 10 hr days. Fortunately he loves it and is following his dream.

  6. happymomof2

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    Good Morning, yes I am a little late saying that but hey it's still morning here - 11:30! :rofl:

    difficult child I think finally rolled out of bed. We didn't go to church today - husband helping neighbor fix his car. They only have one vehicle and both of them work.

    easy child is next door playing with the girls. :smile:

    Might have one errand to run today but will probably wait until tomorrow. With the :crazy2: price of gas I try to schedule my errands all at the same time.

    Hope all of you have a meltdown free Sunday and a wonderful New Years Eve with no incidents!!