Good Sunday morning.....

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    I know it's early for a Sunday but I can't sleep. What the heck - start the GM thread.

    kt is in respite this weekend so I've been enjoying the quiet around here. husband & I spent yesterday tinkering about the house. Accomplishing little of anything....didn't matter.

    I spent a good 5 hours napping yesterday which is likely why I'm not sleeping now. Or it could be my medications. Whatever. It's become a way of life.

    Today is my day to put together menus & order groceries for delivery tomorrow. When kt gets home from respite it will be a mad dash to complete her laundry for school this coming week. I expect to be grilling chicken out for dinner tonight. That with a big old salad, honey dew melon & corn on the cob. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Keep your fingers crossed we don't get another evening of stormy weather.

    Have a good Sunday, friends. Here's to cooperative difficult children, a sunny day & time spent doing something you really enjoy. :painter::jumphappy::try2fly:
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Ah respite-how nice for you and husband!!! Your dinner for tonight sounds delicious! I may have to make something similar!!

    I should be sleeping too but my internal clock has me awake even though it isn't a school day.

    All of my tomatoes are planted. I planted 6 plants all different variety. I also took Marg's advice and planted some basil as well!! My dad and his wife leave early this morning.

    I'm not sure what is on the agenda for today except a nap and the health club. Other than that we'll play it by ear. The weather is suppose to be just perfect again today.

    Wishing everyone a day of smiles and sunshine.:flower:
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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I'm glad you got some good rest. I hope your planned family barbecue is not rained out. There's something about fresh air that gives you an appetite.

    Sharon, I hope your tomatoes grow well. Don't forget to pinch out the terminall shoots in the basil well before it flowers. And keep the water up to it. A good pinch of potash is great for tomatoes; otherwise, treat 'em mean. If you fertilise tomatoes they just get leafy, without much fruit.
    There's nothing like biting into a fully ripe tomato, still warm from the sun. I studied for my final high school exams on tomatoes - I would take a bowl to the garden and pick about a dozen tomatoes, then take the bowl to my room with a salt shaker, open my textbooks, and just read - while eating tomatoes!

    Today was a classic Sydney winter's day. Yes, we even had rain - not much, but a constant misty drizzle. The sky was dark, like a day-long dusk. When we woke this morning difficult child 3 was working out with Wii Fit, he's really enthusiastic about it and I'm sure it will do him good.

    husband & I decided to get mother in law to come and visit for one of our relaxing Sundays. I got difficult child 3 started on more schoolwork then followed husband down to mother in law's, where husband was helping move furniture to mop the last of the puddles from Thursday morning's super storm and minor flood.
    On the way I wondered about our artist friend - today is the first Sunday of the month and Open Day for our village artists, his mural should be finished. It's been commissioned by the Malaysian government and is a history of Malaysia - a multicultural massive portrait of many people in one country. As I passed his studio I saw a sign - the mural is on display in the village hall (the only building around big enough to hold the entire assembled mural).
    So we grabbed mother in law and drove down to see it. It was even more impressive than I expected. They have worked on this for the last year, the mural in a dozen pieces. His studio is not quite big enough to hold the whole assembled mural, so they needed one last session with it all in one piece, to get it all matching up properly and to add extra colour here and there, to make sure it looked like one mural and not 12 connected paintings. Because the hall gets used so much (including church on Sunday night) they only had a few days to do this final work. There are three artists altogether - our neighbour Jai Wei Shen, his wife Lan Wang and a friend of theirs Wang Xu (sp?). Today we at last saw their signatures. The mural is on display here on Tuesday, then it goes in to Sydney University for a week or so, then to its destination in Malaysia.
    I was telling easy child 2/difficult child 2 about the mural. "It goes from here to Sydney Uni, then on to Malaysia."
    She said, "Wow, that IS a big mural."
    I have to tell the artists that one!

    So on a cold, wintry Sydney day we have seen something rare and very special, as well as had a sense of the sunshine and colour of a tropical country.

    They were supposed to take the mural down for the church service tonight, but as soon as the pastor saw it she asked the artist to leave it up and instead, to come along to the service and tell them all about it. "We'll just squeeze ourselves in on the other side of the hall," she said.

    There is something really wonderful about living in a surprising place like our village. Behind every door there is the chance of finding rare and individual talent. But maybe that goes for everywhere?

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  4. Fran

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    Good Sunday morning my friends.

    Linda, sounds like the weather has finally gotten pleasant. Enjoy your day.

    Wiped out, don't you love fresh tomatoes? Our new house had 4 raised beds just waiting for us to plant something. We put all the fixins' for a fresh salad. Onions,green peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. It's the biggest veggie garden I have ever taken on so I'm learning as I go. I keep a pot of basil, oregano, thyme and sage growing in a strawberry pot by the kitchen. I actually have a huge rosemary bush in the garden that's great for cooking.

    Marge sounds like your weather has turned into soup and stew weather. The mural sounds beautiful. I always in awe of people who can create.

    I'm still at mom's house. She is doing well and fighting every possible restriction. I guess that's a good sign. She is closer to normal. I did have to threaten to go home without her to get her to stop trying to sneak into the basement. The visiting nurse suggested I put a lock on the door! You should have seen my mother's face. It was priceless. She is frail but if she doesn't have to walk except around the house she does well.
    She is a collector/pack rat and now at her age isn't quite able to keep up with housekeeping so I have been up to my elbows scrubbing, decluttering, lugging and trashing for the last few days. I have only gotten part of the kitchen and pantry done. It is a daunting task. In between is mom's care and the dogs needs I'm ready for a day of rest. The dogs are not used to the city noise and are making me a little nuts.
    It got very hot and humid yesterday which didn't make it easy to carry things up and down the steps. Frequent visitors just add to the chaos.

    So that's where I've been the last few days and will be for another week. Then mom comes home with me for a while.

    difficult child is doing well.
    easy child is doing very well.
    I only get phone calls when they are miserable. The good times are left for their friends. LOL. I'm happy if they are happy.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.
  5. Andy

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    Good morning all!

    Timer Lady - sounds like you have a perfect day planned. I was thinking maybe we should have another daily thread just for the day's menu? We could start our own on line menu planning. Your meal today sounds so good.

    Wiped Out - another perfect day for you too! :)

    Marguerite - that mural sounds wonderful. How nice that it can stay up for church and people get to learn more about it. It will be a historical item. Are you able to take pictures of it?

    Fran - you sure have a challenge on your hands. It is so hard as parents start loosing their independence. Glad your kids are making it easier by not creating their own new challenges.

    I helped at a graduation party last night - husband is at our other property over night so I took difficult child with me. Two frustrating moments - My friend asked me to take a cake and a knife to the shop. In front of difficult child, she suggested that difficult child carry the cake and I carry the knife. difficult child was so angry that he refused to take the cake and once outside out of my friend's earshot, demanded that I give him the knife which of course I would not. He then refused to open the shop door for me.

    We left about 10:45 pm. I came out of the shop to find him riding a scooter around. It was pitch dark and there were people walking around. I told him to put the scooter away, that it was too dangerous in the dark - he would hit someone or something. Of course he had to be a brat about that also. I told him when we finally got to the van that it is very embarrassing to me when he doesn't obey me.

    So, we slept in this morning and although he did get about 10 hours of sleep, he doesn't feel well. I told him to go back to bed after he let puppy out. We have a graduation party to visit this noon and then I need to clean out the refridgerator to prepare it for Summer. Then shopping for this week's lunches and hopefully husband will be home early enough for me to go into work for a few hours. Do I really have enough hours in the day for this? Probably not so I will just have to make more time. Such is the life of a mom! :)