Good Sunday Morning!

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    Well, we survived another annual pool party. The weather was great and the kids were well behaved (except Duckie's one friend, who threw a fit when husband told her to stop doing something dangerous to Duckie in the pool. Sigh.). We had around 16 kids and went through an amazing amount of food. The weather was perfect. :swimming:

    On to today: We should have church, but we're just too tired. We still need to take down the tents in backs and I need to get to the grocery store. And a nap. Definitely a nap today.

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    Sounds like you guys had a great day! Hope you get to your nap.
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    Good Sunday morning!

    TM, the pool party sounds like a blast. Hope you get that nap in -- you deserve it.

    Tonime, good morning to you.

    We're enjoying a relatively quiet weekend -- the lull before the storm of school, which begins for M on Tuesday. Yesterday we went to meet our friends' new puppy. They got a cockapoo from the same breeder we got our dog from. The kids loved holding and playing with him. They couldn't remember our Cal being that tiny once.

    Today we're going to a barbecue hosted by some other friends in celebration of school beginning. The weather is just perfect -- sunny but not too humid. Very unusual for the Difficult Child area in August. But who's complaining?

    Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi if you snuck in.
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    TM, I'm glad the pool party went well. The weather sounds like it was just right.

    Toni, welcome to the morning thread.

    smallworld, the puppy sounds cute. I hope the return to school goes smoothly for you. And for anyone else going through the school return this week.

    We had a sunny day today, pleasant after the last two (cold!) days. We've only got sun for another couple of days then it's going to rain again, they said. And turn cold again. Yuk!

    husband had another open day at his train club today but with the weather still a bit unpredictable, he was the only one to go. difficult child 1's car looks like it has a blown head gasket, so with the car in for repairs he couldn't go to his church with girlfriend. So he came to church with me and difficult child 3. We haven't been for weeks, we've either been away or busy (easy child 2/difficult child 2's birthday, for example, when we took her to the city). It was good to get to the church for a number of reasons. Afterwards we stayed and chatted for lunch (as often happens). difficult child 1 decided to catch the boat to go meet girlfriend (and borrow her car to drive to work tomorrow). Someone at church mentioned being offered some furniture - a family is selling a house and needed to get some old furniture out today, so they could finish house repairs before the agents bring in any customers. With difficult child 1 & girlfriend in mind, I went round after church to have a look - and came home with a queen-sized bed, some chairs and a coffee table.

    Meanwhile difficult child 3 had met up with some friends and their family at the beach (our church is beach-front) and went with them to the park to play some ball games. He had a wonderful afternoon playing with neighbourhood kids under supervision (so no problems). All in all, a happy, successful day.

    When we finally got home difficult child 3 & I got some gardening done. I'm sore and stiff from helping move furniture as well as doing some heavy weeding. But with difficult child 3's help I now have one salvaged (and valuable) pot plant potted up safely, and another salvaged plant in the process of striking some roots. It can take time, but when people throw away plants they've either dug up or chopped down, I like to rescue them if I can. I can always find somewhere for them to go. The one we potted up today was a Dracaena marginata chopped off at ground level by a neighbour about a year ago; it was two metres high/long with a number of 'heads' on it, which had been snapped off by neighbourhood kids before I could fetch it home. So a year ago I brought home what looked like a dead, leafless stick and stuck it in water. Today I planted it because it has grown plenty of roots, and five new heads. These plants cost hundreds of dollars here, at that size. I feel very smug!

    Tomorrow it's back to schoolwork again for difficult child 3, and back to me job-hunting for difficult child 1. At church today I talked to a few tradespeople about the problems difficult child 1 is having with his employer and the advice was, "Get him out of there, they are exploiting him and lying to him."

    difficult child 1 is 24 and still needs someone to be an advocate for him. He's a good person, more easy child in so many ways, but will need a high level of support for many years. It really does sometimes take a community to raise a child. It's taking a community to continue to raise this young man.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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    Good Morning,

    TM-I'm glad the pool party was such a success!!:swimming: Enjoy your nap:sleeping:

    Tonime-Good to see you on the morning thread. Enjoy your day!:D

    SW-I love quiet weekends! Have fun at the barbecue!:bbq:

    Marguerite-Sounds like you had a very busy day. I'm a bit jealous of your green thumb! Be sure to rest up after all that moving of furniture and planting-you should sleep well tonight.:sleeping:

    I'm home from church and husband is doing a McDonald's run for breakfast (not for me, I was good and ate my healthy cereal).

    difficult child is heading to respite this afternoon til Tuesday afternoon. It's the first time ever for anything more than an overnight. He is having a lot of anxiety over it and doesn't want to go. He is pleading to be able to go for only one night and I'm feeling kind of guilty about him being gone for the whole two nights. I'm hoping once he is there he has a ton of fun. At one point the lady mentioned maybe they would be able to go fishing so I hope that works out.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing Sunday.:beach: