Good Sunday Morning!

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    :bigsmile: Morning Friends!

    I hope this morning finds most of you well-rested. I am really dragging. easy child, one of her best girlfriends, and I were up really late - we were playing the Wii!!!!!! Tennis and boxing. We just kept playing and playing and playing and playing..... Before we knew it, it was after 1 am!

    I've got to put something together for a covered dish breakfast at church this morning. We are celebrating Promotion Sunday for our Sunday School classes. Instead of class, we are having a breakfast and then I am directing a small skit. Otherwise, I would still be under the covers! Somehow I have to get easy child and her friend moving......:surprise:

    As for the rest of the day, difficult child has some homework I will task him with and I have some cooking to do for the week. I usually will grill several chicken breasts to use on salads or such during the week. I'm also going to make a new ww cake recipe that calls for angel food cake, crushed pineapple, ginger, and coconut! It's a mock-macaroon cake. It's not Core, but it's only a few points a serving and I cut these things in small servings and wrap them individually. I usually put 1/2 in the freezer. That way if we get a sweet tooth, we have something yummy and fairly healthly to grab.

    easy child is teaching water fitness at 4:30 and I'll be taking her class. difficult child has another zombie movie he wants me to watch with him :faint: - that will be on the schedule!!

    Have a peaceful Sunday :peaceful:

  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Sunday.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope you have something worked out for church this morning. A breakfast dish, huh? What about some boiled eggs? And grilling chicken pieces ahead of time for later use in salads - have you tried teriyaki marinade on chicken? It's one of our favourite stand-bys especially for summer. We eat them in wraps, in salads, in sandwiches - great!

    We woke to rain this morning. easy child had made two appointments today with bridal stores, she asked mother in law to come with us too so we all piled into the car and headed out early. We were at the first store for an hour and she found one dress she particularly liked. Then at the second store (the one where easy child 2/difficult child 2 has found the dress she wants for her wedding dress) easy child tried on at least a dozen more bridal gowns and found a number of lovely possibilities. We then drove her to the railway station to catch her train back home on the inter-city express. By this time the rain had gone and it was sunny again.

    We've had a taste of summer over the last couple of days but the weather is cooling back to spring temperatures. It's been lovely to wear a skirt and t-shirt for a change. The weather has been bizarre - after the coldest August on record, we've had the hottest September day on record.

    It was good to see easy child for a couple of days, good to talk to her about a few things. I'm worried about her health - she is carrying too much weight and seeing her today getting in and out of bridal gowns, we could really see the problems. I'm going to have to have some long talks to her, about getting herself checked out medically. The weight is less a problem for me, than the health problems it indicates.

    After the last really busy week I've been so tired. I see another doctor (specialist) tomorrow but otherwise tomorrow is a fairly quiet day.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - Let us know what you decided for breakfast - my choice takes overnight in the refridgerator - Glad you are enjoying the Wii. Brave mom to watch zombie movies. The cake sounds good. Chicken breast idea - I take a glass cake pan, spray with Pam, put frozen chicken breast in, pour on a marinade such as honey teriyaki, and cook for about 1/2 - 1 hour. Very easy. I have made with a variey of marinades. An idea if grilling isn't an option some day.

    Marg - You continue to be busy on the path to the weddings. Have you been feeling better yourself?

    It rained yesterday so we stayed home. The neighbor boy was over much of the day. I didn't get to the grocery store so will stop on my way to church to get grapes. The lesson today is 12 spies and they bring back huge grapes so the kids will get to eat our regular size little grapes as a material connection.

    We woke up to rain again this morning. I just noticed the back wing window open in the van. We never open this because it needs to be done manually (my only complaint with the van). However, the boys were sitting in the van at one time - I believe they took a board game out to sit in the way back so opened the back windows.

    difficult child just brought puppy in. He said it is no longer raining, just windy.

    I suppose I will go shopping after church. Otherwise wait until later while difficult child is home with husband though it is nice to have his help.

    Everyone have a GREAT Sunday! Find a way to make your difficult children laugh.

  4. Marguerite

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    Andy, your chicken recipe sounds interesting. I might investigate that further. I've got a kangaroo rump in the freezer, I was planning on using it in a stir-fry. It would do well with a good marinade.

    I've just been reading up on polymyalgia rheumatica. It's not looking positive. My pain levels have been escalating over the last few days, my mobility and neurological symptoms are also increasing. whatever this is, I think it's progressing much faster than my symptoms usually do. I got difficult child 3 to help me tonight with cooking - he was saying that he thought I was just making it up, just to make him do more work. I pointed out to him that I already do much more than my share of chores round the house, I don't need to make up anything to get others to pitch in. He did do his bit and was able to get back to his games when I said he would be able to, so he wasn't too frustrated. Later, I called him to the kitchen to get him to taste our stew and see what he thought about how it was going - what seasoning did he think it needed? I was happy with it, but I wanted him to feel involved, a fellow cook.
    Interesting - after I made my point, he didn't say another word about me 'making it up' about being in pain and not being able to use my arms and hands properly. It would have been so easy for me to yell at him - but I'm just too tired.

    I'm seeing my GP on Wednesday afternoon, on the way back from another study day for difficult child 3. I think in the meantime I'm going to have to make some enquiries about how to get access to an immunologist.

    Oh well... I guess it's better than being sent to a neurosurgeon for spinal fusion in my neck!

    As for the weddings - with the first one, all the invitations (first wave) have been sent out now. The cake has been ordered. We're needing swatches of fabric from the bride's top (currently being made) so we can get some fabric and organise the making of the skirt. Bridesmaids' dresses are still an issue, I'm going to have to sit down with the girls and see what we can organise. And it's time to go talk to the caterer about what she needs, to talk to the bloke doing the bouquets about what HE needs, and to talk to the person about the decorations - I don't need to exactly organise things, just to make sure that things are being organised, if you know what I mean. I think it's time for some lists and a time-line. I can do THAT without having to physically exert myself.

    The second wedding - the reception has been booked, so has the celebrant. The dress - still looking, but almost there. The bride needs to get her health checked out. The guest list - homework already done, thanks to the first wedding.

    The third wedding - dress chosen but not ordered, date set but no place booked (therefore date NOT set). I'm not rushing her. It's her life, her wedding. Frankly, the longer she takes, the happier I'll be. I think right now she's happy playing fantasy games. At times, VERY much a difficult child.


  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-You really have a busy schedule today for being so tired. I hope you are able to sneak in a nap! I know how easy it is to get caught up playing Wii! I hope you will share your cake recipe in the healthy living forum!

    Marg-We too awoke to rain today, after rain all day yesterday. I'm glad easy child found some possibilities for wedding gowns! I'm sorry your pain levels are escalating.

    Andy-Your Sunday school lessons sound like fun! I'm sure the kids appreciate it! I hope your van isn't too wet. Last August the same thing happened to us but it was a ton of rain and we are still noticing the smell at times.

    I've been to church and now what I thought would be a slow, relaxing day is changing around. I still need to fit in the health club and we still have to pick up difficult child from respite this afternoon. Now though my niece and her boyfriend are coming over (they called while I was typing this) to watch the Packers/Lion games. Her boy friend and I are Packer fans and my niece and husband are Lion fans. Oh and I have nothing in the house to serve to eat!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:peaceful: