Good Sunday Morning!

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  1. tiredmommy

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    Good Morning. :coffee:

    I'm out the door shortly. I'll be teaching the first Sunday School class this morning, heading to to Duckie's football game right after, coming home to change, then off to a birthday party. I'm already tired. :rofl:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, friends.

    TM, you sound like you have a really fun day planned, even if it will be busy. The birthday party will be a good way to wind down after the day.

    We had another lovely day in paradise. Ok, not so warm as yesterday, but sunny and pleasant nevertheless.

    We went to church this morning and our friends from Africa were also there, having stayed overnight after the fundraising dinner last night. Once more the father of the family spoke about his/their experiences as refugees. He continued his story including a humorous anecdote about his difficulty in finding a church just after they first arrived in Australia - a local shopkeeper told him to look it up in Yellow Pages, and our friend just didn't understand. He finally found out that Yellow Pages is a business phone directory; and then he had to try to connect the phone number and address as printed on the page, with how to find the building on the street. In all their times constantly trying to escape conflict and living in various refugee camps, he'd never learned how to use a phone directory or a street directory. Mind you, he was a fast learner. A very intelligent man, with an amazing story. The tragedy is, it's just one of millions of stories.

    After church we visited another friend's place - she's just opened a small gallery (as if our town hasn't got enough?). It only opened this weekend, her current exhibition is of four local photographers. Her place is also right where we park when we're going to difficult child 3's favourite beach, so after having a look at all the photos on display, difficult child 3 quickly changed and went for a swim. Kids! They don't feel the cold... the water temperature was 17C (62F)!

    We bought a photo (unframed - much cheaper), would have loved to have bought more but we would need much more wall space than we have. I just framed it, it meant rearranging other family photos, but that's OK. Now all I need is husband to put new picture wire on three of our photos and a couple more picture hooks on the wall, and we're in the gallery business ourselves - at least our own private gallery.

    Tomorrow will be hotter again, with possible storms. I got my new plants in this afternoon (most of them) so I must try and get the rest in before the rain tomorrow, so they can get watered in more naturally. Plus there's more work to do in the vegetable garden, more work to do with my tomatoes, some seeds to plant - and a doctor to see in the afternoon.

    So much to do, so few hours...

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    TM-You should be already tired!:rofl:Actually it sounds fun even though it is busy!

    Marg-Your day also sounds busy but pleasant. Oh to be a kid again, I so remember not caring about the water temp. when I was young. :swimming:

    Yesterday I think we hit the 80s so it was a very pleasant day. I didn't win the car and I did hear wrong-there were about 200 people that made the final drawing-I did get a consolation 3 piece barbecue set.

    This morning we are going to the health club. I need a good workout because although I was supposed to get there yesterday life happened and we didn't make it. I told husband we're going first thing today so we get there.

    I should also mow the lawn and do grocery shopping-we'll see. Definitely a nap will be in order.

    Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful Sunday.:peaceful:
  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning everyone. It's a lovely cool Sunday morning. We are just reading the paper and taking a bit of a breather.

    TM, enjoy the first Sunday School class.

    Marguerite, your little part of the world sounds exotic. Hope you get your plants in and enjoy the warmer weather as well as the rain.

    Wiped out, good idea about going to the health club early.

    I have been a little busy with life. Last week wasn't such a banner week. Between the devastation of Ike on our homes, our sweet HoneySue suffered a perforation of her bowel due to long term anti inflammatory medications. The chemo has her immunosupressed so she developed peritonitis. She is a very sick puppy. She has been in ICU since Thursday. It was either surgery or being put down. I figure she should die from the cancer and not the treatment. They are giving her a 50/50 chance and won't build my hopes up. She has made it 36 hrs. Hopefully by tomorrow she will be out of the woods and on to the road to recovery.
    I'll head to Galveston on Friday for a 12hr visit so we can start the process of clean up and insurance process. Not a good way to spend a Friday.

    Hopefully you all have a peaceful Sunday.
  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Tired - Enjoy your very busy, yet very fun day!

    Marg - I love hearing about the courage and strength people have shown when enduring unthinkable hardships. Many of us take way too much for granted. Yesterday difficult child and I went to a pumpkin patch with a friend of his. All the friend could talk about was swimming. We went on a hay ride past a river, "Can we swim there?" We visited a nearby dam, "Can we swim there?" I think it will be a long winter for that young man.

    Wiped out - Have a great time at the health club. I am also suppose to go shopping today but just not sure when to fit it in.

    Fran - I am sorry life is so hard this week. I hope HoneySue feels better soon and you find the time and energy to deal with Ike's mess.

    I will go to church soon to teach PK - 6th grade Sunday School (about 25 - 30 kids). Today will be a fun lesson. As the kids pretend to be the Israelites grumbling about living in the dessert, difficult child will throw plastic snakes into the crowd. I forsee some extra moments to regain control of class :). We have a congregation meeting this afternoon at 1:30 but not sure if we will go because there is a meeting in a small town one hour away that husband wants to go to. husband has a church meeting tonight at 7:00 pm (I am suppose to go but refused so that difficult child can be home by 7:00). So, I am not sure when grocery shopping will get done! Probably right after church.

    easy child has found that she can go to the college library before 9:00 pm Mon - Thur to work on some assignments. She talked to one of her teachers who is being very helpful. She is refusing to tell the teacher of the highest level class. "Mom, he doesn't care - it won't help." "But easy child, he needs to know that you have not just quit and that you are working on the problem." She will talk to the police again tomorrow but I am coming to the conclusion that we will not see that computer again. Makes me sick and disgusted that some idiot would so easily destroy her education like this. She found another computer at Best Buy that is like the one stolen but less memory so not as expensive. Makes me sick that we have to dish out that money again but her education is important. She learned a very hard lesson about backing up work seperate from her machine.

    I better get going - Everyone have a GREAT day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Good Morning everyone!!! Trying to keep the household calm...
    Fran I am so sorry about you pup.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.
    We are cleaning, projects and football and maybe swimming... oh and shopping for groceries.