Good Sunday morning.....

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  1. timer lady

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    A very good Sunday morning to you all.....:good_morning:

    HMJ:coffee2: is brewing & I guess I'm up for the morning (or at least until nap time :bigsmile:.....gotta love a good nap.

    kt is at respite & we expect her home around 3 this afternoon. It's to be a stormy rainy day today ~ I'd like to talk husband into renting & watching the Indiana Jones movies; from beginning to end. A marathon of sorts. Have kt join in & order a pizza for dinner.

    I spent yesterday sleeping ~ a good 18 hours straight. It was a beautiful day I missed; others will be around I'm sure. After I woke (around 6 pm) I started painting & painted until 2:30 this morning. :painter: Of late, if I'm not sleeping, I'm painting. It's a wonderfully peaceful & positive outlet for me right now & I seem to need it. When I get grumpy (who me????), kt tells me I need to sit down & paint. :rofl: Does this child know her mother????

    I hope your Sunday is calm & peaceful, that you find a reason to smile & that your difficult children are in good form.

  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning Linda, nice to see you. 18 hrs of sleep. Amazing. I imagine your body needs it. I don't recall your illness but it has taken a toll. I hope it is getting better at least.
    Stormy movie days sound fun. We did an Aliens night with difficult child. Made popcorn and watched the longer version of the movie. It was fun.

    We have had gorgeous weather. Took the puppies on a long walk yesterday. I even got Cowboy to do a slooooow jog the length of the bridge. It felt good for both of us. Even rode in the convertible for a bit.

    husband is leaving at 12n today for a few days for work so it will be a quieter week. I'm actually considering going through Christmas stuff while he is gone. It's all jumbled up after the move. How scary is that?

    difficult child has been a big help so I figure I should use him while it lasts.
    Have a peaceful Sunday everyone
  3. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day to everyone.

    Fran, Christmas stuff already? That IS scary! Mind you, mother in law wants to come shopping with me on Tuesday so she can get the dried fruit for her Christmas pudding.

    Linda, you must have needed that sleep. Sometimes I wish I could teleport you over to our village on a day like today - first Sunday of the month is our local artists' open day, I took difficult child 3 & mother in law around to see some of the studios we didn't get to see last time we did this. Now we've only got the next village to go. husband was working on our taxes and frankly needs to be left alone when he's working on them; he gets like a bear with a sore head. And mother in law needed to get out and do something a bit more exciting than stare at her four walls. Today we only saw three artists - two of them turned out to be friends of mine but I was never exactly sure where they live (one has only recently moved to her current place which used to be owned by another artist friend who died earlier this year). And the third - our neighbour up the road, who is currently doing really well professionally. He just got back from an exhibition in New York on Chinese Revolution artists (he was one of them) and from installing his fabulous mural in Kuala Lumpur.

    Today was the first day of summer Daylight Saving for us. We have a long weekend so it makes the impact a little softer. difficult child 3 was re-setting clocks wherever he could, including in the artists' studios!

    The weather is still cool, it will stay cool for the rest of the week. Our football grand final was today - Manly Eagles (based in Sydney) vs Melbourne Storms. And Manly won! Yay!

    More rain is forecast tomorrow, I'll be happy for my garden. I hoped to get more done today with tidying up the garden beds outside our bathroom - it's an enclosed courtyard with (at the moment) a heap of sand and two palm trees. I want to turn it into a tropical garden and weeded out a lot of rubbish a couple of months ago. There is one wall of glass opening out to this courtyard, the budgies love to sit in there all day every day so I want it to be a nice place for me to sit too. I'm hoping to get some work done before it rains. Doing planting in the rain is good - it makes the job easier. I'll be wearing my warm clothes though - 18 C is the max (64 F). After enjoying the heat at the beach last week, it's frustrating.

    I'm enjoying the garden - I have discovered for myself that coffee grounds in the garden kills the slugs and snails! Now I have to drink up even more coffee - I harvested some red silverbeet tonight (and some yellow) and found a few snails doing damage. I'm going to harvest more vegetables tomorrow and plant some more. I'd like to get difficult child 3 to help me, but his current project is installing a lot of our old educational software on our "broken" computer, the one that got its ethernet chip burned out in the lightning strike. Everything else works; plus difficult child 3 has been asked to do some maths coaching, he can use the software to help.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning,

    Linda-I love your movie marathon idea! I do hope you squeeze in a nap. At least you are productive with your awake time and something beautiful comes out of it-you are a true artist.:painter:

    Fran-I love that difficult child is being such a big help!:D Christmas stuff sorting sounds like a lot of work right now.:christmaslights: but a good idea. Your weather and day yesterday sounds beautiful.

    Marg-Sixty-four sounds nice to me for a spring day! It's good you are enjoying the gardening! After our frost yesterday I have to pull my tomato bushes-I should do it now but sometimes it doesn't happen until spring. Keep drinking that coffee for your garden:coffee:

    easy child said she had fun at the homecoming dance last night. She looked beautiful but wouldn't let me take any pictures! She was running late and needed to get going.

    It's supposed to be rainy and stormy here today-guess the lawn won't get mowed. I'm off to church in a bit and then will make it to the health club at some point. We may do dinner out tonight-not sure yet.

    Mostly I plan on relaxing because I still have laryngitis (I have a bit of a voice if I talk about 2 times lower than my usual voice) and my cold is getting worse-oh joy-it's the one that husband had that really wiped him out. I'm doubling up on my cortisone medications like I'm supposed to when I get sick. Maybe that will help it not get as bad. Oh well, I shouldn't complain, last school year I didn't even get one cold so I guess I'm due!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  5. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- Enjoy the movie marathon!

    Fran- I'd love to start sorting my Christmas stuff, but I have to find my Halloween stuff first!

    Marg- Go Manly!

    We have church today... it's the blessing of the animals service so it's bound to be a little wild. We've brought our Pookie in the past, but we've decided to just bring photos today since she'd be stressed by the other animals. I have altar guild, so I truly hope the livestock stays outside, lol!

    Duckie's little homecoming game went well. The rest of girls were a little rambunctious but Duckie was well behaved the entire time. They did their big cheer at half time and the crowd went wild!!!

    I had to seriously do some cleaning last night. The local cable provider has dropped the local station that carries the Bills football game this afternoon so my husband said to expect Fl to show up. Ugh! :hammer:

    Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    I forgot to mention - we got an email tonight, "The Black Balloon" is going to be launched in the US at the Hamptons International Film Festival on 16 October. It's winning awards all round the place and is getting great reviews. My three youngest kids are in it, so is husband (as part of the audience at the school production). difficult child 3 has a small speaking role.

    But more important than that - it is a wonderfully real film about growing up with a profoundly autistic brother.

    I posted about it in Watercooler.

  7. Mamaof2

    Mamaof2 New Member

    Linda... 18 hours of sleep! OMG Heaven. I so need 18 hours of sleep. Never get it with a toddler around but I can dream! :) Indiana Jones movies. Sound like something my husband would love to do. I just can't sit long enough to watch movies in a row let alone at times one full movie. I'm always busy and have stuff that needs to be done. Enjoy your day!!!

    Fran.. Christmas stuff already? I'm excited about Halloween first, then I'll start thinking about Christmas! :)

    Marg.... The Black Balloon sounds like something I'd want to see. How exciting for all who were in it!

    Sharon... I can relate to the not feeling well. A nasty cold/sore throat combo has been going around. My son had it, daughter has it and I just got it the other day. No fun. Hope you get some rest and relaxation.

    TM.. Blessing of the animals service. Never heard of that before but I love the idea!

    It's raining here today. I'm actually enjoying it. Fits my mood somehow. I work early. Took a nice long warm bath. 2 year old toddler slept in. difficult child is still at has dad's and decided to come home today instead of last night. I have ton's of cleaning to do around here and get us ready for the week. I like sundays. It's probably one of my favorite days. Helps that I watch four different shows that help me relax at night. :)

    Enjoy your day all!