Good Sunday Morning!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :autumn: Good Morning Friends!

    The weather has warmed a bit here. We are above 70 today for the first time in over a week. The sun will be out and time to get back to the routine. I took the day off yesterday! I did a few little things around the house, but all in all, I was a bum!

    I've got my high school Sunday school class at the house this morning. One of the kids called last night and said her mom had made some muffins for our meeting! I'm going to hit the gym around 11 or so and do the machines then swim some laps. Back home to organize for the week. I'm meeting a friend at a Thai place for an early dinner.

    All in all, a nice day. I hope your Sunday is a good one as well. Take care :frankenstein:.

  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    I'm up early with some nasty aches & pains; hopefully the motrin will kick in soon. Duckie had a blast at the Halloween party last night. :ghoul: Bless those parents! They had 30 kids there!!! The mom looked a relieved when parents started showing up for pick-up. :rofl: by the way, Duckie modified her cheerleader costume to be a vampire ghost cheerleader. Apparently a few of the kids were a little scared because they didn't recognize her through the make-up. :devilish:

    We have church today and Duckie has a birthday party. It's actually back at our church because the family will be using our large gathering room. :hapBday:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  3. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Good morning Sharon. We were posting at the same time so I merged our threads. Have a great day with with the teens and the gym. :autumn:
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon (ldm), Thai dinner sounds wonderful~it's been months since I've ordered Thai. Enjoy your dinner.

    TM, hope you're feeling better soon ~ I know that flu like symptoms are running the gambit here. Take care of yourself.

    I'm up because of some aches & pains; medications aren't helping this evening. So I'm back to my favorite middle of the night hobby - painting. Working on a watercolor of a conton easter bonsai plant. It's proving to be a challenge ~ one that I'm enjoying. :painter:

    kt's PCA comes in around noon today - they are heading out to a park down by the Mississippi. I have them searching for just the right pine cone so I can make a center piece for the Thanksgiving table at my dad's house. But the pine cone has to be shaped just so & it gets kt out & running about.

    husband is heading out to visit wm & I'm sure to be napping.

    Have a wonderful & calm Sunday.
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, what with the muffins and then the Thai lunch, I suspect you'll be putting in extra hard yards at the gym afterwards! Don't overdo it, just enjoy your day.

    TM, the vampire ghost cheerleader sounds like a fun way to handle the Halloween costume issue. Thirty kids! That's someone who's earned her sainthood!

    Linda, I hope the pain levels ease for you. A good idea, to use the awake time to be productive. I hope kt doesn't find that pine cone too quickly!

    We had a busy but fun day at the train track today. mother in law came along and enjoyed a relaxing sit in the car - doesn't sound great, but we just park in the shade at the park, leave the doors open and the windows down to enjoy the fresh air, and just LIVE out of the car. Lovely soft seats (reclining). Mind you, I was too busy to sit down much. So was husband. difficult child 3 was doing some heavy work, he's really enjoying working with his dad at the club.

    We drove home by the ocean road, it's lovely. It takes us over Seacliff Bridge, the trip is worth it for that bridge alone.

    Tonight I'm working on the skirt/petticoat for my dress for difficult child 1's wedding. I've made the underskirt, I now need to work out how much tulle I need. Do I gather twice the length, more, or less? Three times? I'm working without a pattern but I've sewn tulle before; I made easy child 2/difficult child 2 a classic tutu when she was about 7. I remember for a tutu you sew the lower pieces on first and they begin narrowest and get wider as you go up. A ballet tutu, the layers have to be as close together as you can get them, but the petticoat I;m making, the layers are a handspan apart; two, maybe three. It's just how much to gather them that I'm trying to remember... I'm rusty!

    Maybe I should stop for tonight - I'm a bit short on sleep!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  6. Kjs

    Kjs Guest

    Good Morning all

    Everyone seems to have such a pleasant day planned. Thai dinner - yummy.

    Aches and Pains - must be the weather, same here.

    Wish I had the energy to do projects with paint or pine cones or anything !!!!

    Weather here is going to be high of 50 windy, some gusts over 50mph. That's what the weather channel says. Radio guy said rain with SNOW flurries possible this evening.

    Sure hope it doesn't rain early, it is trick or treat today. Always the Sunday before the 31st. Would hate to see all those little kiddo's in their costumes be cold. Then some have to cover up with coats.

    I am wondering what the dogs will do when all the people are walking by and coming to the door. They bark when anyone walks by. Should be interesting. Wish I could dress them up. Maybe I'll put on their halloween scarves. They tend to pull on each others and rip them off of each other.

    Have a good day.
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all. It's a lovely sunny morning. It was humid yesterday. My hair was curling up into frizz. Tomorrow should be chilly.
    I got to celebrate Divali with our Hindi neighbors last night. It was a first for me. Very nice holiday. Got some yummy new foods, some familiar. Mango mousse was delicious.

    LDM, sounds like a nice day for you. Enjoy the gym.

    TM, I love Duckie's costume. Very creative. Hope you feel better today.

    Timer, good idea about sending kt out for some things for you. Helps her be a part of the holiday process.

    Marguerite, you seem to be very handy with sewing and cooking. The drive along Ocean Drive sounds wonderful. I am looking forward to spending a few days at the shore this week although it's about work and recovery from Ike. Not relaxing but the air is so fresh.

    Today is hopefully an easy day. I want to replace some dead summer plants with some mums for color and a few other chores. It's going to be a hectic week so maybe today will be mellow.
    Have a great day and Happy Divali. :)
  8. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Good for you for being a bum yesterday! Enjoy your Sunday school class and your workout! Knowing how much you love snow, I thought I should mention we have a little (showers and flurries) in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.:coldday:

    TM-I hope your motrin kicks in soon-sorry you are in pain. Duckie's costume sounds fun!:ghost: (I couldn't find a vampire one). I would have been relieved to have parents start picking up the children too-30 kiddos is a lot!

    Linda-Sorry you are in pain, it's good you are painting:painter: Kt's trip to the park sounds fun!

    Marg-The drive home by the ocean sounds beautiful! I'm very impressed you are sewing your own outfit for the wedding. I always wanted to be good at sewing but I'm not! Sounds like you need a good night's sleep after your busy day:sleeping:

    Kjs-I hope the weather is o.k. for the trick or treaters:frenkenstein:! Our dog goes crazy on Halloween with the trick or treaters. Sorry you are in pain as well.

    Mark me as another in pain. Yesterday I was walking up the stairs when my back went out again. I was in a ton of pain for the rest of the afternoon and evening, the only comfortable position was on my back. Hard to tell yet about today as I haven't gotten out of bed yet.

    Last night husband and I watched "The Exorcist" and had our first fire of the year.

    We have wind advisories here and although it is 47 right now the temps are supposed to drop throughout the day and we may see some light snow. :snowangel: although not enough to actually make snow angels or anything else!

    I'm off to church in a bit and then have lots of little things to take care of and if my back is o.k. then I'll make it to the club as well. We need to pick up difficult child around 4:00.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful, relaxing Sunday:kisses:

  9. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Fran-You snuck in on me. Sounds like a nice celebration yesterday and a pleasant day today:D. I love mums-ours will be gone probably after today.
  10. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Little Dude's Mom - Those days off with nothing to do are like mini vacations. My snack person told me she was making muffins for Sunday School. I will have to try to get one - I am usually too busy Sunday morning to get a snack.

    Tired - What a great weekend for Duckie - parties are fun. Her costume was a great hit then. I know how those parents feel, sometimes after one hour with 25 - 30 kids I am happy to see an end. Though like me, I am also sure they loved every minute of it and love to do this for the kids.

    Timer - Happy cone hunting to KT. I hope she finds them before she gets too frustrated looking.

    Marg - Another fun day at the train club. Glad you had almost one more day break from wedding plans. The dress sounds beautiful.

    KJS - I hope the weather holds good for you. We have a little snow here in North Western MN. Wouldn't it be cool if you could somehow hook a voice changer up to the dogs and see how their barks sound with it? I suppose they wouldn't allow it on for very long.

    Fran - I hope you enjoy a relaxing day and are prepared for your hectic week.

    I can't believe how many of you are on this early on a Sunday! I am up way earlier than I want to be. husband wanted difficult child to go to church with him but I refused to get up and help things along so of course it did not happen. husband had to be there early to set up for ushering. I will get dressed and take difficult child there about 8:00 when services start. I have to work on setting up Sunday School lesson. I have someone taking the PK - K so need to get a few things ready for her also. If difficult child goes to early church with husband, then husband will pick him up after Sunday School and bring him home. I will go to late church and then grocery shopping - ALONE!!!!

    Yesterday's trick or treat for the food shelf was fun. I took difficult child and one other boy in our neighborhood area. There were about five cars each with one to two kids in that brought back enough food for two long tables. As the kids and other adults enjoyed a bonfire cook out, I sorted out the food and displayed it for the congregation this morning. Congregation members may be bringing more food in this morning. We have heard the food shelf is very low on food this year and this drive was a great success.

    I better run! Too early too fast this morning - I may need a nap later.

    Have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  11. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - You snuck in on me. Why is everyone up so early? :D
    Have a great day. Hopefully with all your activities your back with straighten out. Sometimes movement helps. It is snowing right now. I better go - maybe difficult child will go wipe snow off the vehicle for me.