Good Sunday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :beautifulthing: Good Sunday Morning Friends!

    easy child and I are still out of town, but this is the first time I have had internet access!

    We had a wonderful dinner with my mom and aunt on Friday night. Lots and lots of laughing. Mom enjoyed her birthday visit and dinner.

    Yesteday we spent the day with my sister. My little 6-month old nephew is absolutely adorable. But, I'm sure you figured I would say that!

    Her daughters, both teens, are not so adorable as they have having a lot of issues with some of the decisions their mom has made lately. Unfortunately, my sister is focused on her happiness and not aware or considering her daughter's needs at the molment (or even making sure their is some positive role-modeling for them). I love her, but I'm amazed at her ability to not think ahead or through really big decisions that impact her family. But, the visit was wonderful and my nieces opted to spend the time riding in the car with me and easy child so they had some good "talk" therapy with auntie!!

    Linda (Timer), I just read the Sat morning post. I'm concerned about you making that drive alone. Anyway you and kt could take the bus or train and then catch that ride home with family?

    easy child and I will take a look at the outlet mall across the street after breakfast this morning and then head home. difficult child called me Friday evening at 7 and asked when I was coming home :surprise:.

    Have a restful Sunday friends.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend for you and easy child. Don't you just love little babies?! I'm sorry the teen girls are struggling.

    Linda-I'm guessing from what Sharon said you're planning on driving to Wisconsin alone-I'm with Sharon-couldn't you take the train or bus?

    Yesterday I didn't get much of what needed to be done at all. I ended up with the nastiest of migraines-didn't catch it early enough so I was sick to my stomach as well and out of commission for much of the day and early evening. husband got a lot done but one person can only do so much.

    In a bit I'm off to church and then I hope to hit the health club before starting on the cleaning that didn't get done earlier.

    Wishing everyone a calm day.:peaceful:
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    I'm getting ready for Sunday School this morning. Duckie will stay home for the first session and join me for the second. She was up late last night at my in-laws while husband and I attended a dinner.

    It's going to be a long one today...

    Two sessions of Sunday School through our morning service, then a potluck including pics for the new directory and activities for the kids.

    Then I have to pick-up and sort the Brownie nut order. Make the requisite calls.

    Then I meal plan for the week and prep for a trip to the grocery store tomorrow. It will hopefully be my only trip this week as I'm sure it will be a zoo with Thanksgiving on Thursday.:thanksgivingday:

    I hope everything goes as planned.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/LDM, it's great to see family and have the opportunity to share. Sorry about the nieces, I'm glad you got to spend some quality time with them though.

    Sharon/WO, sorry you had the migraine. Nasty. Go easy at the health club. I always find I'm fragile for days after a bad headache.

    TM, sounds like you have a busy day ahead. I used to love church pot luck dinners. We haven't had one for years. But then, we have a caterer in the congregation, she's the one who did difficult child 1's wedding for us yesterday.

    We've had a busy but not so tiring day. But the weather - ghastly! We got up this morning to winter, it was freezing cold (not literally - it never gets to freezing here). It's snowing on the southern alps (right where difficult child 1 and bride are heading - I still have to change my sig). I don't think the kids packed winter clothes, this IS almost summer here, allegedly. But we are so glad that it wasn't like this yesterday - windy, wet, cold, miserable. husband & I dropped in on the church this morning before the service, to thank people and collect the barbecue (and other stuff). We also dropped in some more herbs - the bloke who spent last week living in at the church to help get ready for the wedding, was catering for a mass baptism schedule from a visiting church after our service. I don't mean "mass baptism" as in a church mass, but in terms of many people - they were bringing 20 adults wanting to be baptised in the ocean. We were all hoping they were going to call it off, this was not a day for baptism by immersion, in the sea!

    We skipped church - easy child & BF1 had to leave after an early lunch and before that we had to talk about their wedding plans. sister in law is leaving in the morning - we're driving her to the airport then dropping mother in law off at a luncheon in the city. I've got to take some papers to difficult child 3's school in the city then get back to the suburbs to se the neurologist by late morning. We're leaving difficult child 3 at home, he works better. I'm going to have to dig out a winter dress to wear, it's cold!

    It's late tonight, we have an early start, I can't stick around for long but just wanted to say 'g'day'.

    I'm hoping to update in detail when I can, maybe tomorrow evening? husband has been selecting some photos to share with you.

  5. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - Your weekend sounds so wonderful. Glad you had that time with easy child and the other family members. I hope your talk to the girls opened their eyes.

    Wiped Out - Ouch on that migrane! Hope you have gotten rid of it completely. Find lots of stress free moments this week.

    Tired - What a busy day planned! I hope you get all details accomplished and only need that one trip to the grocery store. Our grocery store was a 24 hr one at one time - I think they might have gone back to 24 hrs or have very long hours so maybe waiting until very late at night will be better for me. I don't need to shop for Thanksgiving though but can stay out of serious shopper's way.

    Marg - It does sound very cold there. I hope it isn't too cold for the newly weds.

    Today will be my last day of teaching all the Sunday School kids. Next week I will show the Little Drummer Boy (1/2 hr show) and then the classes get split grade wise.

    easy child is in the cities today facing a 3 hour drive home with her little car. The forecast is now rain/snow this afternoon. I just called her to suggest they get up and head home early.

    We have a potluck at church today - I need to take a salad or dessert. I think I will get a lettuce salad from the grocery store before church.

    My Sunday School closet has been finished so I may spend this afternoon at church moving my supplies into it.

    difficult child is going to early church with husband so I need to go get him something for breakfast. (I deep cleaned my kitchen counter yesterday - they look so nice - now if I can keep them like that it will inspire me to keep going.)

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.