Good Sunday morning....

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    Good morning friends,

    It's to be a beautiful day today ~ I'm going to enjoy the sunshine by dinking about in my backyard. Cleaning & filling bird feeders, giving a try at cleaning off the patio from pine cones & needles from our pine tree.

    I'll be doing some BeckyHomecky stuff about the house. My niece is stopping by this afternoon so we can work out the terms of her staying here for a few months.

    I had a good visit with wm yesterday - we didn't go to Applebee's as he wasn't being a gentleman. In fact, was rather rude when I first walked in. I decided on staying at group home to visit - just needed another adult. He settled in & showed me how to do logarithim (sp?) problems that he's been working on at school.

    kt is due home around 3 or so. PCA will be in to help her transition home & such.

    Have a good day all. Hope it's peaceful.
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I'm glad wm settled down for you at the meeting yesterday. I hope things go well with your niece.

    We have been really busy for the last couple of days. easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 visited yesterday to get some more washing done. I had planned a roast dinner for them - we had roast pork with crckling, and roast chicken. difficult child 3 & I put the pork on to roast then went to the beach, since it is really hot and sunny here at the moment. We got back from the beach in time to put the chicken on to roast, we finally had an early dinner in time to all go out last night. difficult child 3 chose to stay home, easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 went back to their unit and then to their favourite Irish pub. Meanwhile husband, mother in law & I went to see a young man we know in "Boy From Oz" in a local production. We thoroughly enjoyed it, had a lovely night out.

    Then today, it was a running day for husband's train club. We've spent the day there, another lovely day with summery weather. We all had jobs to do, mine was the quietest helping out selling tickets. I also did a bit of weeding to begin with, until I got bitten by a bull-ant (nasty - over 3 cm long). An ice pack stopped the pain, thank goodness.
    We finished by mid-afternoon ahd headed home along the coast road, via the fish market. Tonight husband cooked up some ocean bream for dinner. We also bought a bottle of oysters which I'm going to crumb and fry maybe tomorrow, I was a bit tired tonight because when we got home, I finally got into the vegetable bed and finished digging in some blood & bone then planted the seedlings that I could pack in. husband watered it all for me, I still have more seedlings and plants to go in somewhere. My legs feel like jelly, I plan on getting to bed as early as I can tonight.

    I have another phone conference tomorrow morning, and some reading to do first in preparation. I'm not sure if I'm awake enough to do that!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  3. Andy

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    Timer - I am glad wm settled down for a nice visit. Maybe next time he can go to Applebee's. Have a great day outside.

    Marg - Sounds like you are enjoying some nice Summer weather. Have a great Day Monday.

    I was woken up to, "Mom, what percent do you think this is just anxiety?" When I said 100% then he was fine. He stated he saw spots again on the way into my room. He saw flashing lights when he closed his eyes to go to bed. The spots were in abundance last winter in the midst of this. I will purchase another calendar to start documenting again - headaches and spots and other vision stuff for the neurologist. It is getting too much for me to remember again.

    Yesterday morning I deep cleaned the refridgerator. That included taking apart the shelves and washing in the sink. I had a hard time putting one of the shelves back together and could not get one apart so washed it in the sink as is. I threw pretty much all the food in the fridge to husband's horror, "But that is still good!" "I don't care, the kids will not eat it and when I deep clean, you have to sacrifice some good food also." There was only a few items but it was so nice to have a very empty refridgerator. Now I can go grocery shopping!

    I am working on plans for a vacation near Duluth. I have decided that it will depend on when Grandma is available for company rather we visit Canal Park or not. If she wants us to get there in the morning, we will visit her and than continue up the North Shore to sightsee Two Harbors on our way to our motel. The next day we will visit Split Rock Lighthouse and other places. The morning after that we will check out and head to my niece's wedding. If Grandma wants us in the afternoon, then we will visit Canal Park first. I told husband to think about this. He seems somewhat o.k. with what I have found. I will get back to him today and start making the reservations at the places I want to stay on this trip.

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your kids laugh.
  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- I'm glad wm pulled it together even if you didn't get to go out to dinner. I remember when the visit would have just went south and stayed south... he's showing some real growth.

    Marg- Marg- I can understand why your legs feel jelly... I'm exhausted just reading your post.

    We survived yesterday and are on to round two today. I had banking to do, followed by hitting a garage sale (I got husband a nearly brand new set of golf clubs and a bag for $40!). Then we drove across the border to the birthday party; the kids had a blast. There is a wave pool, water cannons, a splash bucket and several water slides. The moms are thinking of getting a group together to go back. Next, we crossed back across the border and headed to a nearby movie theater to drop Duckie off with another birthday group. That mom needed me to swing back and pick up Duckie because she didn't have room for seven girls in her van. So husband and I left the theater, went grocery shopping, brought the groceries home and put them away, I sat down for five minutes and turned around to go pick up Duckie. We came home, she got her evening medications and we walked over to the sleepover portion of the birthday party (two doors down).

    I then dropped off our extra cookies from the cookie booth the night before and went home to make dinner. We ate canned soup and sandwiches at 8pm.

    I'm still tired and we have another party at 2pm. :hammer:

    Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.
  5. mstang67chic

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    Morning all!

    Linda - Glad you were able to salvage the visit with Wm. Logarithyms? Wow...I always HATED that stuff! Good for him if he understands it! LOL

    Marg - You always wear me out with all that you do! LOL Sounds like a busy day...hope you're getting rest now

    I've got some laundry going then I'm off to my cousin's house. Her parents left last weekend for New Mexico to see my aunt. My mom left Thursday for the same visit and they are all coming back on the same flight today. (BIG deal for my mom as she hates to travel and only does it about ever 15 - 20 years) My cousin and I will have lunch and then go pick up the folks at the airport. Cousin has a new dog they got from the pound that I'm curious to see too. Beatrice is 13 months old and part Boxer and part Beagle. That combo has me verrrry curious! LOL

    Hope everyone has a quiet end to the weekend!
  6. mstang67chic

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    Andy and snuck in on me!

    Andy, I need to clean my frig too but keep putting it off. It's nice when it's done but it is just such a pain to do.

    TM - You and Marge....I'm tired all over again! Sounds like Duckie had fun though!
  7. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm sorry wm was being so crude but glad he settled in and you had a nice visit with him. Have fun in your backyard this afternoon!

    Marg-Sounds like fun but busy days. I am glad you are still getting to the beach!

    Andy-Good for you getting that fridge deep cleaned-you're welcome to come do mine now!;) Your vacation sounds cool!

    TM-Sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday, I hope you get some rest in today!

    Mstang-I bet the dog is adorable! Enjoy lunch with your cousin.

    I'm about to head upstairs for an early nap, I'm already home from church. I will definitely get to the club today and then I have grocery shopping to do. I may grill out tonight!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: