Good Sunday Morning!

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Yesterday was a warm and beautiful (but very windy) day. Duckie made up her gymnastics class, she and husband did some yard work, and I cleaned up the garage. We also walked over to our local sporting goods store and bought husband and Duckie baseball mitts and a bat (we had a few balls) so they could start playing a little ball in the yard and neighborhood. Duckie didn't do too well, but that's to be expected with her poor hand-eye coordination and visual tracking problems. They had fun, though. She spent the late afternoon with a friend: went for ice cream, jumping from freezing pool to hot tub and a having a clam roast for dinner. husband and I grabbed dinner at a local restaurant, alone!

    It's much cooler and damp today, we had storms move through last night. Another busy one today: church, a community event, and family fun night back at the church.

    Wish us luck... Duckie begins the process of acolyting by shadowing a girl during the service today. Luckily I will be in Sunday School most of the time so I won't witness or be stressed by the goofs.

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    Good morning friends,

    TM, it sounds like Duckie is growing by leaps & bounds; maturing. This board auntie is very very proud.

    I've been so out of touch ~ I'm sorry. There is just so much going on here over the past week. My family is here until 2 this afternoon. My niece K moved in yesterday & is upstairs snoozing away. It's so good to have her here.

    Another day of organizing & getting ready for the big remodel. My nephew is getting my dishwasher & island. I have no clue where the stove is going (2 years old). I thought my niece needed a stove ~ she couldn't wait until we got done here.

    kt has her first day pass & I'll be off to pick her up early so she can visit with grandpa & aunts & uncles before they leave town.

    "hi" if you snuck in.

    Have a calm day.
  3. Andy

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    Tired - Wow! Your busy Spring is off to a very busy but fun start. I was just looking at the calendar yesterday and thinking how fast May will get here and be gone. Such a busy time of year.

    I ended up taking difficult child to the birthday party yesterday. He said he would refuse to go if I wasn't there. What we did however was I drove the mom, sister, and sister's friend to the waterpark. When everyone arrived, I left and went to a nearby gift store where I purchased bowls and salsa for our four teachers. The store manager gave me gift bags (advertising the store) and tissue paper for each package. I then went to a convenience store and purchased small bags of Kettle Chips. Tomorrow my friend (the mom) and I will watch the students during a long lunch. I will get poster boards for the kids to decorate for the teachers and then give them their gift bags.

    difficult child did well. He had a great time. We got back to town about 7:30 and went bowling. He averaged 132 last night and brought his ball average up to 114. We go again this afternoon at 2:30 and hope his bowling buddy can make it.

    His bowling buddy happened to be bowling with his family last night and not having a good bowl at all. His parents are trying to get him to use his left hand but he watches others (especially difficult child) and wants to be like them. Staff at the alley also talked to him last night about how using his left hand will improve his game so I gave him a pep talk - told him to listen to parents and bowling staff and give it some time to practice - his scores will come up again. I reminded him how difficult child's scores went down with the new ball but after a month or so of practicing, they have come up again and improved.

    I think I will head home after Sunday School - 2nd service will get out too late to sit through. difficult child will grill out for lunch - he states that is a family tradition - when it is good weather in Summer for him to grill out every Sunday!

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

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    Timer - You snuck in on me! :) I am glad you are finding things to keep yourself busy. KT will enjoy a day pass. I am looking forward to next weekend.
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    G'day, folks.

    TM, I hope Duckie manages OK today. Itwill be a really good learning experience for her.

    Linda, I'm glad your niece is staying with you. I hope it all works out well. Enjoy the re-model. Wish I could grab your old stove, husband & I need a new one. Ours is literally falling apart. And yet I can still make it produce culinary miracles!

    Andy, I'm so glad the waterpark party was such a positive experience for difficult child. every win like this makes the next win easier. Good for you helping the left-handed friend. Something else you could tell him - playing left-handed is unusual and therefore can confuse your opponents. I speak as a left-handed player...

    It's been a long day for us. husband wanted to leave fairly early this morning, it was a public day for his train club. I usually help out selling tickets, difficult child 3 helps out by fetching buckets of coal for the locomotives. mother in law just comes along for the ride and to sit in the car in the sun and enjoy the quiet.

    It was cold today - sunny, but a cold wind. Winter is close here, this week looks like winter will be getting a grip. The first snow fell today in the southern alps. We tried to grab a bit of sunlight in the ticket box but gusts of wind meant we had to close the back door to stop tickets from blowing away! It was so busy at times, the cvooler weather seems to bring more people. Maybe they dream of hugging a hot locomotive! There must have been a dozen birthday parties, a number of them very big with people buying hundreds of tickets. But it was a happy day despite being busy. No unhappy customers, although difficult child 3 was unhappy that the canteen had sold out before he was ready for lunch. So we bought him a big burger on the way home, later in the afternoon. And he still ate a good dinner. He's in the shower now, washing off the accumulated dust and soot of the day.

    We've had very early starts now, three weekends in a row. First - Easter Sunday sunrise service. Then the pre-dawn flight to the Gold Coast the following week. Then this weekend, Anzac Day dawn service followed by the televised veteran's march. I'm looking forward to some chance to sleep in. But we're in the downhill run to easy child's wedding on Friday.

    School is back tomorrow, for difficult child 3. I'll have to keep him away from the news, because in general other schools don't go back until Tuesday/Wednesday, but that is when we'll be heading up to Newcastle to be on deck for easy child & BF1.

    Enjoy your Sunday.