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    Good morning friends,

    It's been a bit since I've been on the GM thread - or on the board at all for that matter. I apologize.

    kt was picked up yesterday afternoon around 3 for a sleepover with one of her friends from Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I'm working with some of the mom's to get & give respite.

    Since kt was gone I met a friend for dinner. After dinner J & I went out to play bingo. First time in my adult life & I won $50. It was fun to get out & do something new with an old friend.

    kt will be home around 4 this afternoon. As I haven't slept yet tonight I'm planning on sleeping til noon or so & then head out in the yard to accomplish something - anything! ;) Have to make room for a chicken coop you know.

    Have a good Sunday
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    Good AM to all to come. Nothing happening up here beyond cleaning in and out. I forgot to take my sleep medications and it is now too late to take them as I'll sleep til noon and wake up loopy.
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    G'day, people.

    Linda, you're getting chickens? We built a chicken coop as a large, timber-framed 'cage' which we place over a rectangle of loose-laid bricks (no mortar). We filled the space inside the bricks with straw, grass clippings, compost etc and then put the cage over the top. The chooks therefore live on a giant compost heap which they scratch over. It's open to the ground so earthworms burrow up through it (and also provide snacks for the chooks). The heap keeps the chooks comfortable and warm. We have to keep the heap dry or it smells - otherwise, no smell. Every so often the bricks get pushed out by the contents so we dig it out and fill vegetable beds with the contents.

    GN, good to see you on the morning thread. Sorry you're awake so early for you.

    We got to church today and took the candle-making gear with us. As I suspected, nobody else remembered my offer to teach candle-making. Every year for the past three years, someone at church has told me they're going to take over making the Easter candle. And every year this person is suddenly unavailable, or too busy.

    And again this year. But at least this year, making the candle down at church after lunch meant tat three people got to help and watch. We rummaged through the church recycling bins and found a Coke can, and a cardboard coffee cup, each of which I turned into a candle mould. So I was able to show people on principle, the problems we face making the church candle. They were also there for the beginning of the process to make the church candle, so they helped with the set-up. They were not there to see the biggest problem - the long copper pipe we use as a mould means the candle 'cavitates' as it cools and the cavity which forms around the wick and goes deep into the candle, MUST be filled with wax or you get a 'Roman candle' effect at some unknown time later in the life of the candle - the wick burns down to the bubble and suddenly goes "whoosh".

    So I stayed at church for about four hours, babysitting the candle and chatting to a couple who are currently sleeping over there (have been there for about a week). I went for a swim while i waited, I sat and knitted (outside, still in a wet swimsuit - I forgot to bring a towel). The air was hot outside, the sort of furnace-hot wind that makes you want to stay in the water to keep cool. Even at the water's edge the temperature was over 35 C (95 F). What's the opposite of wind-chill? We had it today.

    Finally the candle had been topped up for the third time, the cavitation problem mostly resolved (I hope) and husband collected me. We've left the candle in the church pantry, and the other two candles (made by other friends as part of the lesson) sitting on the church bookshelf.

    The next task is to unmould the candle, hopefully in one piece (if it breaks, I do it again). Then I paint it. I still don't know what design to use yet. I use glass paint, but in the past I have used coloured wax.

    Often I'm only getting the candle made in the week before Easter, so this year I'm getting in early. Every family in the church contributes a candle (even just a tea light) from their home, a candle they've lit themselves, perhaps for dinner or just because. It all gets melted down, and each year the previous candle contributes to the next. I make up the difference with beeswax, so our candle is never pure white, it's more a honey colour (and fragrance).

    I know in yesterday's morning thread, some of you felt I should cancel the candle-making. But it was good therapy for me. I was very upset about J this morning, and watching wax melt slowly and pouring it into moulds was very soothing. Plus, with so much unknown looming up ahead of me in the next few weeks, getting the longest job out of the way now, is probably a good thing. And the more other people who know how to make this candle, the more chance I have of giving the task to someone else in the future.

    Mind you, I've now been asked to do the Advent candles now.

    Still, I've got a bit longer to do them. I'll just use soft drink cans for those. Easy. Small, short candles are generally simple to do. And no paint job needed.

    Again, good therapy. I might work on those in the next few weeks.

    I'm also knitting squares, for "wrapped with love". Again, it's therapy. I've knitted one so far for my cancer, and the one I just finished, I feel I did it for J. I cast off while at the hospital yesterday, waiting to visit her. When all the squares are complete, it gets sewn into a blanket which gets given to a homeless person somewhere. I'm going to suggest the local doctor's sets up a basket with wool and knitting needles, so people waiting can knit a row or two, then put it back in the basket for the next person. That's how I got into this - there was just such a basket at "Breastscreen" when I was getting tested for this cancer.

    I see the oncologist on Tuesday, that's when I get the prescription for my anti-hormone pills and also maybe get told when the radiotherapy starts.

    My sister W rang me tonight - our sister J is improving a bit, probably thanks to the prednisone she has been on. I'll post over in Watercooler in more detail.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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  4. Happy Sunday Everyone!

    Linda, I'm so glad that you are getting a little break. So, you won $50.00 at your first go at Bingo? That's awesome. I can't wait to hear more about your chickens. I grew up with them, and I can tell you that nothing beats a freshly laid egg for breakfast in the morning.

    GN, so sorry to hear about your lack of sleep. I know how difficult that makes the next day. With luck, you'll make up for lost time tonight.

    Marg, I'm impressed by your candle making skills, but it would be nice to have some help. It sounds as if you are doing all you can to encourage your fellow church members to give a hand. Wrapped for love sounds like a wonderful program; it's a great way to utilize your knitting skills. It's good to hear that your sister is improving a bit. I hope that trend continues.

    I just came in from the chilly, drizzling weather. I was cheering on my guys in mile 13 of the ING marathon. I didn't have far to go as the marathon passes right by our house. They were doing well, I think the drizzle was helping them! It's been amazing to see around 16,000 runners pass by - in all stages - from good shape to extreme suffering. It's quite the event. We had an out of town runner friend stay over last night. He took us out for dinner - what a good time! Believe it or not, snow flurries are predicted for tomorrow. Winter makes one last stab....

    Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone.

  5. Farmwife

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    BINGO, lol. My first bingo I won $70. Got so excited that I took my ex (married at the time) the next night, he won $500. The regulars were mad. They hate beginners, seems like they always win and some of the regulars made a living at it. *gasp*

    Going North, I totally empathize with the lack of sleep. I get agitated and am not very nice when sleep deprived. Any chance of a cat nap, those make all the difference for me.

    Marg, love that you call them chooks. It's like when I learned the words for sheep like hogget and...I forgot the other ones. I'm going for ducks this year because my chickens ate all my tomatoes and melons. I'd JUST be about to pick some and they would be destroyed. Candles are fun. made them once as a teen with some friends. A 1/4 of a crayon added to the wax makes amazing color. With crayola crayons in the big box there is a huge possibility. You could probably make soap now too, very similar process.

    Oncologist...I didn't know. Lots of positive vibes and energy sent your way.

    1 day, marathon. WOW. I would be tired just watching them run by, forget about joining in. That's a lot of people to see run by.

    As for me, rainy here today. Kids behaving, I guess. difficult child is sleeping in so he is quiet. No complaints here about that, lol. husband is still slightly sick so I have to give up our date night. Figures. Sometimes life gets so hectic that it's hard to nurture feelings of tenderness. Missing those dates leads me to feeling very distant. He's gone long hours for work (which I appreciate) if one kiddo isn't whiney and needy the other is, then there are the dozens of household chores. So many appointments to keep and errands to run. Sometimes husband feels like a room mate more than anything. By the time the days tasks are done and the kids are asleep there is nothing left for us. Of course being a guy he doesn't understand female needs so unless I am mad I get put off to another time.

    Rainy days hoover. I need some sunshine.