Good Sunday Morning!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, May 15, 2011.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    Had a lovely, tremendously long night of sleep! I get, on average, about 5.5 hours a sleep a night - especially during the week. Last night I hit the sack at 10 and woke at 8 this morning - TEN HOURS!!! Don't think I've slept 10 hours since I was in college :likeit:

    Tons of rain, thunder and lightening yesterday early to late evening - expecting more this afternoon and evening - in reality, we could really use the rain.

    Not too much on the agenda today. A little work in the guest bedrooms upstairs (in prep for my dinner party next week) and then some planning for an IEP meeting tomorrow - I feel IEP'd to death - I've a meeting with difficult child's case worker tomorrow and then next Monday the results of triennial "testing". It's been awhile since I've had to spend this much time at school!!!!

    Have a great day everyone and I hope your Sunday includes some R&R!

  2. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Sharon, 10 hours of sleep! Wow! I haven't had that in years. Enjoy that energy today.

    It was a rainy rainy day yesterday. kt's staff brought her dog Lucky with her yesterday because Lucky & Lenny are best of friends. My house is too small with 2 dogs romping dogs all afternoon long. I was glad to see Lucky leave. kt & Lenny, on the other hand, were sad ~ just guess who was whining.

    It's a beautiful but cool morning here. I'm hoping to get kt to mow the lawn & then head out to the garden center. My sister is here in town & I'm hoping to drag her & my niece along.

    Enjoy your Sunday. Hope it's a calm and fun day.
  3. Fran

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    Good morning everyone.
    LDM, Sleep like that is like recharging your body and your spirit. I get those nights once in a while. I was always a 6AM riser but as time passes and I don't have to get up to get anyone off, I'm sleeping later and later. If it weren't for puppies I'd sleep until 9. Seems a little indulgent but what the heck.
    We have had storms and lightening. Some rain but not as much as you would think for all the lightening and dark clouds.

    Timer, how cute that the dogs were playing. Funny how whining is their middle name.

    I haven't been on much due to mom being hospitalized and then a trip with husband and my sisters that I was committed to made for little time to be on line.

    difficult child is doing ok. I'd like to see him work like his pants were on fire but unless mom doesn't have her foot firmly on his backside pushing him, he goes at his own day dreaming speed.
    easy child will be 22 this week. One more year of school. He is well and happy.

    All in all life in the Ms. Fran home is still going at break neck speed but everyone is holding their own.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Glad you got such a good night's sleep!!! Love it when that happens!

    Linda-Enjoy your visit to the garden center!!

    Fran-I'm sorry to hear your mom is hospitalized. She is in my prayers. Glad to hear everyone is holding their own!

    I've been to church and am heading to the health club in a bit. Lots of errands to do and I guess I should mow the lawn even if it is freezing outside!!!

    Wishing everyone a relaxing day!
  5. Marguerite

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    I'm coming in here late (mid Monday morning here) to lightly touch base with a morning thread and apologise for my greatly reduced involvement with them. it's a matter of timing - at the time the thread is on, it's a narrow window of opportunity for me and I'm usually down at mother in law's at that time, organising dinner. In our summer it's easier for me because Daylight Saving means I can have that extra hour in which to post for your morning (and our evening!).

    At the moment by the time we get back from mother in law's and get our tasks done, it's too late at night for me to do anything but the bare essentials.

    So for the next few months, I will dip in when I can to the morning thread. Of course, the rest of the day is a lot easier for me!