Good Sunday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good Morning! :coffee:

    I'm out the door to the early church service in a few minutes followed by a congregational meeting at 9AM. Our parish priest is retiring and there are lots of changes to discuss. After that, it's home to clean and work a little in the yard. I'll have 20+ girls here tomorrow for a pool party. And finally, we're attending a beer blast/basket raffle this evening to raise money for the theatre group that Duckie has been a part of for the last year.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, TM and all to follow.

    Enjoy your day, don't overdo the cleaning. I hope the party goes well - tomorrow should be a lot of fun but I bet you'll be relieved when it's behind you.

    We headed for the train track today. difficult child 3 stayed home. mother in law came too. She is very frail these days, she mostly stayed in the car watching the action. We did get her onto a train for a ride - husband had to help her on and off and they gave her a ride with no other passengers, just her and husband. I watched them from the ticket box. Then just as we were finishing up, I managed to get in one ride.

    Tomorrow difficult child 3 & I have a day in at school. We have to get in to the heart of Sydney, peak hour traffic. Depending on how fast he moves in the morning, I might let difficult child 3 drive.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    I hope your day is really productive TM and you finish early and can use some part of Sunday to relax - it is the Sabbath after all!

    Marg, hoping difficult child cooperates nicely in the am and you get an early start. Nice that mother in law could join you today. Sometime it's just all we can do to get our aging parents to leave the house and participate in something...

    I have a relaxing Sunday. The weather is gorgeous here this morning - about 70 but low humidity. My cousin and I are heading to the local farmers market because we heard some early local tomatoes are in! Then I'll meet easy child for lunch - she's pulling a full weekend at the gym and is working the daycare for 8 hours today - she hasn't have a day off in over a week and won't have one until the 4th. She's a hard working young lady. The only "chore" I have is laundry today.

    difficult child and I are going to start ready "The Bluest Eyes" today. It's on his mandatory reading list and I have wanted to read it for years. He is actually interested in it as well. Since he has to and I want to, we are going to read it together. We did this last summer with one book on his list. We sit in the dark, cool, living room in the afternoons and read aloud to each other. Nice to have something to share with your 16 year old difficult child boy!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    TM-Sounds like a busy day ahead. You are a braver soul than I to have 20 girls over tomorrow-wishing you lots of sunshine!

    Marg-Sounds like you had a good day today-I'm glad you're mother in law got to go on one ride!

    Sharon-I love that you and difficult child are reading together!! Enjoy your relaxing day!

    I'm about to head out the door to church. Then husband is teaching a class at the health club so we'll be heading there. I'm not sure what the rest of the day holds.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!
  5. Andy

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    Tired Mommy - You always have such fun activities!

    Marg - Your mother in law is blessed to have you and her son to allow her to continue doing the things she likes. There are many elderly parents who hardly ever get visits from their kids and then it is to just sit and talk, not actually get them out and about.

    Little Dude's Mom - I read "And Then There Were None" with difficult child the last quarter of school. It fun to find a book that you both enjoy to read and discuss. It is good to see easy child is committed to her job.

    My parent's are coming this morning for a short visit. I hope the weather holds off as we have an outdoor project to do. This week difficult child will start helping at the dog kennel that we take our dogs to. Walking and playing with the dogs visiting the kennel. There are two very young sisters who have taken over the operation from their parents. The older sister (early 20's) is the manager. I am very impressed with these two young ladies - what a great opportunity they have. They are enlarging their operation with an expansion that will hold seperate wings for the dogs and a cat loft to take in cats. The dog wings will include a section for the noisier dogs, a section for the quieter dogs, and a geriatric wing for the older and more fragile dogs - all sound proof from each other.

    Last night Chewy and I visited the neighbor's son's dog. She was barking to get out of her kennel so I called the neighbor's cell phone to see if I could let her out. I took her for a walk and then the neighbor texted that her husband and son were on their way home to check on the dogs. I am not experienced with this dog's bark so could not tell if she was crying or just asking to go out. She is fine and when they arrived home, I brought Chewy out to play with their dogs. Now last night Chewy barked to tell us she wanted out of her kennel (about 10 minutes of putting her in). She also barked early morning before anyone got up so I got up and took her out. I just hope she hasn't learned already from the visiting neighbor's dog that all you have to do is bark to get out! Ahhhh, the fine line of figuring out if they really need to go out or if they just want to.

    Our dog trainer was here on Friday without his dogs and saw first hand the behaviours in Chewy we were trying to tell him about. He had a hard time getting her out of the intense, "I WILL play with you, and only you, not a toy. I WILL bark at you and try to nip at you and you can not stop me." He was VERY surprised. He is going to work with us on keeping that in check, helping us learn to recognize the onset and triggers and how to redirect before it gets to that point. We are really hoping that this is her puppy stage and very relieved that we have someone to work hands on with us to figure it out.

    Well, I better get going! Lots of work to do before Mom and Dad arrive!

    Everyone have a GREAT Day!
  6. Andy

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    Wiped Out - I was typing the same time you were. Have a good day today. Nice to have those "no plan" days from time to time - they help slow down the Summer. :)
  7. april1974

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    :sunny:Good Morning Girls!:thunderstorm:

    We are supposed to go to the beach with a friend of mine and her's also supposed to rain/'s hoping the weather holds out!
    husband is working so it's just me home today. Hope everyone has a relaxing sunday!

  8. cubsgirl

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    Good afternoon everyone!

    I slept in very late this morning - would have been much later but my grandmother called me at 11 :) I thought maybe something was wrong because she never calls but she was just calling to chat. It was very nice.

    It's a beautiful day in Chicagoland. I think I'll take difficult child to the pool if he wants to go. easy child is off hanging out with her friends.

    I hope everyone has a fantastic day!
  9. Malika

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    Good Sunday to everyone. Sounds like most are having good weather (except Marg - mid-winter there :)) and some well-deserved opportunity to relax.
    Today we had beautiful sunshine, blue skies and went with some (English) friends to a local river where there are deep pools for people to swim in and rocks for them to jump in from... lots of daredevil young boys and men! It's a gorgeous spot in a village, with shades of watery and arboreal green everywhere... J had a great time - he's always in his element outdoors. Running, splashing, swimming, playing with my friend's son and by himself... He is SO hardy and determined for a little boy. Someone threw a ball far out on the pool of water and no-one wanted to go get it; without saying a word, he strapped on his life vest, jumped in and "swam" valiantly out and back to retrieve it. If life consisted of outdoor events and activities, J would not be a difficult child. He'd be a super-hero. :)
    I had a nice relaxing time too.