Good Sunday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Are you all being sleepy heads this morning? I thought I heard Chewy up about 7:00 but she was content so I went back to bed. husband decided to take the van to church so I got up about 8:30 to take my purse out of it. He must of put Chewy outside so I decided to stay up. When I heard her barking, I went out to check on her. She wanted something in the bushes near the house but couldn't reach it. The neighbors were outside so I unhooked Chewy and we went over to visit for a bit.

    Chewy has gotten much much better in the play with teeth department. Very seldom shows that attitude of snarly and nipping even catching herself and stopping a few times. We are very thankful that it appears to be all in puppyness and becoming a thing of the past.

    We are taking her to a pre-agility class. Last week a guest instructor who specializes in agility was on hand to teach us how to turn our dog. difficult child can't understand the purpose of it and not seeing the benefits is holding back in really working on it. He doesn't want to take her to shows or tournaments. I told him that was fine but these activities will pay off in the long run with the obedience and building teamwork. I am not pushing it since Chewy is still young (5 months old) and he may change his mind as she improves in obedience. The guest instructor told me that difficult child is a natural dog handler and that Chewy is a good dog to work with. I thought that was cool that she noticed being difficult child was holding back. He really is good at the handling part and will take more enjoyment in it as Chewy matures and understands better what he is looking for her to do.

    For now, we are working with "Come" and healing. She really needs an obiedience class but the one we want to take her to is an hour away (same group that sponsored the puppy dynamics class) and the next session goes from October into December. I am going to see how school goes for difficult child and then decide if we take that time once a week. He already has bowling and Jr Rifle club so this will be adding another activity. The pros are that it really is something Chewy needs now and it will be over the beginning of December - not a whole school year thing. We can also let Rifle Club go for awhile if that gets too much and bowling may end the end of October.

    Hope you all have a great Sunday. The weather here this weekend is awesome and I will ask husband to bring home brats to grill out.
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    Good morning!

    Yes, a sleepyhead here. Crawled out of bed at 11! It's such a nice thing when the kids are old enough to get breakfast for themselves and not burn down the house.

    Just the usual around here today - work and chores.

    Have a good day all!
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    Pretty boring day around here too. Getting things ready for the first day of school for easy child/difficult child tomorrow. Haircuts and showers tonight.