Good Sunday Morning!!!

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    Good Sunday Morning Friends :flirtysmile3:

    I hope this last Sunday morning of summer finds you well - I was up with the roosters this morning.

    I'm watching a documentary called "Dad's in Heaven with Nixon", a film maker's chronicle of his younger brother's life with autism (they grew up in the 60's and 70's). His brother is a well-known artist - very interesting...

    I've girls cookout this afternoon! Bonehead is taking difficult child and his best bud out to some old warehouses we have so they can "make a film"! Can't wait to see that one.....

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. hearts and roses

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    Good morning Sharon and those who follow,

    I am going to the nursing home with easy child to spend the morning with my mom. I will bring her the New York Times, a coffee and some sugar free coffee cake for her to enjoy. easy child and I will bring our texts so we can do homework. It's just a nice way to spend some time with mom-she used to love reading the times and e quiet of the morning. Wish I could bring here home for a couple of hours, but I can't so this is second best. Later I don't know what is on the agenda. Sharon, enjoy your cookout this afternoon. Have a good one everyone!
  3. Andy

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    Good Morning all!

    LDM - That does sound like an interesting documentary. The guys will have a good day "filming"

    H&R - What a wonderful day with your mom. She is blessed to have you!

    I am flying solo today. husband, difficult child, Diva, and her fiance are out fishing this morning. We are on neighbor dog duty so I will take the 12:30 shift of letting them out. Last weekend I was terribly sick with I don't know what. It felt like a horrid allergy attack that after two days left me with horrid cold symptoms and now laryingitist (? spelling - I can't talk). I feel fine though and the horrid coughing spells have minimized a lot. I feel my voice coming back somewhat today.

    difficult child starts school on Tuesday. He will most likely be late as we stop to take his drivers permit test first. I figured the 1st day of school is the best to be late with - nothing much is done on that 1st day as kids settle into the classroom and the teacher hands out books and goes over the plan for the quarter. He shouldn't be very late - just about 10 - 15 minutes top if even that.

    Bowling team starts Tuesday after school and Jr Rifle Club starts in a few weeks. Let the busy begin!

    I have been busy working on my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Open House. In 1.5 months, I have put together a scrapbook (from Mom's Summer of 1961 book and adding pictures from their years together), a tri-fold board with my parents (Dad, Together, Mom) and a tri-fold board of the family (8 grandkids, family, and the story continues..... with pics of the grandkids who have married or are engaged), planned table decorations, ordered cutomized yard signs to direct guests, and ordered a corsage and bouteniere with a couple small real flower vases.

    This week I plan/pack the van for the open house as well as make sure difficult child has what he needs for Friday night into Saturday. Next Saturday is opening duck hunting for youth so husband and difficult child and Chewy will stay overnight at our farm property, hunt in the morning, and drive to the open house in the afternoon. It will be a long day for Chewy - 2 hr ride home but difficult child wants to show her off to the family and this is the ideal time. I know he will take care of her on the way home and stop for rest and stretches.

    Have a great Sunday and rest of the week!
  4. crazymama30

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    Sharon, I think the film will be very interesting, but hope that difficult child has a good time.

    Hearts, I think that is great that you and difficult child both are going to see your mom. Sounds like a neat way to spend time with her.

    I am taking difficult child fishing, I am supposed to wake him soon but am enjoying the silence for now. easy child went to the state fair with a friend and will be back later. School starts on Tuesday! And on Wednesday difficult child goes on a 2 night field trip. I feel bad for saying so, but it was nice to only have difficult child home since yesterday morning, and will be nice to only have easy child home for Wed thru Fri. Sometimes just having 1 kid at home is a nice respite!
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    Just a very quick note, it's already Monday morning here and I should be asleep. But I've had a lovely outing with BFF to see Jersey Boys. We do this once a year, just two girls enjoying a live show and good conversation. Trying to get to sleep afterwards is difficult. I'm on antibiotics at the moment and they also make me feel nauseous, so I waited to take my evening pill until after I got home. Now I have to wait until I feel a bit better, before trying to sleep.

    Tomorrow is another school day, keeping difficult child 3's nose to the grindstone. I have more writing to do plus my cleaning help comes in and we work together to get a lot done. After that, I've organised for mother in law's portrait to be sketched (birthday present for sis-in-law). I've got to go see the artist to let him know when we're ready. We dropped in to his studio today. He charges tens of thousands for portraits (in oils) but for friends will do these sketches in an hour. It's humbling to have something of his, when we see what he is doing in his work these days. But he is an amazing guy, a brilliant talent. I'm looking forward to watching him work.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.