Good TGIF Friday Morning!

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  1. Wiped Out

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    :witchcrafting::ghost:Happy Free Choice Friday Morning :ghost::witchcrafting:
    Can you tell I'm happy it's Friday? difficult child is heading off to respite for the entire weekend after school today and husband and I have decided not to head out to Michigan for the football game. It will be so quiet at home (and cheaper) and we can spend a bit more time with easy child (if she lets us).

    I'm really looking forward to the quiet weekend! After difficult child heads off I'll probably take a nap so we can stay up late watching movies tonight!!

    Wishing everyone a happy day and remember to make it a great Free Choice Friday!:witchy::frankenstein::goo:

  2. Kjs

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    Good Morning

    Sharon I envy your weekend!

    difficult child has been sick all week but insisted he go to school until yesterday when he was very ill. End of quarter coming up and now it will be tough to catch up.

    I work until noon, hope difficult child feels better and goes to school. husband goes to get a third epidural. Haven't been able to sleep the past two days due to appointment's.

    I am SOoooo Looking forward to going home and sleeping today. It is raining, cool and call for Thunderstorms. Perfect sleeping weather. Only 7.5 hours to go!

    Trick or Treat this Sunday. I work the entire weekend.

    Have a great day.
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  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your quiet night in, hope you have some good movies lined up.

    Kjs, sounds like difficult child is really motivated to go to school. Something worth thinking about whenever the school reports problems... more and more, your difficult child sounds like my youngest.

    When does trick or treating start? We saw a crowd of kids (teens) in costume this evening as we drove back home, other 'gangs' of teens NOT in costume roaming the streets. All 'heads up' welcome, these annual events are a nightmare for us in this village, heads get cracked and property vandalised with the excuse of Halloween giving cover.

    We had a more pleasant day today, weather-wise. Spring was back again, the gale was gone. We stayed home until 2 pm when we had to head into the city for difficult child 3's next stage in the research trial on oxytocin use in autism. We finished there at about 5.30 pm, so we were late getting to husband - I'd promised to bring him home instead of him catching the train.

    The research people have asked if difficult child 3 will be in a publicity photo and he's cool with it, so next Tuesday we have to go back in to meet the newspaper photographer. We've also decided to take up the offer to consult with the professor heading this project - I was trying to get difficult child 3 in to see him 11 years ago, I suspect we've put up with a lot more rubbish since, because we couldn't get access to the prof.

    Tomorrow I have a meeting to attend while husband & difficult child 3 have a working day at the train track. The busy weekend is on us again!

    Enjoy your Friday.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :pumpkin: Happy Free Choice Friday To All!!!!!!!!!!

    Just like "the other Sharon", I am hyped it's Friday. No respite or anything, just the joy of the weekend!

    Sharon, sounds like a great weekend on tap!! Get that nap in....I know you and husband love those movie marathons! Hopefully you will be watching some good horror movies to go along with the season (and all those scary things flying around in your post this morning). Have fun, plenty of naps...

    Kjs, sounds like difficult child is feeling responsible for school - that is a good thing - I hope he is feeling better as this day dawns. You are right, it sounds like great sleeping weather for you this afternoon. Have a relaxing weekend!

    Marg, Halloween is only one night here in the states - next Friday, October 31st. Given that it is on a Friday though, I expect there will be pockets of kids "up to no good" since curfews will be later. We are prepared for our annual "mass candy handout". We are part of a two-block area, in our city neighborhood, that goes all out. We really decorate and all of us sit outside and give out candy. People come from all over. There is not parking to be found, and we have to plan on 500 trick-or-treaters! Glad the weather is back to "spring normal". Sorry another busy weekend is on tap - hopefully you can find a tad of downtime on Sunday.

    Busy day here for me too. I'm going to the gym early this morning to meet with a trainer. I am beginnig a new weight training program which I will be doing 2-3 days a week before my water fitness classes at9:30. I've reached a sort of platue and need to kick it up a little. The aquatic director suggested this program. We'll see....feels like I will be living at the gym... Once I'm done (about 11) I'm meeting my cousin to help her with some errands across town. I will probably not be finished until time to pick up difficult child. Hopefully the rain will hold off until this evening......

    Have a great Free Choice Friday :ghoul:


    We saw Dracula last night at easy child's high school :vampire:. It was a lot of fun but a late night.
  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Good Morning All! Just got a call from easy child that will make an extra stop before work so am going to make this short.

    Looks like maybe a rainy day here. I will work 4 hours, help 1/2 hour with the 2nd graders, then take difficult child out of school for his therapist appointment in Fargo. After the appointment., we need to take his trumpet to the instrument doctor to get the mouth piece removed, go to the dollar store to find pumpkin lanterns (and dollar batteries), and maybe a few places to help difficult child figure out a costume. He should have one for a church event tommorrow evening (trick or treating for the food shelf).

    So, off I go - Everyone have a GREAT day - find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning all and Happy Halloween week. :pumpkin:
    Wiped out, I think a movie marathon sounds like fun. Now that our kids are grown I like staying up later but I hate waking up late. Feels like the day is gone for me. Have fun and enjoy the respite weekend. Hope easy child lets you into her hurt.

    Marge, glad spring returned. I'm sure you are looking forward to the warmer temps. Wish we had eternal spring and autumn. It would be perfect for me.

    LDM, I love your neighborhood idea of having candy give away for any takers. Our neighborhood is pretty isolated so the halloween party is held at the community room. No trick or treaters last year. :why:

    The new trainer should be a big help. Way To Go! Don't let anything stop you now.

    Adrianne, sounds like you have a full day. Hope the rain isn't too bad. :ghost: Good luck costume hunting.

    KJS, you need to take care of yourself. Lack of sleep is the worst thing for your body. I quit working nights(years ago) It worked into my schedule with difficult child well but I never had enough sleep. It was awful.

    I am getting excited about the holidays coming up. easy child will be home for a weekend in early Nov. so we will have Thanksgiving with him. Due to our parents age and stress while traveling I will do Thanksgiving dinner at mom's house and include in laws. My 2 sisters and brother will all be there. It's been a long time since we were all together. It will be crowded with husband, difficult child and my 2 dogs but a lot of fun. I am pulling the recipes to take along. Today I'm trying an apple and pear tart that looks easy and yummy.
    Tomorrow we are attending our first Hindu holiday. It is called the Festival of Lights. It's similar to a Hindu Christmas in it's celebration. I guess there is gift giving, lots of food and celebration. I did a little research so I wasn't too ignorant of another cultures high holidays. The hostess is quite cook from what I hear and look forward to eating some good Indian food.

    difficult child is going to Va. for Halloween. It's his first drive alone. I think he is nervous but he will be adequately prepared. He has his costume all set. This is his favorite holiday. He gets to dress up and be the super hero he always wanted to be. :frenkenstein: I hope he has a good time. I will be happy for a reprieve.

    difficult child has an interview with vocational rehab on Tuesday. I sure hope they start quickly and not take forever to get him going in the program.

    It's looking over cast and possibly rainy but even that's ok this time of year. I'll make vegetable soup and stay in tonight to watch movies. :goo:

    Have a good day everyone.
  7. artana

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    Good morning and happy TGIF back.

    Sharon - I hope everything goes well with your easy child. Sounds like she really needs to get it out.

    Kjs - I hope you gets some rest and your difficult child gets better.

    Marg - I am happy to hear that the weather is getting better. Here it's definitely getting colder and grayer for winter.

    LDM - I'm jealous you get to go to the gym! I miss swimming more than anything else. This summer we put up a pool and I got to swim a bit. Anyways, sounds like a good day in the making.

    Adrianne - Have a great day!

    Fran - I can't even imagine what it would be like to stay up late and be able to sleep as long as I wanted. I hope you have a great day.:)

    I will be taking the kids trick or treating in a mall-like area here tomorrow and watching the oldest in order to get out of there the moment he is overwhelmed. Sunday we're going pumpkin picking and will be carving pumpkins.

    I know it will be a hard weekend in terms of schedule differences, but I have talked to difficult child and he seems to be eager to engage in it.
  8. Pookybear66

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    Sounds like ev1 is up for a fun free-choice Friday. I have no doubt it will be a better night than last as there is usually no homework scheduled for wkends.

    Saturday easy child is going to a bowling birthday party for a friend. Happens that this friend is younger sis of Ds's friend so he will go too. I am happy for them to be kept busy and having good time for a few hours. Yeah!!

    Sunday is pumpkin carving at my mom's. We already chose pumpkins a few weeks ago but waited to carve them so they wouldn't get rotten before Halloween. Trick or treaters come Thursday I think. Our community likes to do Thursday's to avoid late curfew and extra traffic and stuff. Costumes are all set.

    husband is working this wkend so its just me. Oh joy! As I said I'm glad we have some things to keep us busy for a few hours. Hope ev1 else that sneaks in later enjoys the wkend too!