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    husband was at his doctor yesterday to have skin cancer cut off of his shoulder. He kept insisting that it was no big deal. He insisted I NOT go with him and he even picked thank you up at school and let him watch. thank you thought it looked cool and was really impressed at how deep they cut.

    They took a section about 3/4 inch deep, judging from how deep they took the biopsy (I did see that one done). He has really thick skin from what the doctor said.

    The biopsy bled and bled and bled. The doctor put internal and external stitches in this and then put a big bandaid over it. He was to take it off this morning before he showered.

    He bled through his shirt last night and is really hurting a LOT this morning. I have doctored him up (including taking off his shirt, helping him put a new one one, cleaning the area, etc...) and put a new bandaid on (thankfully we had a big bandaid here - the incision is about 1 1/4 inches long).

    If it is still seeping at lunch I will call his doctor for instructions. He thought he was going out to work on the Census today. NOT. I have to let his boss know (not a big deal) and he can work at home if he feels like it. I am NOT letting him drive with it hurting like this.

    Keep a good thought that the bleeding will stop and that the pathologist says they got it all. This is what a lifetime of no sunscreen ends up as. At least his doctor is more sensible than he is about spots on his skin. She checks him carefully at least once a year whether he likes it or not. She ties it to refills of his blood pressure medications. (I love her - she was my doctor first and when his left I changed him to her.)

    Thanks all.
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    Sending healing energy H's way - I sure hope the pain eases today.
  3. ML

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    Sending prayers for healing and good news from the path guy. Love, ML
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    Prayers being said!
  5. trinityroyal

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    Sending good thoughts and prayers.
    You're right. She sounds like a wonderful doctor.

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    Wow! that much bleeding doesn't sound so good to me (unless he happens to be on a blood thinner causing it). I hope it does stop. I'm sorry he's in so much pain from it. Good thoughts coming my way too. I hope things turn out well from the biopsy!
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    Sending good thoughts for an all clear soon.
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    Adding in my prayers!
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    Too much sun exposure is a bear. I've had to pre-cancerous lesions frozen off my face to far, and even am starting cataracts at barely fifty. ALL of it from years of being out in strong sunlight when I don't have the skin for it.

    I'm a brunette with a lot of red in my hair,but mother and neice are both true redheads and I've got the skin if not the hair color.