Good thoughts please


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difficult child applied for a job several weeks ago, but they hired someone else. He was disappointed and depressed. He had court last week and lost his license for 90 days. That day Domino's called and he starts work on Friday working two days a week---Friday and Saturday night. The other company called today. difficult child tried to call back. It is less than a block from home and will be a good "fit" as far as personality for difficult child. Please send good thoughts that they called to hire him. He said he will work both jobs for a while to get "caught up" on probation fees and court fines.


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Adding my good thoughts, too. As someone on the PE forum once said to me, a working difficult child is always a good thing.



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Sending good thoughts your way. Hope it works out. A working difficult child is a happy difficult child! Or should a say a working difficult child makes difficult child parents happy :smile: