Good Thursday morning all...

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    Good morning friends & fellow warrior parents. :bloodshot::coffee::good_morning:

    HJM is brewing even as we speak ~ it's a new blend by Peace Coffees called Birchwood Blend. I generally appreciate a darker brew, but this is a rather tasty morning coffee. It smells even better brewing.

    Only one appointment on the calendar today ~ early this afternoon! AND I'm keeping it that way. PCA, kt & I are heading out to go grocery shopping this morning ~ husband has been swamped at work. kt will be in charge of laundry (she has a couple of loads to finish for the week) & then she earns a new game for her gameboy. As she heads out to respite this coming weekend, it couldn't come at a better time.

    I started my painting yesterday - or at the very least have my paints sorted & the palette of colors I intend to use sorted & recorded. Now it fun time. :painter:

    husband & I are planning our respite weekend ~ sounds like a mahjong marathon with Chinese deliveries. I can do that.

    Have a good Thursday all.
  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    I didn't sleep well at all last night.:bloodshot: Good thing I don't have much going on today: just a trip to the park for Duckie's GS program and an errand to the church. husband comes home tonight.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, I hope you have a relaxing weekend with mahjong marathon. Sounds fun! Haven't played mahjong for years.

    TM, sorry you've been missing out on sleep. Have a quiet day.

    difficult child 3 & I have had a quiet day. Still very cold here but when we step outside at night I can smell the firsts sign of spring - a hint of orange blossom mixed with jasmine, from a weed we have growing - pittosporum. I saw today, the buds are just opening.

    I got a bit of gardening done today, planted up some strawberry crowns into a strawberry pot. Here's hoping they don't dry out!

    girlfriend came round for dinner tonight so we could talk wedding plans a bit. Need to talk more this upocoming weekend.

    Our new budgie is becoming more content, more tame. difficult child 3 is very happy. Here's hoping we're past the coldest of the winter.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Good for you with only one appointment. It sounds like you have a great weekend planned:) We were going to have a respite weekend for the first time ever but decided to change the dates to help more the week before school starts because there are no camps that week and husband and I need to be at school. He will go Sun-Tues that week!

    TM-I hope you are able to get some napping in today:sleeping:-I hate nights when I don't sleep well.

    Marg-I'm glad your weather is taking a turn for the better (of course, I know what lies ahead for us as yours gets warmer). I'm glad the new budgie is more content.:)

    I stayed up way too late watching movies and playing Wii. It was rather addicting (the Wii).

    Today, other than the club for a workout and a nap I'm not sure what is on the agenda. With difficult child home it changes our plans somewhat. Right now he is starting on some laundry.

    easy child is going to be dropped off in a shopping area today to meet a boy. She was rather upset that we are allowing only two hours but husband and I haven't met him (we will when we drop her off) and said two hours was more than enough-too bad she doesn't agree. She was rather upset she couldn't get us to change our mind on the time.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with calm (I know I'm hoping for one):peaceful:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning: Hey "girls", good morning!!!

    Linda, sounds like a great weekend plan!!

    TM, sorry you slept so poorly last night. Perhaps a little couch time this afternoon will come in handy!

    Marg, good to hear that "spring is in the air".

    So, difficult child and I finished his playroom yesterday! He was suprisingly easy going about giving up his "treasures"! Most of it was done on tues, but we had to go through his easy child games and a large basket of treasure. He has already decided the prices for his stuff and has requested he have his own area and keep the money himself!

    So, easy child is teaching her first water fitness class on Sat. Yesterday morning we went to her boss's class. After class, she asked easy child if she would pick up three of her classes next week. So easy child will be teaching at 6 am on tues, wed, and thur next week!!!!!!!! Can anyone say "start drinking coffee"?

    I'll be at the office most of the day followed by the grocers. Water fittness class at 6:30 and difficult child will be going because he has made a buddy. They have exchanged their mother's cell numbers and plan when they will meet and play while their mom's exercise!!

    Wishing everyone a happy and productive August day :peaceful:

  6. Andy

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    :) :) :)
    Timer - It is so good to get involved in you painting again. I have fallen away from my hobby of scrapbooking and need to get going again. Enjoy your day.

    Tired - Sorry about your lousy night. Hopefully you can get a nap in and sleep better tonight. I think my husband comes home tonight also.

    Marg - Stay warm, Spring is on it's way. Now, we just have to figure out how to give you your Summer without us having to have our Winter.

    Wiped - I hope easy child's new friend turns out to be nice. It is nerve racking when they start to meet people. What did you do on the Wii last night?

    Little - Here's to lots of income for difficult child. Congrats to easy child.

    Well, I dropped easy child off at sister in law last night. sister in law discussed plans with difficult child for next weekend and gave him a bag of sports memorabilia from this past year. It included a limited edition poster of Adrian Petrson and seasoned tickets (last years) of th Timberwolves game. difficult child is in 7th heaven.

    difficult child and I returned home about 11:30 pm. The freeway traffic ALL the way home (3 hrs) was heavier than normal. Lots of semi trucks who would decide to go in left lane just as I was passing because of a slower vehicle they would get to just as I was passing! Two scary times - once I went to pass and two vehicles had come up behind me from nowhere. The other, just as I almost passed a semi, there was a very slow motorcycle the semi came up to so he came over to my lane. I get so scared sometimes wondering if those semi drivers actually look and see someone before changing lanes.

    difficult child was pushing for me to get a hotel room. "Are you going to stay awake mom?" He just wanted to stay at a hotel. I haven't told him, but we will probably get a room Monday night so I don't have to leave home at 6:30 am on Tues for his oral surgery.

    I better run, need to fill up with gas before work - another small worry - wasn't sure if I had enough gas to make it home and going through the last town at 10:45, wasn't sure if anything would have been open that late. Though being on the freeway I would think places would be open 24/7.

    Have a GREAT day everyone! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  7. Marguerite

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    A quick stop-press about winter here in Australia. I know I said it never snows in Sydney, never has in the history of recorded weather; but last week while we were away, it 'snowed' in the northern suburbs. The weather bureau insisted it was actually a very large amount of small hail, which still hadn't melted hours later. Kids were tobogganning...
    And this afternoon we had a very dark sky with a thunderstorm, not much rain but VERY dark. husband heard someone on the radio telephone in. "I'm from Canada, and it's snowing at Mt Ousley. And there's no way it's 'small hail' - I'm Canadian, we KNOW about snow!"
    I haven't seen any news, but snow at Mt Ousley is almost as impossible as snow at Sydney Opera House! Mt Ousley is little more than a hill, a coastal cliff that husband drives along every weekend to his coastal train track.

    OK, NOW I believe that it's cold. AND the weather is totally fouled up!


    PS I just had to update - I decided to do a search on it for news, and I found gold - the local paper has covered it on their website. Yes,s they're calling it "small hail" and the sound on the slide show seems to bear this out, but it sure LOOKS like snow! Folks, this is very close to us, about half an hour as the crow flies. On the coast. And you can see Mt Ousley in the slide show - it's the flat mesa-looking 'peak' the traffic is winding along. And the other suburbs mentioned - they're down on the coastal flat. This precipitation was right down at sea level.

    The sound effect - yep, that's what it sounded like (without the clatter/patter, at our house). ONly we had more thunder.

    It should cool down your summer heat for you!

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