Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

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    :swimming:Good Morning Friends :water_happy:

    Well today dawns as the first in a few that won't hit 100 degrees! We are supposed to be around 95, about 10 degrees cooler than our new record yesterday! The grass is straw, and the city will probably be issuing water restrictions soon. Our power went out again yesterday during the day, but fortunately only for about 1/2 hour. Overload....

    Today, a typical Thursday, will be spent mostly at the office, then run to BJ's to place an order for contacts and rx sunglasses, then a quick run to the farmer's market for some fresh veggies - I'm in the mood to make my dad's gazpacho recipe today!

    Hope your day is a good one - be cool :peaceful:

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (LDM), I'm glad the power outage didn't last long yesterday and today is supposed to be a bit cooler - THINK SNOW!!! Your dad's gazpacho recipe sounds perfect for a hot day - ENJOY:D.

    I'm leaving in a few hours for my afternoon appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. It's a really long ride, especially if there is still construction on one of the main roads. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, the fracture will heal without surgery. I'm hoping I'll be fitted with a walking boot and sent home...

    easy child is going to take care of the animals and the house today. husband is leaving work to drive me there because the injury is on my right foot and I can't drive. difficult child 2 has his summer course today, then he has an appointment with his "life coach" to work on safety skills - crossing streets by himself is at the top of the list!

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... SFR
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    G'day people.

    Sharon/LDM, are you allowed to have rainwater tanks where you are? A bit late now, of course, but we find them a godsend in summer. They act as a heat-sink (large volume of water - temperature homeostasis) and also provide emergency water supply for the garden. We hook ours up to a soaker hose and water the vegetables and herbs. Also we fill buckets form the tank and use the buckets of water on the garden, or to water the animals, or simply to cool off. We also save bathwater and bucket it onto the garden and lawn. If your lawn is not watered too often, it will send down deeper roots and be tougher in a drought.

    SFR, I hope you get good news with the fracture.

    We're heading for Canberra tomorrow. It's cold there, midwinter. I don't think it will snow this weekend (in the hills around Canberra) but there has been snow in recent weeks through the high country we'll have to pass through. Of course, it's ephemeral.

    I took niece with me today, we took her friend to the airport this morning, then we hung around shopping for the day while we waited to go back to the airport to collect her mother and sister. I bought a couple of pairs of boots (including one piratical over-the-knee pair) and with the matching leggings, I will be warm and decorative in Canberra over the weekend.

    Today was cold, a bit damp to begin with and then it got worse. In the middle of the day had to take my jacket off (I was blaming the hot flushes form my anti-hormone pills) but as we headed back towards the airport even niece felt the sudden drop in temperatures - I think the mercury must have dropped 5 C in fifteen minutes.

    difficult child 3 forgot his medications today (I thought he'd taken them before I left) so he didn't get an work done. He has to get as much done as possible in the car on the way tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I'm glad the power outage was short lived!! Now you have me wanting gazpacho-I love gazpacho!!!!!!!! Would you like to share the recipes-I'm always trying new ones!?

    SFR-Crossing my fingers that the doctor appointment goes well and no surgery will be needed!!

    Marg-Sounds like you had a busy day. Sorry to hear difficult child 3 didn't get work done today-hopefully he will catch up tomorrow on the drive.

    husband and I ended up going to the casino last night (about a 50 minute drive-longer last night because of heavy rains). He felt bad I hadn't been able to go with him and his sister the day before because I had to stay home to pick up difficult child. We rarely go and when we do we have a $20.00 spending limit. Together we won about $100.00. Nothing major, I guess, but to us it was a lot of fun!

    This morning I have my physical and then this afternoon I'm hoping to get to the health club. We also have lots of cleaning to do as we didn't get it done yesterday.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!