Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

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    Good Morning All :bigsmile:

    Another humid sticky day here in the southeast - but it's kinda old hat with the summer we've been having!

    I've the office today and then grocery shopping. easy child and I are going up to see my mom on Sunday. My dad's godson, my cousin, is coming over with his wife and mom is taking them out for dinner Sunday. She invited me to come, and easy child will go too since she happens to be off on Sunday and Monday. This past Monday was 7 years since my dad passed; my mom was feeling a little sad so she called my cousin who was real close to my dad. I haven't seen them in about five years so it will be nice to visit.

    After ten days in the hospital, including six days of intensive chemo, little Meesha went home to her new house and new pink princess room Tuesday night. The message from her father was amazing. He said it was like a miracle. His little girl, who hadn't walked in three weeks, was carried up to her new princess room by her mother. She itched to be put down. On wobbly legs, she went from item to item asking, "Is this mine? Is this mine?", filled with wonder. Her parents couldn't help but cry. She wanted to sleep in her new princess bed that night. This was the whole reason for doing her room - I wanted to give her something positive to come home to and something to look forward to when back in the hospital. She is going back in today for tests, but we are all thrilled that she enjoyed two nights in her new room - it does the heart good to know this sweet little girl had a fantasy.

    Hope your Thursday finds some joy.

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    G'day for Thursday.

    Sharon/LDM, what a lovely homecoming for Meesha! She will be very glad of something special waiting at home for her. Also, the princess theme can continue at the hospital. Maybe a fairy princess, with fairy wings? I've got some simple plans on how to make fairy wings and a fairy tutu, if you're interested.

    I had a busier day today. I drove easy child 2/difficult child 2 in to her first therapist appointment today. It looks like this is going to be very good for her. Afterwards we dropped in on husband at work (she hasn't seen her daddy for a few weeks) then I drove her home. I knew I had about a three hour wait until I met up with husband, and planned to nap in the car. easy child 2/difficult child 2 suggested I go back to her place, I could sleep on her bed instead of in the car, but I chose not to. I knew I would end up talking, or just not sleeping. So I drove to a carpark near the railway station, parked facing the hedge and under a shady tree, turned on a talking book on the iPod (it drowns out the noise of passing traffic) and slept for two hours!

    husband was meeting up with me because we had both been booked to attend a 90 minute time share presentation. It was part of the deal for a week's Gold Coast holiday I 'won' (yeah, I know how these mobs work). husband was early, we got to the place right on time and they finally asked the magic question - do you already own time share? To which we answered, 'yes,' and suddenly the 90 minute presentation shrank to 20 minutes. I still got my prize - a voucher with a phone number, we need to telephone to organise it. We're thinking of booking our usual week for another place in the same area at about the same time, so we can turn one week's holiday into two. Or we could book Sunshine Coast for the other week, and drive between the two (about a two hour drive). Sunshine Coast would get us back to Australia Zoo for another visit - love that place! difficult child 3 was 8 years old last time we were there.

    Tomorrow thankfully I don't have to go out anywhere, although I have some phone calls to make and a few people to see locally. No doubt the day will fill up as it always does. But at least I caught up on missed sleep today! And because the presentation thingie finished earlier than expected, husband & I got to enjoy a relaxing dinner for two afterwards, checking out a new restaurant.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon-I love that Meesha was so excited about her princess room! I'm keeping that little girl in my prayers.

    Marg-A two hour nap is probably just what you needed! Nice that you didn't have to sit through the whole 90 minutes and still get the week free!

    This morning I dropped difficult child off at camp and headed to the health club where I had a great workout! husband has taken easy child/difficult child to her driver's ed test.

    This afternoon husband, a friend, and I are headed to a teacher store about 2 hours away. Can't believe it's already that time!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:peaceful: