Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

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    :bigsmile: Good Morning!!!

    Well, the beautiful spring-like weather of the last three days is coming to an end. The temps are up this morning, the breeze is coming from the south, the temps are going back to the mid 90's, and you can feel the humidity in the air...... Summer is here and she's not going to let go now!

    Tail end of the school year for difficult child - he has 1/2 days today, tomorrow, Mon and Tues. His best friend came home from school friday before last to find his father dead of cardiac arrest - and he had just lost his mother 3 years ago! He hasn't been back to school, and won't the remainder of the year. He and his dad were living with his grandfather. The grandfather and I have been communicating and I am going to pick him up after difficult child is done tomorrow and bring him here. Just going to play it by ear - he can spend the night, they can go to the movies, whatever.....but he's not been out since two weeks ago to do anything "teenagery".

    So I will drop off difficult child, go to the office, return to school for a funding/IEP meeting at 11, take difficult child home, and then go back to work!!!!

    I hope your day is smooth :flirtysmile3:


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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (LDM) So sad to hear your difficult child's best friend just lost his dad... I think spending some time with your difficult child, doing some "typical" teen things, etc. is just what he needs! It's sad when anyone loses a parent but at his age, to have lost both of his already, it's just so tragic... Hope your busy day goes smoothly!!!

    Last night was the local scholarship/awards night at difficult child 2's high school. He got four scholarships and was so excited! I'm really happy for him, glad that he had a night to shine, a night I'm sure he'll always remember! Still, a part of me was so sad - He is so socially awkward and doesn't even have one friend. It was hard to see him surrounded by students but still so all alone... He sat on the stage by himself for a good twenty minutes before the other kids got up there. It didn't seem to bother him. He was just grinning from ear to ear the entire time.

    Today I have lots of errands to run. Still have some calls to make for difficult child 2. Hopefully we can find something productive for him to do this summer.

    Heading to the kitchen... Coffee cup is empty. Hope everyone has a great day! SFR
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    Sharon/LDM, so sorry about difficult child's friend. So sad for him. I hope the boys enjoy some kid time together.

    SFR, congrats for difficult child 2! The nerds of today are the millionaires of tomorrow...

    I had to go out early this morning to have a CT scan at the cancer centre. Just a routine monitoring thing. I did a bit of shopping on the ay home - a very long drive because the road was flooded.

    We've got a full day tomorrow. Hopefully the flood will have subsided. difficult child 3 has to present himself as if for a job interview at the disability employment agency. After that we have his therapist appointment in the city. By then it will be mid afternoon and we will be battling the traffic heading home afterwards. We're still weaning difficult child 3 off his anti-anxiety medications and it's slow progress. Tomorrow's therapist appointment will be interesting.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

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    Good Morning!!

    Sharon-What a great idea to have difficult child's friend over!:) It's so sad to have lost both parents at such a young age.

    SFR-Congrats to difficult child on his scholarships! I'm glad he was so excited! Hugs to you, I can understand the bittersweet part.

    Marg-I hope you find some calm in tomorrow's busy day.

    Today is difficult child's birthday! He is now 14 years old! He is still so young in so many ways. He was up at 3:30 this morning opening his present in our room and then husband got up with him. Now he can't wait to go shopping to spend his b-day money (that, of course, is age appropriate).

    Not sure what we are doing today, most will center around difficult child. However, there is also a retirement party we need to go to. Three of husband's former co-workers are retiring. There is also another huge rally tonight at the Capitol. Don't know if we can make this one with the party and it being difficult child's birthday.

    Wishing everyone a great day!!