Good Thursday morning, friends

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    Last day of school for ktbug! :cheerleader: She's not the least bit excited that she can sleep in until whenever she'd like for the next week & a half. :bigsmile: It's been a rough year when it comes to the alarm going off so very early. In that, I will not miss kt going to day treatment next year. She starts summer school the 16th; by then she'll be bored enough to be excited about it.

    Yesterday I more or less collapsed physically. I'm beginning to see the pattern of taking this MXT weekly. I know that 2-3 days afterward I crash & burn for 2 or more days & then I feel much better. Knowing that pattern helps to plan my calendar during this treatment.

    I feel human this morning & hope to get the bathroom cleaned (the way I like it - husband & kt just do not have my standards in the bathroom) & the floor mopped. I doubt I'll get that far but it's always good to have a goal, however mundane! :bigsmile::targetpractice::rofl:

    Have a good Thursday, friends. Here's to cooperative difficult children, sunny weather & many birds around your feeders! :beautifulthing:
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm sorry that the MXT makes you crash so bad but glad that you feel better later. Yeah for kt's last day of school-yes I'm jealous:happy-little:

    We had fun at the Brewer's game yesterday. The kids got to see a ton of scoring as the final score was 10-1 with the Brewer's winning. They got to see an in the park home run where 3 scored and then the next guy up at bat hit an out of the park one!

    Also, I posted in wc that easy child made cheerleading!!

    Today is a very busy one. This morning the middle school we're attached to does a medeval fair. The 6th graders run it and it's like a big market where they sell things. We take our kids and it's fun.

    Then we are suppose to walk to meet our penpals and eat lunch at a park but right now it's storming.:thunderstorm: Maybe it will stop. At the end of the day we have an awards assembly.

    After work the guy from the new program difficult child is in will be coming.

    Hopefully we'll get to the health club too!

    Wishing everyone a day filled with peace, smiles, and laughter.:try2fly:
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    :icecream: Good Thursday Morning!!!!

    Linda, glad you are feeling more energetic this morning! Hope that bathroom doesn't do you in. I've been enjoying my birdbath so much this year. The golden finches are back and they are my fav. Everyone says that you really can't do a feeder here in the city because of the well, you know, racoons and such :hammer:. But I think I'm going to try those hull-less seeds that leave no trash/residue on the ground around the feeder. I know it is more expensive, but I sure would love to see the twice-a-day feedings. I'll let you know.

    Sharon, glad everyone had a great time at the game yesterday :fan:. Great news about easy child!! Does she start this summer? Hope the guy for difficult child's program works out to be a gem. difficult child, and you guys, could use one of those!

    :hot:So the weatherman just said it is going to be toasty! He's right as we are on a heat advisory from noon till eight today. We should be at 96 (heat index is 105-109) today and then 100 for the next several days! Talk about summer....... The cooling trend arrives next Wed when the temp goes down to 93 :beach_ball:!!

    Typical Thursday here - office then errands. difficult child has his last testing day today - math. He is just working to get this over with so the next week is just plain fun at school. Tomorrow afternoon they will have a school-wide yearbook signing party. He's excited about that since it's his first.

    Wishing everyone a great Thursday :flowers:

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    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, here's hoping kt isn't too much of a pain as she gets bored. Roll on the 16th!

    Sharon/Wiped, sounds like a really fun day. I love the sound of the medieval fair! Congrats on easy child getting into cheerleading, too.

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy your hot day. A suggestion about the bird feeder - if you put it on a platform on a pole, and then put a metal collar round the pole lower down (like a two foot wide band of metal wrapped around the pole) would that stop raccoons etc? We do that in Australia on telephone poles and some trees to stop possums and koalas climbing up and either doing damage or getting damaged. We also had a recipe for bird feeders, for insectivores - mix bird seed into dripping (fat from cooking) so the fat holds the seed in one gluggy ball. Put it into a cup of some sort and fasten the cup firmly to the feeder. A good option is to use clear plastic cups (like good disposable party cups). Nail through the base of one cup onto a wooden base, then use a second cup (matching) for the seed and fat mix, and sit the second cup inside the first nailed-on one. That way, there shouldn't be anything much dropped, but the fat is really good for birds that eat insects, because insect bodies are high in fat.

    We get some of our prettiest birds in the centre of the city too. difficult child 3 & I were looking around as we were leaving his school last week, and saw a couple of white cockatoos, heard (and then saw) rainbow lorikeets as well as the usual magpies, mynahs and smaller birds. And, of course, the flying foxes (large fruit-eating bats with very pretty faces) live right in the heart of Sydney's Botanical Gardens, every evening on sunset you can see them flying off for a night's foraging.

    You can enjoy wildlife anywhere!

    We've had a dull, miserable wintry day today. It's been so overcast we had to keep the lights on indoors. Like dusk outside. The north road is blocked by flood, the ferry has been stopped by heavy seas, the south road is now blocked (not sure how, probably landslide). There is only one road open, we're hoping it doesn't get blocked too. We have a store in the village so we won't run out of anything. It's a nuisance though. The doctor (mainland) wants to see mother in law, but at the moment it would be almost a 2 hour round trip by car, no other option possible. There is a twice-weekly bus run tomorrow, but I suspect they will cancel it because of the flood and landslides.

    I can hear the wind howling outside and the rain is either barely a whisper, or it is bucketing down. I haven't been able to get out and check my garden for days. I have seedlings to rescue, more to plant (when the weather eases off a little) and others to harvest. At least it's getting watered!

    Tomorrow is hopefully another quiet day for us. difficult child 3 has more work to catch up on and we both have exercise to do. Thank goodness for Wii Fit - we can exercise without having to go outside in this awful weather!

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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    A very quick good morning - gotta get dressed, fill up with gas (any suggestions where I should get this week's loan to do so? LOL) and head up to Fargo for psychiatrist appointment.

    I am being a chicken about new glasses - weather is to be stormy today and I didn't want to drive one hour in down pours with new glasses so I will get those when I return to town later this a.m Wanted to spend the day in Fargo but need to get home before heavy down pours this afternoon.

    Oh my, look at the time - gotta go - everyone have a GREAT day and stay safe from any storms heading your way. I will check in later today.