Good Thursday morning, friends....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    Hard to believe we've made it to Thursday! The sun came out late yesterday afternoon & it's supposed to be sunny all day today.

    I have in home nursing today; this afternoon we have parent teacher conferences. The home-Easy Child class baked lemon bars & are making punch for the parents tonight.

    It will be interesting to meet with all the teachers kt is dealing with now versus just one.

    Hope your day is :autumn:full of beauty & you find a reason to smile today. A belly laugh is better ~ that's what nursing staff keeps telling me.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :sleepy: Good Morning Linda and all to follow!

    I'm really tired this morning as I was up last night with stomach issues. I am very gingerly sipping my coffee to see if my stomach thinks it's ok :wince:!

    Linda, it's a lot more hectic meeting a group of teachers, rather than one! A lot of information to repeat...... Glad the sun has come out where you are - we have switched. We are cloudy with a chance of light rain, but the temps are up. It's already in the low 60's.

    I'll be at the office today and, if I have the time before picking up difficult child, I'll do my weekly grocery shopping. I had planned on going to class tonight at the gym, but I need to see how I feel. I may need the rest after such little sleep last night.

    Wishing you all a good Thursday :peaceful:

  3. wakeupcall

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    Morning everyone,

    Wanted everyone to know that I still lurk around here....just haven't posted much lately. I feel like I repeat myself as difficult child seldom changes much; still having most of the same problems. Getting ready to possibly throw another wrench into the mix....H has a follow-up appointment at the Cancer Hospital and there's a change for him to report. He has a large swelling (mass?) on the side of his neck. I hope it's nothing, but it's scary for sure.

    I spoke with the school nurse yesterday when I took medications in to her for difficult child. She had good news!! She said difficult child is doing sooooo much better this year and she sees this huge difference in him! I wanted to kiss her. I told her there's not much change at home, but hey, one can't have it all!

    Here's hoping all of you get a bit of good news today too. HAPPY FALL!!
  4. DenitaS

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    Good Morning to All.
    Well, things here are still pretty much going the same. She is toeing the line (rules) but, hasn't had a major explosion since she has been home from the hospital. They won't remove her and put her in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) until that happens, my understanding is that everyone knows that it will happen it is just a matter of when. The baby is doing WONDERFUL though!!!
    Hope you all have a GREAT THURSDAY!!
  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Good Morning
    Timer - I never heard of the home Easy Child class making the refreshments for Parent teacher conferences. What a wonderful idea. My friend is makeing several dozen for her son's school conferences. Have a beautiful day! Enjoy your conferences.

    Little Dude's Mom - I hope you get all your plans done today. I also hope you are able to catch up on your sleep.

    Wake up - I pray all will go well with H. It is nice to have people tell us that a child is doing well - especialy a difficult child. Good for your difficult child. Have a good day full of good things happening.

    Denita - You are certainly having a stressful time waiting for the "when". I hope you can relax and enjoy the day. Babies sure have a way of helping don't they?

    I have a short day at work today. I will work 3.5 hours and go pick up difficult child. His school has noon out today and then parent teacher conferences at 2:15 for me today. I am very excited about this one - difficult child has made a MAJOR turnaround for the better from when he left school last May. There is no school tomorrow so I will go to church council tonight as the Board of Christian Ed chair. Sounds like some trouble brewing for the school - and our church wonders why their numbers are dewindling - when you not only take funding away from the school but then try to steal one of their resources, why would people want to join?

    I hope we have a beautiful day today. difficult child can use some outside time (It has been rainy/wet Sunday - Tuesday and not home much last night).

  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks. Just a quick hello before midnight - Friday looms.

    We've had a quiet day today - my client for tonight's brainstorming session postponed, he is ill. I was glad, I didn't sleep too well last night. It's still cold at night and when the temperature drops I feel it. Our house is not heated and in summer the only cooling is ceiling fans.

    difficult child 3's dog-sitting is good for him, he is learning how to interact with this dog and enjoying it. The dog is getting used to us and fitting in with us well. Her owners are back tomorrow. We're also minding their cat. They feed both animals cat food and didn't leave enough, so I bought some DOG food today, to feed the dog at our house.

    I also worked on my increasingly large Black Russian tomato plant today; a website I read last night said I can use the lateral shoots to take cuttings from, so I now have a number of pots on the go. I found an interesting website on growing tomatoes upside down, so we're going to give it a go. Probably not with the Black Russians though. I planted some Tiny Toms, they're probably a better choice.

    My endocrinologist rang - Tuesday's thyroid biopsy was fine. I have to have another ultrasound in a year to keep tabs on the goitre and regular blood tests will be done, but otherwise no problem.

    Tomorrow is the last school holiday weekday. Hopefully we'll get difficult child 3 to get a bit more 'homework' done, he has an overdue History assignment plus some English. Wish me luck!

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  7. everywoman

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    Good morning all--
    Linda--hope you enjoy your first high school open house. At my school we do not do PTA. We have an organization that we call PAWS--Partners of award winning schools that functions a little like PTA. I strongly urge all parents of high schoolers to be as involved as much physically possible and time allows. It makes such a difference if the kids know you care.

    LDM--sorry you had such a rough night. Hope you find some time today for a catnap.

    Wakeup---Glad difficult child is doing better. It always warms your heart to know that maybe what you are doing is working.

    Denita--I hope that help comes soon for difficult child. I hope that she doesn't wake up one day as an adult and have to deal with the guilt of not being the mom she should have been.

    Marg-Glad you got good news from the doctor. Crossing my fingers that 3 does his assignments so he can enjoy the holiday.

    I'm playing hookey today from school and going to pick up my baby from basic training. I haven't seen her in 2 months and 5 days. I'm going to hug her til the stuffing comes out. My sister B called and my niece A texted me 6 times yesterday. They want to go out to dinner to celebrate her coming home. We'll see.

    I also get to go see PCson, daughter in law and grandson. Today they have an ultrasound. I went a bought a pink onsie with "little princess" in glitter on it. Hope I'm not being too presumptuous.

    Have a great day everyone.
  8. Pookybear66

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    Good Thursday evening! I hope everything went well for everyone that posted earlier on here. Marg, I'm glad your test was okay.

    I had a much better day than yesterday. I think the reason things were affecting me more yesterday was that I was getting a cold. I was able to take a long nap today because my husband was able to be with the kids. It did wonders. I still feel yucky cause of my cold, but my head is clearer. I was not able to call docs today because of all that. Tomorrow is open though. We have a short day at school and then no school Monday because of Columbus Day. So to all those in America-Happy Columbus Day-Off of school.