Good Thursday morning, friends.....

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    and fellow warrior mums! :warrior::try2fly::warrior:

    Hard to believe that we've already hit Thursday ~ kt is supposed to go to respite tomorrow. If things go well, respite will be a great distraction for her. She comes home the most spoiled child & it takes a day at the very least for her to get her attitude & entitlement issues back in place. I expect that kt will attend as she's packed 3 bags already (2 full of clothes for the girls to exchange & try on) & one full of movies, artwork & a doll or two to sleep with.

    I accomplished nothing I had planned for yesterday morning so it's been moved to this morning's schedule; that along with any phone calls of kt's issues at school should keep me awake & busy. If not, I've started a sketch or two I intend to use as Christmas cards (just for immediate family ~ I don't think I can paint that many cards. Painting has become my most therapeutic past time, like piano in the past.). It will be the first time in almost 7 years that I should have the time to get cards out in the mail. I've also started cleaning for the upcoming holidays.

    Have a good day ~ hope you find may reasons to laugh today. It's the best medicine. :D

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I hope kt is able to go to respite tomorrow, it sounds like it could be good for her. I think it's awesome you are painting your Christmas

    A pleasant surprise, for the first time in I have no idea how long easy child had a pleasant evening. She sat on my bed and did her hw as I computerized and was actually quite pleasant:)

    I have a long busy day ahead. difficult child is off school for both of the next two days for conferences (a sore point as elementary school teachers only get one day to do the same amount as middle school teachers) and easy child has only a half day today and none tomorrow.

    I, on the other hand, have conferences starting at 7:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. After that I'm headed to easy child's conferences and then difficult child's conferences are at 5:00. I should get home around 5:45 or so tonight. Tomorrow although both kiddos are off husband and I have to teach. A teacher's niece from husband's school will watch difficult child both days.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    :autumn: Good Morning Linda and all to follow!!

    Linda, sounds like kt is ready for a little change of scenery and routine - comes at a good time for her I think. Making family Christmas cards sounds like a great idea for you - helps you keep your mind focused too. I'm sure your family will love them. I think we all need something that makes us say, "Awww" at the end of a stressful day or week. It's great to have something you can escape into.

    Things are all quiet here - I'm a tad tired from the week so far, but nothing I can't deal with. I think I may be getting pink eye though. I've never had it and naturally, I have my annual eye check up tomorrow. Probably won't be fitted for contacts!

    Hope your Thursday is manageable :wine:

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    Hey Sharon - missed your reply while i was writing mine! Sounds like a busy couple days for you and husband but a nice time for your kids!! Just remember, Saturday is not that far away! Take care.

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    Good Morning Friends! Hope u have a
    great day!
    Linda- I hope KT goes to respite. I too, think it
    will be good for her. She has been in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sending Hugs to all Rabbit
  6. Happy Thursday Everyone!!

    Linda, I'm very impressed by your hand painted Christmas cards. I know that they are greatly appreciated by the recepients! My sister in law painted us a scenic card a couple of years ago, and it has a promient space on our bookshelf. It's wonderful to have a hobby that shares such beauty. I hope that kt's respite goes well.

    Sharon (1), it sounds like you will have your fill of conferences! Maybe you can wind down and get some rest later tonight. I know that your students' parents value your input. I think that teachers are awesome people!

    Sharon (2) , gee ,pink eye is no fun. I hope it clears up soon so that you can get your contacts fitted. I know that I can't make it without mine.... I just can't see as well with my glasses.

    I just got back from taking easy child to the airport - he had a very early morning flight. Now that he's paying for his trips he'll sacrifice to save some money... LOL
    He off to Austin, Texas for a good friend's wedding. This is the third wedding he's attended so far , I'm sure there will be many more. This wedding is of a friend that he made in a special summer program he attended at Duke University for several summers while he was in high school. He made some wonderful friendships there, and they have stuck for many years over long distances. This young lady spent a Chirstmas vacation with us a number of years ago. She is the daughter that I would have loved to have had!
    I really enjoyed easy child's visit with us last night. He's the only family member that loves to eat, and I made him some shrimp gumbo - and he had some of his dad's home brewed beer. It was a very simple, but very enjoyable evening!

    I'm meeting some friends today for a lunch at my favorite French cafe. It's a rare treat as I usually brown bag it every day. Good food and good company - you can't beat it!

    I hope everyone enjoys their day and finds some peaceful moments ...
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    Good Morning all. I love Thursdays.

    Linda, painting sounds like it does your heart good. I haven't a creative bone in my body and no skill. Fortunately, I make up for it by being able to appreciate everyone else's creativity. Hope Kt. gets through this time without too much regression.

    Wiped out, what a long day for you. Hope it goes smoothly and not too many surprises from parents. Great news about easy child. It's about time you got a break from the pressure.

    LDM hope the office work doesn't bog you down and mess up your schedule. Yikes about pink eye. I haven't had it either. Hope it isn't too uncomfortable. I just got new contacts and eye glasses. Ugh.

    Rabbit, have a good day.

    1 day at a time, how wonderful to see our easy child's grow up and have a rich life. Having life long friends is a great testament to how he interacts with people. Austin is pretty nice this time of year. Your dinner sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about a family who likes to eat your cooking.

    It's another day of errands and housework. Nothing new about that. My mom had an femoral angiogram yesterday. Surgery will be scheduled soon. Baby brother stayed over with mom. I will head up that way as soon as we have a date. It's tough being the "tween" generation. Between difficult child's needs and parents needs and hurricane needs I feel like I am on a constant merry go round. Throw in easy child and husband and the puppies and it's pandemonium in my head. Never dull that's for sure.

    Have a good day everyone. I need to spackle my face and head out.:bag: Don't let the world wear you down.
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    G'day, friends. I've read all your greetings but it's late and we're very busy at the moment so I haven't got time to draft a reply to you all. Stay well, stay fulfilled and when frustrated by the system, get active and productive because that way reduces your stress and also helps your child.

    difficult child 3 & I went to see his new psychologist today - she's very good. It's early days yet on what can be done, difficult child 3 is working much better but on such a high dose of medications that we're beginning to get rebound even on dex, and he seems to be losing weight which he can ill afford. We need to get more answers but seem to be with the people who can best help.

    We collected husband from work afterwards (along with a bucket of spent coffee grounds from the ultra-high-caffeine coffee machine for the academics - it's destined to wipe out the slugs & snails in our garden in a more ecologically friendly way). We separated at the turn-off to the island where husband's car was parked, he continued home to begin dinner while difficult child 3 & I did some urgent shopping. We got home with barely enough time to bring in the shopping before I had to go out again with girlfriend for a wedding dress fitting. Nine days to go and her first fitting. But it's OK, it's almost finished. It should be done by the weekend.

    Tomorrow I'm meeting easy child 2/difficult child 2 very early, we're looking at more wedding reception places because she's running out of time to get the booking she wants. We can't wait until after difficult child 1's wedding. I spent this morning ringing places up and making appointments, so we have a tight schedule. Because it's all in the country (on the edges of Sydney suburbia, just beyond - when I was growing up it was well and truly in the country, we had a farm out that way) it is great picnic territory, so if I have time in the morning I'm packing a quick picnic basket to give us more of a 'feel' for the place.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 isn't well at the moment, she has very little voice. I'm trying to persuade her to see the doctor - it's not as if it costs, our doctor bulk-bills so all she would have to do is sign the form and no money changes hands.

    As we drive we'll listen to music in the iPod so we can work further on the list of music for difficult child 1's wedding. Once we've got the various playlists, we can use them for the other weddings.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone. I have to keep thinking really hard - what day is this? It's just ticked over Friday here, I have to be on the road in 8 hours.

    Good night.