Good Thursday morning, friends

pigless in VA

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Insane, I hope whatever is hurting is better today.

The story of how I chose my name is this: I used to be married to a farmer (ex #2). I loved life on the farm. We had chickens, dogs, and I had two pot-bellied pigs. Farmer, unbeknowst to me, started another relationship with a married woman with a young son. Anyway, Farmer acted squirrely, so I decided to leave the already dead relationship. I ended up moving in with a friend who lived in the suburbs. Pigs are considered to be farm animals and are against the law in Virginia's suburbs. I had to find my two little pigs another home. I was far more sad over losing the 4-legged pigs than losing the 2-legged one. Farmer eventually married the woman he had an affair with.

It's another sunny, warm, pleasant day here. I hope I have time to garden later today. I promise to be wary of those jumping sticks.


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Thank you for the re cap of the story, Pigless.

I woke up with a nose bleed, so this morning was exciting. Hubby went out of town again, but I decided not to go. I made our Green Smoothie using my new Breville Juicer. A friend informed me that the store I bought it from (Bed Bath and Beyond) returns things many years old. Hubby replaced a part, but it still wasn't working just right. I was shocked that I could return it. But we did, and I now have a new one that is great. Hubby has crazy work day and I made extra juice...I'm convinced this juice is helpful health wise. I use spinach, kale, Apple, celery and pineapple.

The weather is lovely today. Sunny. We hope to visit our son and his family about three or four hours north of us on Saturday.

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I like this morning thread-makes me focus on "one thousand gifts" instead of the elephant that remains always in my livingroom.
It's raining gently here and we need it. The woods behind my house is just starting to green up. Thanks, Nomad I might try that kale smoothie but I'll have to disguise all that green with red dye #2 in order to get my hubs on board! This is the day we've gotten-make it a good one!


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I woke up to find another one of my beautiful tulip blooms on the ground! I figured out it was a squirrel doing this as one night hubby and I were sitting on the porch drinking wine and he scampered over and got on his hind legs and held the tulip bloom in his paws and I screamed and ran toward him and he ran off. I had two blooms under one of my trees and today there is one. The other bloom is laying on the ground next to it!!

I did some research and found a good way to keep them away is Cayenne Pepper. I sprinkled it all over tulips today before I left for work. Will have to reapply as it's rainy today but I'm really hoping this works!


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hubby and I were sitting on the porch drinking wine and he scampered over and got on his hind legs and held the tulip bloom in his paws and I screamed and ran toward him and he ran off

I hate squirrels - or as Jabber calls them "tree-rats". My battle with them was the stuff of legend with my neighbors when I planted a garden.:warriorsmiley: I usually won, but I expect my fortifications made my fresh veggies more expensive than if I just bought them in a store.

I haven't checked my hosta, since it's rained every day this week, but I bet they're eaten by the evil Bambies that roam my neighborhood. I have four bars of Irish Spring soap to shred and sprinkle around them, but haven't gotten to yet.

I just hope all this rain is making the mushrooms grow.

I parked legally today and forgot to hang my employee hang tag. Just watch - I'll get a ticket when I freaking parked 4 blocks away from work because THAT's the best parking they give us! I called the cops and told them - but the dispatcher wouldn't guarantee I wouldn't get a ticket - "It's up to the officer." :mad:

My morning is annoying.
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Hi all.

Lil, I enjoy your crazy parking stories. Parking in big cities is nutty! When I first worked, it was downtown chicago where you could barely cross a street without some homicidal cab driver trying to run you over. Parking lots for cars cost a paycheck a day. I took two elevator trains and one bus to get to work rather than

Today my hub is driving me to see hematologist because of my low white blood count. It is traditionally low all the time (runs in family) but its been lower ever since my accident. NP thinks its because my body is still recovering from the trauma as the rest of my blood work is perfect, I feel great, and have not become sick. But she is thorough.

Ugh, I hate doctors. This hospital is in the town my accident was in so I dont like the town either. But I love my NP and all the doctors she recommends are in thevsame clinic and its the best quality around.

Looking like rain here. April showers bring May flowers. Not too many flowers around yet .LOTS of squirrels!!! We even have black ones here and an albino squirrel family lives here somewhere.

Have a great day!!


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Insane, I hope whatever is hurting is better today.
Thanks, pigless.
All the sore spots... are going to be sore for a while. But it will get better. At least I wasn't awake in the middle of the night last night too sore to go get the painkiller I really needed - as in, I was still awake from the pain, but at least able to go get a painkiller, so I slept better.

Wish these kinds of sore spots were the only kind we need to deal with - the kind that have answers and just take time and care to heal.

At least... the sun is shining - something like 5 days in a row, which is unusual for spring, we'd normally be getting rain at least once a week. Grass is green - but I'm to sore to go rake it so we can cut it.


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Good Morning Everyone!

I had weight loss surgery on April 11. I've dropped 23 lbs since I started the pre-op diet on April 1. I'm getting ready to go back to work on Monday. Difficult child #2 has been really great about lifting heavy things and doing chores - quite a pleasant surprise.

husband, on the other hand, took five days off of work to "help me" and did nothing, not one thing to help me out. I was glad when he went back to work. He also keeps bringing cheesecakes and various other foods that I am not allowed to eat into the house (I'm still on a liquid diet). Enough venting.

Squirrels - we have tons and they provide our two indoor cats with hours of entertainment but we cannot keep any plants or anything with them around.

Have a good day everyone.


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Coming in late...

More sorting of the shred bags today, because Hubby's idea of cleaning is to put it in a bag/box somewhere instead of dealing with it at the time. I've found some receipts of Miss KT's in here, and she moved out about five years ago.

I didn't walk today, still hurting and stiff from yesterday, but I'll be out there tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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Oh I had a rough morning. On my way in to work(I ride my bike in ...12 minutes), I almost got run over by a lady who was trying to beat me into the intersection, even though I had the right of way! I had to FALL off the bike in the middle of the street to avoid her car. I looked into her eyes at the exact moment and it was the gym teacher at my school, also on her way to work. I was shaking and really I still am. I found her and told it was me she almost hit and that I had the right of way! She was all lame, not saying she was sorry and giving me an attitude. I told her she had something wrong with her and needed medication. That was so unprofessional of me, but ladies, it felt so good. She is a miserable old bat that should have retired years ago. It's going to be awkward.