Good Thursday morning friends &

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  1. timer lady

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    fellow :warrior: parents.

    Get that :coffee: brewing - it's darned cold out this morning. My thermometer is reading 7 degrees in the backyard. :blizzard: Another round of snow is predicted for today. :blizzard: I believe we'll have a white Christmas this year. :snowman:

    After a very busy & emotional day yesterday I have nothing going on today except to (hopefully) mix up a batch of sugar cookies. I'm going to freeze them until this weekend so kt & I can bake & decorate.

    wm asked that I make a batch of cookies for his group home yesterday. In a very pathetic voice, he let me know that I was the only one who made homemade baked goods on a regular basis. I reminded wm that there were 6 boys in that house; each one of them could get out a recipe book & bake (with supervision). wm just grinned & nodded.

    I miss doing that for wm & his foster brothers. He wants Oatmeal Scotchies. husband & I are looking for a standing stool I can use in the kitchen next to my island for when I don't have the strength to stand. husband checked into it & insurance may just cover it. :bravo:

    Enjoy your Thursday - hope it calm & you accomplish all you set out to do. Hug your loved ones. :flower:
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-A day with not much planned sounds good. I hope you are able to get the cookies made. The standing stool sounds like a great idea!

    It's really cold here too-I was shocked when I saw it was 8 degrees BELOW 0 :cold: It is also supposed to snow again-I wish I was as optimistic about a white Christmas as Linda. My fear is it will somehow all melt before then.

    Another long day on tap-yesterday wasn't supposed to be but I threw in some unexpected shopping and it was very long. Today after work I have to figure out what to do. Yesterday I found out that the food we collected from the food drive (I coordinate the drive each fall)was the most of any of the elementary schools in the area. Therefore 10 of our 4th and 5th grade students get to be on the 5:00 news tonight. My principal would like me to go but difficult child has a much needed therapy appointment and I although husband can take him I feel I should be there. Also easy child has lots of homework and would have to come with me to the news things.

    At any rate after the therapy or the news I have to meet husband at difficult child's wrestling. Then at some point I really am hoping to get to the health club and I still have to pack as we are heading to Michigan after work tomorrow because it is husband's family's Christmas party Saturday. I am already feeling very tired and run down so please cross your fingers I get everything done tonight.

    I hope everyone enjoys a very peaceful day-hi if you snuck in. :xmasdancers:
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    :coffee: Good Morning Linda and all to follow!

    It is cold here as well :cold: - but nothing like your temps. We are at 25 degrees and that is pretty cold for central virginia. Now you know it' not the same if those boys bake as one of their moms sending something for all to enjoy! Hope insurance will cover your stool - anything that makes you feel you can resume "normality" must be positive :thumbsup:

    Sharon, sounds like an extremely busy day for you. Hope you are able to work out a schedule tonight. Now you guys are COLD :cold:

    You are not going to believe this but..... it snowed yesterday :blizzard: :skate: :snowman:. As I was driving to costco Ithought I saw a few flakes. When I came out about 45 mintues later, the snow was coming down heavy! All I could think about was my promise to difficult child about not going to school if the snow stuck. But, he was already at school! It stuck to the grass and the trees and looked lovely. But, by 1 it was all gone :sad:

    Office today then I'm visiting my old neighbor who moved into a penthouse condo in October. I'll spend a little time with her before I pick up difficult child. His throat was really bothering him last night and I heard him breathing a litle funny when I was coming downstairs this morning. I'm hoping it's not a sick day :ill:

    When I came down this morning, I noticed the lid a little askew on the hermit crab cage. I went over and looked and that dog gone hermit crab escaped :nonono:!!!!!!!!! He has been really active the last couple days. He actually climbed up to the top and somehow got the lid off!!! I'm going to wake the kids a couple minutes early and have them come down and search!

    Wishing everyone a great day!!

  4. smallworld

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    Good morning everyone!

    Linda, hope you are able to get the stool so you can bake to your heart's delight.

    Sharon, your days make my head spin. Hope you get everything in today.

    Sharon, we have an escape-artist hamster. We now have to keep a heavy book on top of her cage. We've always managed to find her when she's gone missing. Hope you find your hermit crab. And hope difficult child isn't sick today.

    We have a two-hour delay this morning because it snowed all day yesterday. Acummulation is only about 2 inches or so, but the Difficult Child area is notorious for not being able to handle snow. I'll take it, though, because it means a leisurely start to our morning.

    This may be difficult child 1's last week at his current school. We're steadily making plans to bring him to Wisconsin next week. It's a lot to handle, but we think he needs an intensive therapeutic environment at this point.

    Hope you all have a joyful day. Hi if you snuck in.
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    While you're immersing yourselves in snow, we have steam heat in Sydney. And more storms, fast and spectacular.

    Linda, I often freeze of fridge cookie dough so I can take it out and bake a few when I have the time or the energy. It's getting so that difficult child 3 will bake them, once the mix is ready. But then, he eats them all anyway!

    Sharon I, congratulations on the great result with the food drive! It will be a thrill for the students to get their faces on TV. Good luck with getting everything done that you need to - this is a busy time of year and each year seems to be worse.

    Sharon II, I hope you and difficult child can stay healthy. It's a bad time of year to be sick. And you have a Houdini hermit crab!

    Smallworld, your hamster escaping too? Our budgie (budgerigar) is also an escape artist, we now have to tie the doors on her cage shut with twist ties. Or we use pegs. Only I think she has now worked out how to get the pegs off. She's also chewing them. But the good thing is, she's getting much better at finding her way back the cage, after flying around the house all day.

    Today can only be described as very, very special. An early start, because we couldn't risk being late and held up by traffic. As we got to the school (an hour ahead of time!) the storms had rolled in, the city looked as black as night. We were early enough for difficult child 3 to have a burger for breakfast which he ate at school. He was also determined to finish off more schoolwork (bribes are working well). We had to wait until 9.30 am for the hook-up by satellite - a NASA tour! They have been working with our Board of Studies to develop lessons in line with our school curriculums. Today was a test run, with difficult child 3's school, a country school on the edge of the outback (Dubbo) and of course, NASA. The lesson was the history of space flight and was designed for students from 7 to 17. Of course, parent/supervisors got to attend as well. husband was jealous but he couldn't get time off work. It was a really enjoyable hour. And again, cultural differences - the NASA guide kept referring to "nuke-you-lar" energy, and at one point forgot to say "heck" instead of h*ll and amused the students when he apologised profusely (in Australia we use that word all the time with absolutely no issues). I'm glad he did most of the talking, we might have said something to horrify him!

    Then difficult child 3 had a music lesson, finished off some more schoolwork so I ended up handing in a bundle of completed work several inches thick, was AGAIN asked if he is coming to Presentation Day next week (sounds like he is getting an award, they hinted as much today) then we left at midday to go shopping.
    Lots of Christmas shopping (mostly window-shopping), groceries, fruit - summer fruit is well and truly in, I bought a box of mangoes, a tub of cherries, two tubs of nectarines and lots of strawberries which difficult child 1 is currently eating after I added some sugar and Grand Marnier.
    And wonder of wonders - difficult child 3 did MORE schoolwork while we sat in the car waiting to pick up husband from the train.

    Is it any wonder I'm absolutely exhausted?

    My cleaner is coming tomorrow to help me tidy up and cook. I need my sleep, it's always an exhausting day when we clean. But when he's gone - they say that tomorrow we should have fewer storms, we might even get enough sun to go to the beach. I don't like being at the beach when it rains - the sand sticks to everything. These storms - most of Sydney is getting drenched (and then it steams off again) and the dams are now just over 50% again, but we're not getting much rain at all.

    What a day!

    Enjoy yours.

  6. Kjs

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    Good morning all.

    so cold here too. Right at zero. I like the snow as long as I don't have to drive. Was on my way to work for a meeting yesterday morning, driving slow, straight and the car just started sliding. Went sideways for a while, then spun around. First saw the ditch...then a semi. Don't know how I got out of it, but I turned around and went home. Now more snow for my evening commute. Ten inches yesterday half of that predicted for tonight.

    Baking cookies. I have been thinking about that. I didn't know you could freeze the dough.

    My 10 month old puppy ate a glass Christmas tree bulb. I dug glass out of her mouth. Then I left again and she ate TWO more. She leaves a pile of chewed up glass for each bulb.

    Have a good, safe day.
  7. saman

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    I know I'm new, but I'm jumping in. :smile:

    Chilly in south/central MN today as well...more snow coming. We have about 12ish inches on the ground here's to a white christmas!

    Send difficult child's paperwork back into the school district today to start the testing for his IEP. Need to make the doctor appointment to go over things at least...kind of a physical and mental health update for the doctor.

    Found a GREAT clinic in the Minneapolis suburbs that we're maybe going to try...biofeedback and no medications. We'll see. Insurance doesnt touch any of that...arrgh.

    Otherwise, for now, hanging out with my 2.5PC and watching the storm roll in.

    Winter Walk in our downtown we'll go to that and see SANTA! :smile:

    Have a great day everyone!