Good Thursday morning, my friends....

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We had a beautiful day yesterday. The weather was gorgeous & my PT & I took a 10 minute walk. It felt good to be out walking.

kt went out to the local free zoo here in town with her PCA; husband was stuck in his office working.

Other than a neuro appointment late this morning, nothing is going on here in tweedle land.

I have the ingredients for fresh lemon poppyseed muffins & I believe I'll surprise kt with a batch before school this morning.

Enjoy your day - find a reason to smile. :flower:



Yesterday went reasonably.

Today I have my group session. I haven't gone since it restarted this fall. Hoping it will be comforting and not to intense. Not much else.

Hope everyone has a good day that follow.


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Good Morning,

Linda-Your day yesterday sounds very peaceful! I hope your appointment. goes well this morning. I'm sure kt will love the fresh muffins. :smile:

Beth- I hope your day goes well and your group is comforting. Hugs. :flower:

After work I plan on heading to the health club. Tonight will consist of getting packed and ready for our trip back to Michigan. We'll leave tomorrow after work.

difficult child was so excited as he started reading me a book yesterday. He was so proud that he picked a book he could read (although he is in 5th grade he is reading at a late kindergarten level). He only read about 6 pages but for him that was a lot. He was beaming and it felt good to see him excited about reading!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi if you snuck in :kisses:


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Linda, won't the smell of baking muffins wake everybody? I'd never get away with it. Sounds good, though!

Beth, I hope your group session isn't too traumatic today.

I thought I had my house help today and forgot - he's on holiday for this week. So I have two batches of washing and nobody to help me hang it out. But it was also raining all day - the weather was supposed to be "showers clearing" and it began with a thunderstorm at 8 am (mostly dry) and then light rain all day - not enough for the garden, just enough to keep washing wet if I'd hung it out.

So now it's evening, everyone's home and it's raining still. So much for "showers clearing".

So husband (definitely deserves the "D") has just hung out the washing for me, all through the laundry.

It seems such a little thing, but if I'd been permitted by the weather to do this, it would have taken me hours.

Time to dash - I'm doing another Chinese stir fry tonight, I'm having to do without carrots though. The household have scoffed the lot (mostly difficult child 3 and BF2, who is still learning to let me know when he uses up the last of something). I COULD dash down to the corner store which closes in ten minutes ... but it's dark and it's raining.

Enjoy your Thursday.



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:coffee: Good Morning!

Linda, glad you day was lovely yesterday - I have my plate and my butter ready......... :wink:

Beth, hope your group is productive :smile:

Sharon, easy child and I will be right with you at the club tonight - we have a class at 6:30. Good for difficult child and the reading! He should be proud :grin:

Payroll, etc., today for me. I worked a long day on Tuesday so I'll probably only work 1/2 day today.

Never had my mamo yesterday. After waiting in the waiting room for about 30 minuutes, and waiting with the lovely gown for another 25, they tell me that my doctor read the letter from the original radiologist wrong - my mamos are not dense and I don't need another one for a year! Oh well, I did get to read for an hour :faint:

Wishing everyone a great day :thumb:



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Good morning everyone! Have two seconds this morning to say hello! difficult child has a great evening coming, he and husband are off to see the Senators crush Washington :smile:

Have a great Thursday everyone! There's the door!