Good Thursday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    I'm so glad they canceled the winter storm watch for our area! We are still going to get snow but only a couple of inches.

    A long day ahead. difficult child has two appointments this afternoon. One at 3:00 with his neuro-psychiatric. This one is interesting because his psychiatrist is on vacation they are insistent that he see the neuropsychologist. Apparently he has to be seen by someone at that office within a week of discharge from the hospital.

    From there we will head to his therapist appointment., also scheduled because they like to see kids within a week of discharge.

    After all of that I hope to find time for a workout tonight but I'm not sure. I was asleep by 8:30 last night and it felt really good-who knows maybe I'll be able to do it again tonight!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,...Sharon - go for the sleep! It sounds like a busy day & your body will need the rest.Well, I'm up & about - getting ready for appts this morning. kt did well traveling to Rochester yesterday & we spent time last night doing artwork together. kt is drawing with me almost every evening. She's taken to exploring abstract art & her artwork is really interesting. Enjoy your Thursday. I hope everyone gets everything they set out to do accomplished.
  3. smallworld

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    Good Thursday morning!

    Sharon, I hope your schedule settles down a bit. You need a break. Glad you got to bed early last night.

    Linda, it sounds as if you and kt are enjoying art together. I hope the Mayo appointments yield some good info for you.

    The girls and I spent yesterday at the day hospital at NIH in Bethesda, MD for a growth hormone stimulation test. The girls are very small for their ages and have been followed by a pediatric endocrinologist there for the last couple of years. At their last appointment in early March, the endo ordered a bone-age study, from which she can predict adult height. The latest predictions came in very low – well under 5 feet tall.

    Yesterday's test involved having an IV put in, medications fed through the IV and blood drawn every 15 to 30 minutes. One of the medications was Clonidine, which as some of you know, is a blood pressure medication that can cause sedation. A in particular became very sleepy and her blood pressure wouldn’t come back up after the test was over. So we were at the day hospital even longer (from about 8 am to 3:30 pm) getting IV fluids to get her blood pressure back up. Once we got home, both girls fell asleep again!

    We won’t have the test results for a few days, but it looks as if we're facing growth hormone therapy (6 shots a week for a couple of years!) to help the girls grow.

    I hope you have a peaceful day. Hi if you snuck in.
  4. Fran

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    Good Morning everyone. It is a beautiful spring day in NC. Birds are chirping and the squirrels are making HoneySue nuts. She is keeping us safe from all those rogue/depraved squirrels.

    Sharon, glad the snow warning is toned down to just snow. Sounds like a busy day for you again. Good luck at the doctors.

    Linda, good luck at Mayo. Pretty funny about exploring abstract art. I just like pretty pictures and husband doesn't want anymore paintings with flowers. So much for my artistic taste. LOL.

    smallworld, I had a friend who had the testing done for her son. I never heard if they went through with the injections. Good luck. I'm sure it's a worry.

    difficult child made it through another day. He says he did ok. I'm not sure but no one has called me. Interestingly, he calls me when he feels he needs to get away from someone who is triggering frustration in him. I guess it's an out before he blows and we talk about it. It seems like a good step forward and using the people around him to find the success in behavior that he knows he needs. Used to be he was frustrated with me so I'll take not being the bad guy. It's sort of funny how males are competitive. difficult child is in an apt. with 3 guys within an apt. building housing all daughter adults. They had an argument about who will get into their own apt. first. Talk about testosterone induced chest thumping. It is in the genes isn't it?
    Tonight I may use that as a carrot to encourage difficult child to step it up on his learning. I can dream can't I?

    Have a good day all.
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Sharon, I'm glad you got extra zzz's last night!!! You really need some more rest!!! I know what you mean about feeling the need to work out. Since I injured my ankle, I haven't been able to. It's so FRUSTRATING!!!

    Linda, I'm glad kt did well traveling. It sounds like there may be another budding artist in your family!!! I really wish I could draw. I guess stick figure people and daisies don't really count, lol!!!

    Sharon, I hope things go well with your girls. difficult child 2 hasn't reached puberty yet and will be 16 in less than a month. He had an MRI which showed an underdeveloped pituitary gland. He finally has an appointment with a pedi endocrinologist tomorrow - It was a long wait. It looks like we might be facing growth hormones as well... Please keep us posted - Thinking of your girls...

    Fran, I've got my fingers crossed for your difficult child. It really sounds as though he is making progress. It always gives me hope when I read about your difficult child living on his own. It somehow makes it seem more possible that difficult child 2 will find a place where he'll be able to make his own way (with supports) in the world someday...

    Well, another day of not being able to exercise due to my ankle. I'm going to try to take it easy as last evening I was up and about more than I should have been taking care of my "favorite sanity saver." I haven't even showered yet - This isn't like me at all. My house is a mess too. However, I'm going to leave the messy house as is, take a shower, and try to take it easy...

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today...:flower: WFEN