Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    Only two more work days before the weekend. Not much happening in the wiped house today. difficult child has a therapist appointment. after school and maybe we'll go to the club but I may just decide to skip it and rest.

    we have one more day with the temps in the 70s before the bottom starts to drop off. They are calling for rain though. I'm hoping the rain holds off till the end of the work day so the kids can have outdoor recess.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:flowers:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :geek:Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

    Sharon, enjoy your last day of nice weather! Hope the kids get recess and you are able to get your workout in.

    Had that really busy day yesterday but a great comment to report from difficult child's psychiatrist. So we get in his office and he just looks at difficult child and smiles. difficult child smiles back. He comments that he can't believe how big difficult child has gotten and how mature he is looking. He takes difficult child to the next room to weigh and measure him. I hear them in there talking.

    When he comes back in he goes over to his desk and starts to pilfer through difficult child's file. He asks me, "How is everything going, difficult child said things are going good?" "Well, things are going well, difficult child is difficult child, but there has been a lot of maturity and growth this school year." psychiatrist says, "I think difficult child is to be commended on his hard work. I am looking here at his file and would be hardpressed to recognize this mature young man from the little boy who came here four years ago." He detailed some of things that brought us to him 4.5 yeas ago and the medications difficult child had been on. Then he said, " He is sitting here today on a low dose of adderall and having great success in school and appears to be very happy. I would say he is to be congratulated."

    Now, I put that in quotes but of course it's not word for word but the general content is there. I thinks it is great that he contributed difficult child's improvements to his hard work (even though we know how many people and how many things it took!!). difficult child was beaming. So that was a heck of an appointment!

    All in all, things are going ok.

    We are on the weather upswing, the opposite of my friend the "other Sharon"!! We are in the lower 70's today, high 70's tomorrow, and the 80's by Saturday. Then the rain returns! April showers and all that!

    Have a great Thursday everyone - come on Friday..... :salute:

  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon (with-O), our temps are already nose diving - enjoy the day today.

    Sharon (LDM), what a wonderful comment from psychiatrist. We heard the same type of comment from psychiatrist about kt a couple of weeks back - made me smile. It's amazing the journey - how it's seen through other people's eyes versus being in the midst.

    As I said, our temps are dropping & we're expecting some pretty severe storms today. :pouting:

    As I only slept a couple of hours last night & kt is off to school already, I expect I'll spend the morning sleeping a bit before I start my daily chores & PT exercises. I'm dragging today.

    Hope your Thursday is calm & there are few bumps in the road for you. :wink-very:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Sharon/Wiped, enjoy your spell of warm weather. Weather-wise, you need Camelot weather - it only rains at night after everyone is inside, and the days are all sunny and pleasant.

    Sharon/LDM, it's wonderful to get validation like that. I hope difficult child feels really positive after that! Sometimes we don't notice good progress because it happens so gradually, but when you can go back and read over diaries and files, to finally realise how far you've come - it's really a great thing.

    Linda, I hope the storms aren't too damaging. Good weather for catching up on much-needed sleep, though.

    I am so tired - haven't been sleeping well (it's getting colder here) and I had a busy day today. I had timed my shopping trip to fit in with mother in law needing to get blood tests done, but with the wet weather, school holidays, public holiday tomorrow - the shopping centre was crowded, parking almost impossible to find.

    We managed to do it all, though - the groceries, the fruit & veg, and flowers for mother in law to put on the Cenotaph tomorrow. Then we met up with easy child 2/difficult child 2 at the bridal shop to look at the wedding dress she is considering. That was another couple of flights of stairs. A rush to get to the butcher's shop before closing, then another rush to get home in time to put dinner on for everybody, then once dinner was cooking, out into other garden to cut ivy and ferns, then down to mother in law's with it to get the flowers arranged for the morning.

    Once home, the roast chicken beginning to smell good, the phone calls began. The kids had a party to go to they'd forgotten, will be home later tonight. So I could have just left a roast diner for another night, there would have been enough leftovers for husband & I to scrape together a tasty meal. Oh well...

    Tomorrow is Anzac Day, a day or remembrance for fallen soldiers. But over the years it's come to represent a great deal more - because the original Anzac Day, when our troops landed at Gallipoli in WWI, was such a military disaster orchestrated by another country while Australia and New Zealand were still very much subservient, there is also a strong sense of our own national pride couple with "we survived it, we are strong, it was senseless but we did our duty." It's not about war, it's very much about peace and keeping the peace, while remembering those who kept us safe. The interesting thing - the enemy the Anzacs were fighting back then were the Turks. And they celebrate Anzac Day with us, for the same sort of reasons. And for them too - it's about peace and respect for all those involved, on either side.
    When I was a child, there was still a feeling (for me) that it was about how wonderful it is to fight for your country. That is no longer the message, although heroism is in there as well.
    Every year there is a march in every capital city, and often in a lot of country towns and villages as well. In our village there is a dawn service (6 am) and husband & mother in law want to go. I hope to go as well, it depends on how I'm feeling. husband will be wearing his medal, and his father's medals. You wear your own medals on the left breast and someone else's medals on the right. The flowers are for father in law's memory, there will be many other contributions as well from may other people. After the service they serve breakfast (free) to everyone there. This location - the RSL club (Returned Services League). There is an RSL club in every town, large and small, around Australia. Ours is on a headland, we'll see the sun rising from the sea. We'll be outside, it is cold, and likely to be raining. Dress - likely to be informal, and hopefully weatherproof!

    The TV - most networks show the various services and marches from around Australia and overseas - there will be services in Turkey at Gallipoli and also in France. For most of this week, there have been documentaries on various aspects of WWI history, and Anzad Day. For tomorrow most shops and just about all businesses close for at least part of the day. Families spend time together. In that respect it's a bit like an informal Thanksgiving.

    So have a good Thursday, everyone, while Down Under we get on with Anzac Day and remembrance.

  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning all. Just a quick note since it's a busy day at Mrs.Fran house.
    We have a friend visiting from Texas as well as the fence being put in so a lot of coming and going.

    Wiped out, enjoy the spring like days. It is gorgeous today finally.

    LDM, what a great report from Dr. I'm tickled that he congratulated difficult child for his hard work. You have done an exceptional job guiding him along. Hats off to you.:you_go_girl:

    Linda, hope the storms are not destructive. Get your nap in if you can.

    Marge hope you can sleep a bit better tonight. Your roast chicken sounds lovely. I made a soup last night and will be planning on making LDM's salmon tonight. Can you tell I have guests? I don't normally do this for myself.

    Have a wonderful day.