Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jun 12, 2008.

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    The countdown continues-can you tell I'm excited? Only two days left and not even really. I'm not going in this morning because of difficult child's 5th grade graduation. I'm so glad that it isn't the same day as my 5th graders graduation-we do ours on Friday morning.

    difficult child'g ceremony is right away at 8:45 this morning. He is very excited-keeps asking if I'm coming and telling me I will get to hear some cool songs. I hope he does well at the ceremony. Last week I brought easy child two roses when she made cheerleading and he has been asking me to get him roses so when I come home tonight I will bring him two roses!

    After that I'm headed to work for the afternoon. I'll stuff report card envelopes to be handed out tomorrow and then I'll give my students a memory book I created. In it I write a good bye letter with memories of each child, funny futures, their memories (although they don't know what I use them for when I collect them), and some poems.

    Today after work it's a visit from the difficult child's case manager.

    Don't know if it's in the cards to make it to the club-as I posted in HL that will make it a record three days in a row.

    Also cross your fingers we don't get too much rain-they're calling for another 1-3 inches.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day filled with smiles and laughter.:flower:
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    :geek:Good Thursday Morning!!!!

    Sharon, I actually thought about you this morning as I was fixing my coffee! I know today is difficult child's fifth grade graduation and I remember my difficult child's last year. It was a great day - memories of my last baby knowing he was headed to middle school. Now, today is the last day of 6th grade for him and the year just flew by. Before we know it, you and I will be prepping for our difficult child's to head to high school in no time :wow:!!!!!!! Sweet about the roses. He's got a gentle little spirit in there.

    The absolute first thing I thought of this morning was it was the last morning I would have to use my alarm for a long time :beautiful-female:!!!!!

    We are about 15 degrees cooler this morning than we have been in about a week. We are still going up to the low 90's, but it's better than 101 or 102!

    Have a great Thursday everyone!

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    GOod morning, Sharons!

    WO- enjoy the grad ceremony!

    LDM-- Ah, not to have to set the alarm! YES!

    My difficult child graduates tomorrow from his Vo/tech extended Special Education school. Tonight is a graduation dinner for the 25 seniors ( their biggest class ever) and their families. Then it's on to the Big, Real world and finding a job for difficult child! easy child 's last day was Tues , so she is already enjoying summer and her summer job at the local water ice store.

    Hi to anyone who snuck in!
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    Good morning everyone!

    Sharon (WO), congrats to difficult child on his 5th grade graduation! And good work on getting to the club.

    Sharon (LDM), happy "no alarm" days! We have cooler weather here, too.

    Today is M's last day of school, but she's been running a fever since Monday so I may need to run her to the pediatrician this morning. She's going to be none too happy about that.

    A has been done with school since Friday so we've been hanging out and getting her ready for overnight camp in Maine. She leaves June 25.

    J is in Greece with his grandparents (yikes!). It is strange not to have talked with him since Sunday when they left.

    Have a peaceful day. Hi if you snuck in.
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    Good morning Kate! You snuck in on me. Congrats to difficult child! Very exciting.
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    G'day, people.

    School almost done for the year for a lot of you - very exciting. I can't imagine what it must be like to have the school year finish, but not have Christmas almost on top of you. For us, the school year finishes only a few days before Christmas, then we have New Year a week later - we get thrown into "holiday" mode fast, rapidly followed by "veg out" mode and sleep in the sun. Festival of Sydney begins on Jan 1 for us, so all of January is one huge party all through the city, always loads of things to do and see. By the time it's over, school goes back for the new school year at the end of January.

    I hope those of you dealing with either flooding rain or scorching heat get some relief from the extremes. All the best for those going through graduation.

    We had a very busy day today. difficult child 3 slept in - I let him, after the late night last night seeing the film with friends of ours. But it was a rush to get in to the school, we did it with seconds to spare. I dropped difficult child 3 off as close to the gate as I could so he wouldn't have to hobble far. He was using one of my spare crutches with his sore foot.

    By the time I got there to sign in, difficult child 3's class was just starting. There were 7 students in all, most of the others were from a major performing arts high school (if you ever see awards shows coming out of Sydney, these are the kids who are dancing as a troupe). difficult child 3 wanted me to sit in with him so I got a couple of chairs (the other for a second supervising teacher) but still got a few errands done (handing in the work he'd done for the past week including his exam from a few days ago). He was fidgetty - still tired and also distracted by his sore foot. He woke up fast when we moved out to do some chemistry experiments! They were given worksheets to do (equivalent to a week's work for the subject) and got the first part done as they logged the results of their experiments.
    Then a short break, and back to the classroom for biology. Microscopes, etc. Very basic stuff, but the school has better microscopes than the one we have at home, so difficult child 3 could see a lot more detail, he was really enjoying it all. They no longer have a blackboard in the room, they are using an interactive computer screen. One of the teachers was trying to get it to 'perform' and was grateful to difficult child 3 for showing her how. "When did you learn to do this?" she asked him.
    "I've never seen them before," he told her. "But it makes sense to me."
    It was funny - she had tried to show difficult child 3 how the screen can do certain tasks - and it was difficult child 3 who quickly worked it out and showed her!

    The other kids all had to head off as soon as we finished at 1 pm (they probably had performing arts classes this afternoon) but with difficult child 3's sore leg I didn't want to rush him; besides, I still had teachers to track down. I left him finishing off his worksheets while I hurried to the takeaway shop to buy a classic Aussie burger for his lunch - and he had finished the worksheet soon after I got back, so he was the first kid to get the day's work handed in. The science teacher gave us the next month's work in science for difficult child 3 and talked to me about the last therapist report; the technology teacher talked to us about difficult child 3's new film project and our new computer. We finally left at about 2 pm, difficult child 3 really whining now about his sore foot, so on the way home we saw a walk-in clinic and had it x-rayed. We think he may have dislocated the foot last night, then when husband was massaging it something clicked back in place. Hopefully he'll be feeling better by tomorrow.

    Tonight girlfriend has been here, talking with difficult child 1 about wedding plans and both of them looking online for wedding registries, wedding cake designs etc. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is at her college class tonight and BF2 is working late; they will be home in about an hour or so at about 10.30 pm.

    A very productive day!

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.