Good Thursday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    I fell asleep on the couch last night and I'm paying for it this morning! :bloodshot:

    There's not a lot on tap today, Duckie has her annual well child doctor appointment and then we'll run out to the park for some programming. She can work toward a girl scout badge and make a tie dye t-shirt. It should be fun!:playingball:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    TM-Sorry that you're paying for falling asleep on the couch last night. I hope Duckie has fun making her shirt!

    difficult child is downstairs playing on the Wii. He appears to be doing much better after yesterday's mix-up (I posted separately).

    In a bit I need to get up and get difficult child ready for camp. As usual, husband and I will head to the club to get our workout done early. Other than that not much planned. We have a meeting this afternoon with one of the people on difficult child's case. Napping is a must as I didn't get near enough sleep last night-husband and I watched a movie till midnight and then read awhile.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with laughter and sunshine.:flower:
  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning TM,
    Ouch about sleeping on the couch. Don't you know couches are only for wonderful rainy day naps. LOL. :bloodshot:

    Yesterday mom had a great check up so we are ready to let her fly solo. Now to get everything finished up before I head home on Saturday.
    I'm ready to head to my own house again. I'm sure the puppies are ready to go home too.

    Hope you all have a great day.
  4. KateM

    KateM Member

    Good morning, everyone!

    TM- you and Duckie sound like you're having a great summer with a good mix of fun and rest.

    We will be busy packing up today. My daughter leaves for her 2 week trip to Australia tomorrow. She is going with our parish Youth Group. On the way home from Australia, they will make a 2 night stop to Hawaii. The rest of our family will be heading for the beach for a week, so lots to pack for that,too. I love summer!

    Have a wonderful Thursday, all!
  5. KateM

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    Boy, am I a slow typist! Hello to Sharon and Fran!

    WO-- enjoy your day!

    Fran-- this has been a long haul with your Mom. Glad she has recovered enough to be on her own. My Mom loves visiting us, but she is most comfortable in her own home.

    Hello to anyone else who snuck in!
  6. slsh

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    Good morning all! Happy Thursday.

    TM - a day in the park, especially with a tie-dye shirt activity, sounds perfect. Hope you have a nice breeze and it's not too hot for you guys. Had to laugh - the couch is my preference for sleeping. Hope your body won't hold it too much against you, LOL.

    Sharon - glad the Wii is so engaging for difficult child. It is a fun machine. ;) Sounds like you and husband had a very nice (perfect in my book) evening/night, especially given how it started off!

    Fran - I'm so glad your mom checked out a-okay. Hope the preparations go smoothly for her being solo again and you're able to return home soon.

    Kate - what a *fabulous* opportunity for easy child!! What parts of the country is she heading to? She's going to have wonderful memories from this!!! How are you holding up with her leaving?

    Nothing major planned today - work, then sign Diva up for swim lessons and maybe catch an hour or 2 in the pool before Boo gets home from summer school. Still have lots of painting and cleaning to do, and I've somehow completely lost control of the laundry situation so that needs to be addressed too. A nice un-exciting day.

    Hi to anyone who snuck in. Hope you have a cool and peaceful Thursday!
  7. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning friends,

    TM, you must have been exhausted to fall asleep on the couch. Sounds like you need to get to bed early tonight.

    Sharon (with-o), your days, of late, sound so relaxing.

    Fran, good luck with mom. Keeping fingers crossed that her health continues to improve. I bet you can't wait to get home & have some time to yourself.

    KateM, your daughter's trip sounds wonderful. Enjoy your time at the beach.

    Well, kt is up & ready for school. However she is complaining of a sore throat & swollen glands. I see no redness & feel no glands. Something is going on at school. She has only a week left - I'd hate to see her lose her perfect attendance for summer program.

    I'm supposed to meet foster mum & wm at the Occupational Therapist (OT) specialists office for his evaluation this morning. And then finally, we are singing happy birthday to wm tonight. I may have to trade off the evaluation for singing happy birthday - it just seems more important emotionally for wm for me to be there for that. I can meet with the specialists at a later day with-o wm. Lately, I feel as though I'm being tested by various specialists for wm - does she care enough to show up?

    Have a good one.
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    :hawaii_girl:Good Morning Friends!

    TM, sounds like a nice day you have planned. I love the sofa for little tiny naps but not all nighters - I wake up too stiff and sore - definately an age thing I think :tongue:.

    Sharon, seems like you guys have been having meetings and appointments every afternoon for difficult child! But, as long as things are moving along. Enjoy your day :cunning:.

    Fran, glad mom's appointment went well yesterday. I know you are ready to return home. I'm sure mom is as ready as you to go it alone :meditating:. Does she have an emergency contact system? Have a safe trip back.

    Kate, I read about your daughter's trip on another post. Hope they pack warmly - it's the dead of winter there!! Are they doing a service project while there? Enjoy your week at the beach :sunny:.

    Sue, I've not been able to get a good handle on my summer schedule either. I normally do the shopping on the same day, the laundry on a set day, etc.... But I've had a hard time setting things in stone! Enjoy the pool :cool-very:.

    Linda, pace yourself to insure your health and recovery and don't give a hoot what the specialists think. If you know you are giving your best, it doesn't matter what the world thinks. I think happy birthday is important since you didn't get to see him last weekend. Rest up so you can sing loud and clear :dancing: tonight.

    Thursday is thursday around here. Office day. Although I have been asking bonehead for an uninterupted hour of time to sit down and address some things. It's been about a week since I've mentioned it and we are planning on sitting down when our secretary goes out to lunch. It should be ok unless he gets really defensive - well, he usually gets defensive so....... wish me well.

    difficult child and I made a late night trip to the pool at the health club last night. About 8:15 he asked if we could go. So, we packed up and headed to the gym. He had a great time swimming with flippers and diving for subs while I swam laps. We stayed until around 10!

    Have a great day everyone :beautifulthing:!


  9. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Just a quick "g'day" to everyone, it's late and I've had a busy day. I drove mother in law to her eye doctor appointment (laser surgery on cataracts) and grabbed the chance to do some shopping for supplies for Asian cooking. mother in law had been in a real stew about her appointment but we did a bit more shopping afterwards and I think she really enjoyed it. We had to hang around a bit longer there, because difficult child 1 was having an ultrasound on his wrist - he has RSI from his new job, it seems.

    It's cold here in Sydney, the wind has picked up again. KateM, I hope you've convinced your daughter to pack her thermals! T-shirts are good, she can wear them in layers and MAY find a day where just a t-shirt will be enough, indoors, in the middle of the day. But I hear they're planning a night under the stars at Randwick Racecourse - that will be cold!
    The billboards are everywhere along the road, we drove past a number of these portable signs today telling us it's five more days to World Youth Day in Sydney. The Pope arrived a few days ago. More people arrive every day. It's on our news constantly. There was a special service today at St Mary's Cathedral (Sydney's Catholic "head office") next to Hyde Park.

    It's going to be a great time for all the people going.

    I'm staying out of it!

    husband posted separately about it in Watercooler.

    Enjoy your Thursday.