Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I can't believe I'm awake since I was up til midnight but right now I just can't sleep. I should probably go to the health club now instead of waiting a couple hours but I'm not that awake and I like going to the club with husband.

    Another busy day ahead. I'm going to make sure I squeeze in the health club as yesterday we never made it.:exercisebike: After that husband and I are each headed to our own schools to work in our classrooms. easy child is suppose to come with me to help because she downloaded $40 worth of stuff to her phone without permission and doesn't have the money to pay for it. Needless to say, she is NOT happy with me that I'm making her work it off.

    Eventually I will make it home to squeeze in a nap:sleeping: and then we are all headed back to the west side of town as difficult child has a hair appointment at 5:45 (his school registration is tomorrow and they get pictures taken at that time). While he is getting his hair cut, one of us will be with easy child registering her for school.

    It may be a night to order pizza because I don't think I'll feel like cooking when we get home!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  2. smallworld

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    Good Thursday morning!

    Sharon, you sound busy as usual. Hope you get the health club and nap in. I say it's definitely a night to order pizza.

    We're on the home stretch before school begins. We're enjoying a lazy week with lots of hanging out and very few appointments. Today we're taking the metro (Difficult Child's subway system) to husband's office to have lunch with him. Even though it's not all that glamorous, the kids always like to hang out where their dad works. He does have a very large fish tank in his office, and the office staff make a huge fuss over the kids.

    Hope your day is peaceful. Hi if you snuck in.
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon, your day sounds busy again & school hasn't even started yet. A pizza sounds good. We ordered one the other night.

    I'm supposed to go meet wm at therapist's office today. I hope to be able to make it but I'm currently running a temp. husband has a mtg downtown ~ you'd think we could get this together. :whiteflag:

    Other than the therapist mtg, I need to pick up some coffee & that's it for the day. kt (& PCA) are in charge of vacuuming the house & getting her room cleaned. They are heading out to the library after that.

    I'm seeing some anxiety in kt with the start of high school nearing & we are doing our best to help her hold it together.

    Hope your day is cool & breezy! :swimming:
  4. Fran

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    Good Thursday morning all. It's a lovely morning in this part of the Carolina's.
    Sharon, working off the 40.00 sounds like a plan. It's the only way to learn. Your day sounds pretty busy.

    Smallworld, I love the idea of going in to have lunch with dad. It's a cute way for them to see dad in another light. I did that with my boys when they were younger. easy child still loves to visit dad at the office. Have fun.

    Linda, hope you are feeling well enough to see wm. Can you send pca and kt over to vacuum the white hair balls up?

    My nephews, difficult child and I went to the museum of Natural History. it was really nice and free! We spent several hours identifying the different flora and fauna from a diagram. It was a sort of "Where's Waldo?" activity. I was beat when I got home. How did I do all of this when my guys were young? Today we hope to go to the zoo.

    In the meantime, difficult child forgot to mail a letter until last night. It's the flood insurance on the vacation property (in a hurricane area)!!! So today is a run to the UPS store for an overnight certified delivery. Ugh!!! difficult child's never cease to amaze me how things just happen to them. Frustrating but not intentional.

    easy child is still enjoying the working life. I think he was a little wistful when all the college students left to go back to school. I know I was. Hope his gap year works the wonders he thinks it will. Sigh. Babies do grow up with mind's of their own don't they?

    Have a lovely day. Summer is wrapping up quickly.
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Good Morning All!!

    I'm back from the shore and, like most of you, all thoughts lead to summer's end and the start of school!

    We had a lovely time with my mom, although there are always "those molments" when mom is mom and "no comment" is the wisest choice! She graciously gave me a check yesterday at breakfast paying for the entire trip and giving me enough extra to buy a couple fall outfits!

    difficult child is prepping for his big zombie movie-making-turning-teenager party on Saturday. He is having three friends over who will be bringing an old clothing outfit that can be thrown away. easy child's friend, who happens to be an artist, will come and do zombie make-up on the four kids. easy child's boyfriend will film the "movie" for placement on youtube!!!!! After that, it's cleanup and pizza followed by a horror movie. That was his wish for his birthday. So, from 5-9 on Saturday evening - if you hear any howls, wails, and screams, they will be coming from my house!

    I've tons to do over the next two days including all the beach laundry, the office, the gym, final party planning, wrapping gifts, grocery shopping, unpacking, getting the house in order, baking a birthday cake...........

    Wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday :peaceful:

  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, good for you for making easy child work off her phone debt. She should be grateful you found her a solution at all, even if it is one she doesn't particularly like.

    smallworld, enjoy your day out with the kids. I remember doing something similar when I was a kid, going to the city for lunch with dad and all the other little things we did along the way.

    Linda, I hope you can get your temperature sorted out. It's a worry. Do you have any idea why, or is it just one of those odd manifestations of whatever-it-is?
    Sorry to heat kt's anxiety is ramping up. Hopefully the reality won't be as bad as the fears.

    Fran, the natural history museum sounds like it was a very worthwhile day. It's good to get them happily involved in something so academic, during their holidays.

    Sharon/LDM, the zombie movie sounds brilliant! Very innovative and creative for such a young man.

    We had a Science study day today in at difficult child 3's school. About 14 kids turned up, many from even further away than us. These days are optional but very useful, for the kids that DO make it there. Next Friday we have a Maths day. The kids sit in a classroom for some intensive work in one subject area, like an intensive tutorial. They also get to talk together (useful for those in the group with poor social skills) and also chat to the teachers. Despite the intensive academic stuff, it's relaxed and informal.

    Funny today - one small group of kids were from one of Sydney's performing arts schools and one boy in particular was very much attention-seeking, trying to make something of his performing arts 'talent' and probably thought he was impressing us plebs. Hah! One of the teachers had a slight US accent (probably been in Australia for decades) and this kid was saying, "Oh, I really like America. I'm going to live there soon. I just LOVE Americans..." (gush, gush, gush) and later while we had a coffee break this same kid was trying to copy the accent - and failing miserably. I very nearly went over to recommend THE book for Aussies wanting to act in the US with authentic US accents. easy child 2/difficult child 2 bought a copy a few years ago, it's absolutely brilliant. It's also like "Explosive Child" for Australian actors who are at all a serious about their work. I REALLY regret not casually dropping a remark about difficult child 3's speaking role in "Black Balloon" - it would have been funny.

    Hmmm... maybe if this kid turns up again next Friday...

    Tonight difficult child 1 & girlfriend were working on their wedding invitations on our computer. Looks like we've finally got them done, all we have to do now is organise the printing. I've had a busy week going out and about, so tomorrow I'm staying home and letting my fingers do the walking.
    Tomorrow they forecast a nasty cold snap (hey, it's cold enough!) with snow from Melbourne outskirts right up the Great Divide - not sure how far up it will go. But it means it's going to be windy here tomorrow, and wherever the wind will be blowing form - darn cold!

    The days are beginning to get longer. Not fast enough!

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.