Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Friday is almost here! I did make it to the club last night which was a good thing but then I should have gone to bed early and didn't.

    Just a normal day here. Work, after work appts for difficult child, and then I hope to make it back to the health club.

    We have beautiful weather right now! It is sunny and going to be about 73 degrees-perfect weather for this time of the year!:sunny:

    Wishing everyone a day filled with pleasant surprises!:icecream:
  2. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- I hope you have a good day today! :)

    I'm taking Duckie to the doctor about her cough this morning. I'm so excited that we have nowhere to go this evening... I need a quiet night. We didn't have cheer last night, but Brownies started. A few girls dropped and the group seems a lot more manageable.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Wiped Out~ I hope you have a great day! Weather sounds very nice... here it is still in the upper 90's! Which is good for a newby, but the oldtimers are getting tired of it.:angrydude::angrygirl::crazydriver:
    TM~I hope you figure out soon what is going on with Ducky. Coughs are annoying enough without knowing why! Here is to a calm evening.

    Well I am up at 4am pacific time... :bloodshot:due to the Sleep Deprived EEG for K. She is doing pretty good. Hard keeping her up until 12pm. Tomorrow is the allergy tests. Poor kid... today will be a *calm* day, I hope!!! We are watching Blues Clues, I am starting my Coffee...:coffee:

    Hello and great day to anyone else who snuck as well!!!
  4. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folk.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad you're getting lovely weather. Enjoy it while you've got it. All the best with those appointments, I hope you get to the club tonight.

    TM, isn't Duckie's cough any better? It is so exhausting, when it continues on and on... I'm glad Brownies was more manageable, too. I hope you get the quiet night you're hoping for.

    totoro, you're going to be needing a lot of that coffee, to stay awake yourself in your efforts to keep K awake for the EEG. I hope she holds it together for you, only has problems (if at all) for the doctors when they've got their monitors on. At least at the clinic, you'll be in air-conditioned comfort.

    It's been a quiet day here today, after a busy session this morning cooking and cleaning. My cleaner helps me cook also, because I haven't got the strength in my hands and arms, especially at the moment. The vacuum cleaner power head broke down so I tried to fix it but couldn't turn the screws. husband has just been working on it now for me - it's once again the curse of the long-haired children. I've got some parts I need to buy on the next shopping trip, and some whinges to make to the salesman - this new vacuum cleaner is far from the trouble-free workhorse I had been promised. And it's harder for me to fix myself, too. Not happy.

    The house smells strongly of the beef korma I cooked today. This evening I rang the woman who is cooking for Saturday's fund-raiser at church, for the Sudan. It's actually a project organised by my cleaner. We're having a Sudanese restaurant meal for the village, all money going to buy whatever we can raise enough for - a school, a new well, a teacher's salary for a year - whatever is raised. Because of my diet I wanted to know what was on the menu before I committed to going, but it sounds like it will be good. The cook is also going to be the caterer for difficult child 1's wedding, so I'm happy to talk to her and help out. I found out what spices she will be using and because I have plenty of them, I'm donating them to save her from having to buy them herself. And she's going to cook some brown rice for me, for Saturday night. I'm going to see if she can use difficult child 3 on Saturday as an unpaid scullery boy or waiter.

    I didn't do as much gardening today as I hoped, but I've done some. No mad rush. Maybe Saturday, at this rate. It will be a hot day on Saturday. Today was cooler again, I felt I couldn't get warm.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - Glad you made it to the health club. It is so hard to go to bed when we should - wonder how the kids do it (giggle) without any complaints (down right laughter). Hope you find a way to catch up on your sleep soon.

    Tired Mommy - I hope you can find some relief for Duckie - coughing is so hard on the body.

    Totoro - Good luck on the EEG - I had one on my difficult child last year - Once he fell asleep, I could not get him awake - we had mixed messages on how much sleep - nurses said 4 hours - person doing the test said zero.

    Marg - The Sudanese meal sounds fun. I hope it is a successful fundraiser.

    It is suppose to get warm today and 80 degrees this weekend. difficult child is having some problems with the decrease in flouxetine so I will call his doctor this morning. I think it is to be expected and will last some more days. A neighbor has some experience and said the withdrawing can be tough - she went cold turkey which of course I would not do for difficult child. But it is nice to have someone who can share an experience even though adults are different than kids. He feels dizzy and had a nightmare of someone trying to kill him. He had a panic attack last night so we discussed focusing on coping skills and not to give up. I will push his bed time up to 7:30pm and be more diligent on his diet again. He felt better this morning after a good nights sleep. He has a therapist appointment this afternoon and then not again for over a week. I might try to get one set up again for every week while we do this.

    Everyone have a GREAT day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  6. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning all,

    with-o, glad you made it to the club yesterday -had to be a relief.

    TM, good luck in getting Duckie's cough under control.

    marg, I looked up the recipe for beef korma - sounds like something I should prepare on one of kt's respite weekends.

    Andy, yup, nice warm weather coming our way. I hope difficult child settles in his decrease soon.

    Another busy day ahead - it's a struggle to pace myself when I'm being hit with so many crisis's & issues right now. I need a break. Next month (the 16 & 17th & the following weekend) we're heading back out to another cottage long weekend. I found a rental even closer (an hour away but in a beautiful area of MN) & another good deal. husband is insistent we get away & spend time as a family. This "cabin" has all the basics plus cable & internet (good for the possible cooler weather mid October).

    kt has her new in home therapist coming today; she & I plan on doing some yard work this afternoon. It's to be a perfect day for it. That's if my body is up for it.

    Have a good day, friends.