Good Thursday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We have another beautiful day ahead of us. It is going to be sunny and 78! As for me, I have absolutely NO appointments after school tonight. The one difficult child was suppose to have has been canceled. husband is going to easy child's open house for her scholarship program and then picking her up from cheer leading practice.

    Still it will be a busy night as we are getting ready to leave for Michigan tomorrow after work. easy child will stay with my niece here since she has to cheer but difficult child will ride with us and stay with family in Michigan while we head to the football game!

    For me it's the big game because we are playing Wisconsin, which as some of you know means a big rivalry week. I even painted my nails blue and yellow. My students will get a kick out of that and I wouldn't be surprised if some show up with theirs painted red and white on Friday.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :flowers: Good Morning Friends!!!

    Sharon, I know this is a huge weekend for you :fan:! Since easy child is staying in town, at least the drive there will not be filled with the usual arguing between she and difficult child! Enjoy your day and get that packing done early so you can rest up!

    While Sharon is enjoying lovely fall weather, the opening of the Virginia State Fair today is, as usual, heralding two days of cool, rainy weather :rain:.

    I must apologize for not being around the last few days. I've missed checking in with all of you and must find the time to read and catch up what is happening with everyones' difficult children. I'm hoping to find some time this afternoon.

    Wishing everyone a good Thursday :peaceful:

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, friends.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your free time. Such moments are rare and to be treasured.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope the damp weather doesn't affect the fair too badly.

    Currently watching a TV show called "The Real Rain Man". English-sounding voiceover, probably Thames Television. It's mostly on Kim Peek, but is touching on prodigious autistic savants in general. I did tell difficult child 3 about it but he's caught up in sorting out a Wii problem for difficult child 1.

    It's interesting to see how in documentaries like this, experts are increasingly acknowledging that so many strong statements they used to utter (pronouncements from on high) were wrong. Very wrong. Ideas are still changing and now they are admitting this. My view - it is because of parents like us, kids like ours and determination of all of us, that this is possible.

    Today was a fun day at school for difficult child 3 - a boys only social skills day. We were a little late because husband & I had a prior medical appointment, but we slipped in maybe half an hour after it all started - all we missed was a few speeches anyway, difficult child 3 isn't good with those especially in this school hall, which echoes. After the speeches came a special treat - chucking a football around with a few members of the Wallabies, Australia's national rugby team. AND they autographed a small squishy replica football for each kid who asked for one. The school was given a Wallabies sweater autographed by each team member - I gather it will be framed and hung up somewhere prominent.

    Afterwards I had to have an ultrasound on my thyroid (yes, the lump has grown as we thought). We hung around the mall afterwards, I shopped for a tailored jacket - no luck. Met up with difficult child 1 and girlfriend (who was shopping with easy child 2/difficult child 2 for bridesmaid's dress - success at last!) and now we've got difficult child 1 and girlfriend curled up on the couch after dinner. girlfriend isn't staying the night I don't think (need to check).

    Tomorrow mother in law & I are seeing our neurologist. We each have medical stuff going on at the same time. After that I'll do a bit of fruit & veg shopping and hopefully cross paths with easy child 2/difficult child 2 (didn't see her today - it's a BIG mall and she had to leave to get to her college class).

    Understandably, I'm a bit tired tonight! But it was quite an exciting day.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning to you Sharon and Sharon.
    Rah! Rah! to the football fans. I love the idea of painted toes. What great spirit you have that has to be infectious to the kids.
    Enjoy a difficult child only weekend.

    Sharon, we are suddenly cold. Brrrrrrr.:temps:due to the Northeaster off the Carolina shore. I went from shorts to track pants and socks in a matter of hours. Today is windy and rainy.
    Enjoy your evening without appointment. I have gotten to the point that I hate to go out in the evenings. Guess with days being almost frantic that the evenings are my time to recharge.

    Honeysue has recovered from her near death experience. She is on very limited activity for the next 2 weeks. Wish they had told her that. She went from obedient to headstrong. husband said she has a "bucket list" now that she has seen the light. He is a clown. It was a scary weekend. She is on day 7 and holding her own. Eating like a horse to make up all the meals lost.

    difficult child wants to be responsible for HoneySue and her brother while I go to Galveston. I am hesitant since there are quite a few medications and she is still just recovering. We will give it a try. He wants me to write out a schedule for activity and walks and pills. At least he has a plan. I'm a medication Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) type person. No excuses for mistakes. I will worry but I have to go to Galveston.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful autumn day. Tonight is Survivor, GA and CSI premiere's. Can't ask for better than that for a Thursday.
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Marguerite, you snuck in on me.
    The show sounds interesting. It's amazing how different the medical, psychiatric and psychology opinions are from 20 yrs ago. Of course, if I knew then what I know now I would have been devastated. I realize with time that as a parent you continue on with your job without focusing on the obstacles. They are still our children and they need an advocate.

    Congrats on success for the bridesmaid.
    I do a lot of my shopping on line. Of course, I have to return things that don't fit quite right.

    Hope your day is a good one and difficult child 3 has a great day at social skills day.
  6. TerryJ2

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    SharonWiped, wow, you painted your nails for the team. That's team spirit! I know how good it feels not to have any appointment after school. Happy packing!
    SharonDude, It's raining here, too ... not a horrid Nor'easter like I thought, at least so far.
    Marg, you watch the most interesting shows! So sorry about the thyroid. Sounds like you know what to do, though.
    Fran, you have a bit of our weather. Yuck. I'm glad HoneySue made it through. Funny how they up and run around when they don't understand dr's orders! :)
    I woke up to yelling this a.m. ... difficult child had tinkled (peed, as easy child calls it) all over the toilet seat again and that's what easy child woke up to. I'll be staying home, painting, while it rains. I'm alone painting, they're at school. Can't complain about that!
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  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member


    Wiped - Sounds like it is a good thing you have no appts. Busy packing. I am also packing to go to my sister's tomorrow night for a day long scrapbooking workshop on Saturday. difficult child may be staying back with husband - I will miss my travel partner!

    Little Dude's Mom - What is it with fairs and rain? We ALWAYS get rain the day before our county fair. A good soaker to make for a muddy fair grounds. If it doesn't rain the day before, it will rain one of the days of. Stay dry!

    Marg - What a special day for difficult child 3! You take good care of yourself with so much going on with your health.

    Fran - Glad Honeysue is feeling better. Yes, you do have to get to Galveston. One suggestion, put each dose of medications in a dixie cup. Get small labels to write what day and time to give that dose. Set them out on a shelf or table. I put difficult child's morning medications in a dixie cup on my dresser the night before - saves time and when I see it can remember to give it. If you are concerned with the cup tipping over, put it in a plastic snack baggie with a large label on when to give.

    It is raining here - A severe thunderstorm watch for South of us was downgraded to just a regular thunderstorm. Puppy must have been scared - difficult child has some messes to clean up. I was up until 1:30/2:00 last night. No wonder I am so tired. I better go to bed early tonight. I get to gather my scrapbooking supplies (just need to find a book and pages or buy one from my sister). It has been a long time since I have been scrapping. Unfortunately my friend and my cousin will not be there and if difficult child stays home with husband, it will be a lonely drive. Terry, can you go back to the cities and meet me in Ham Lake?

    A friend's daughter was involved in a horrible accident Sunday night. She was one of several vehicles to strike a person who fell off a motorcycle on the interstate. I can't imagine how hard coming to terms with that will be. It was dark and no way of seeing what she was coming up upon.

    difficult child is doing much better with the trumpet also. I have now gotten him to practice almost every single night. I love hearing him practice even though he is still at the very beginning.

    difficult child is going to take part in a Kid's in Business event. His business will be to charge people money to play a Wii game. I think that is something totally new to this event of crafts and food. It should be fun!

    Everyone have a GREAT day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh today.

  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Terry - You snuck in on me. Don't you just love those boys who don't always raise the seat? Probably needed to go so bad or it was the middle of the night and was just happy to get that far? Glad you get a silent zone for painting once everyone has left for school.
  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    P.S. Anyone who would like to go to a scrapbook workshop with me on Saturday at a church in Ham Lake, MN (I think that is the suburb in Minneapolis - it is North of Andover). Let me know today and I will get info to you.
  10. TerryJ2

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    Aw, Andy, I would love to have a Star Trek transporter and beam back up there.
    I'd love to finish the scrapbook I started for my trip to HI 7 yrs ago!!!!

    The description of that motorcycle accident made my stomach go in knots. Several people hit him? OMG. OMG. That daughter will never, ever forget that experience.