Good Thursday morning.....

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    Good morning friends,

    It's a chilly morning - the furnace just kicked in to take the chill out before the rest of the family wakes for the day.

    Yesterday was a wonderfully peaceful, calm day. The weather was windy ~ a cold wind, blowing clouds in & out all day long. I finished listening to a book on tape, The Friday Night Knitting Club, while I was busy doing this & that. If you see that book, I'd recommend you pick it up & read it. It's a book of women & friendship; a bittersweet, humorous & wonderful read.

    Today is more of the same as yesterday; 2 things added. A potential PCA to interview (two days a week & substitute) & in home nursing is coming in for me. Continued in home physical therapy has been approved for another 3 months - yeah! Practice on stairs & possibly exercise on a mini trampoline with a handle.

    Have a wonderful day, friends. Hope you find a reason to smile & peace in your soul.
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    You wouldn't read about it! I always check carefully before I begin a morning thread - and this time we must have pushed the buttons at almost the same time, Linda!

    OK, if someone can remove my thread, I'll re-post here.

    Linda, you're getting the wintry weather beginning just as we're warming up. with the wind yesterday, did you manage to begin your new painting? I never liked painting when it was windy, because here it also gets very dusty.

    We had a summer day today - 33 C (91.4 F). It will have been even hotter for our newest Aussie member. We've been in email contact today.

    Inside our house it stays cool because I like to keep the house dark, curtains drawn. We're also shaded by large trees. But step outside - you could feel the heat. Spring flowers are in full bloom except for the peach which is already filling out in lime-green leaves and losing its petals. Jasmine and wisteria are in full scented flower everywhere.

    difficult child 3 & I went to the beach at what is usually the worst sun time of all. Ours is a lovely but secret beach, known only to the villagers and a few other people in Sydney. Imagine my horror when I got back to the car to hear a radio announcer talking about favourite picnic spots to recommend - and the first on his list was the beach we had just left!

    I didn't go for a swim, I stuck my foot in and decided against it. difficult child 3 had brought his skim board though, and had a wonderful time. He's still learning how to skim, it's not easy. There wasn't much in the way of useful surf, so it was just about the only option.

    Tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter, then storms and high winds will move in and cool it all down. I have a bloke coming to quote for an attic ladder, so I hope he comes early so we can get in a little more beach. I am trying to get my summer safe tan started early, so I can protect myself against sunburn later in the season. I tend to react to sunscreens but I'm also blessed with olive skin.

    RSVPs are rolling in for the wedding, time is moving fast.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Sounds like a busy day for you. I will have to look into that book-I've heard of it before but didn't know much about it.

    Marguerite-I know you started another thread but I'm assuming they'll be merged at some point so I'll say hi here! Your weather sounds wonderful. Glad those rsvps are coming in.

    We are cool and fallish here today. I love it but am fighting putting on the heat. Of course, I sure do wish they would put it on at work!

    After work difficult child's caseworker is coming to hang with him and later tonight I need to get to the health club (didn't quite make it there yesterday).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. timer lady

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    Morning Marg - you're right we must have posted at the same time. I don't mean "hog" the GM threads - I'm just up & about (as you are) & know I'll be asleep the minute kt heads off to school.

    I did get to start my new painting & am quite excited about it. I'm learning to mix new colors. I've been trying to figure out my painting style - my palette of colors. And of late I'm hooked on painting birds & flowers. I belong to an artist's forum that has a monthly challenge - this month it's a red admiral butterfly. AND I'm going to enter the challenge & post my painting.

    Have a good day, friend. (by the way, I'd keep my toes out of the water as well.)
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Morning Friends,

    Linda, I'm glad yesterday was calm and peaceful for you. Hope the interview goes well and you make some progress on your new project.

    Marg, the water at the beginning of the season around here is usually colder than it is in the fall! Our waters of the Atlantic here in Va don't usually warm up until late July. How far away is the wedding?

    Sharon, our temps are cool here too but it's still in the mid to high 70's during the day. This was the first morning though that I woke up with a chill! I think it's in the high 40's right now. Hope you make it to the gym - it's on my wish list too.....the instructor on thursday nights is intense. I want to try and get everything done and dinner over so I can go at 6:30 - I want to be back to watch the debate!!!

    Thursday means the office for me. I have a longer day today since I'll be doing all the third quarter payroll filings and such. I can't believe we are in the last quarter of the year - the days are just marching on......

    Wishing everyone the best for their Thursday :peaceful:

  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Linda, I'm glad you enjoyed a calm, pleasant day yesterday! Thanks for the info on the book - I want to read it.

    Marg, When it begins to get cooler here, I love reading your posts about the beach. Sometimes, I let my mind just wander off for a minute or two and just pretend I'm there too...:beach_ball::beach:... OK, back to reality for me... It's humid, cool and rainy here.

    Sharon (WO), I hope your day goes well and you make it to the health club tonight. It isn't cool enough here to put the heat on yet, but I'm dreading it. We really can't afford it this winter. It's going to be lots of sweaters and blankets for us:blizzard:

    Sharon (LDM), Hope your day at the office goes smoothly, you get to the gym and home in time for the debate. I want to watch it too.

    No work for me today - The sluggish economy has really taken a toll on our business. I want to straighten up the house a bit, do some laundry, check on husband's aunt, and call an old friend before I have to pick up the difficult children at school.

    I really want to jog a bit but my ankle isn't cooperating so I'm going to have to take it a bit easier than I intended to.

    Anyway, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today...:autumn::ghost::goo: WFEN :pumpkin:
  7. Andy

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    Timer - Your yesterday sounds wonderful and another peaceful calm day planned for today! Wow! This is where all our warrior parents look forward to. Enjoy your day - It really was great to have your post read first it has set the day for me.

    Marg - Beach days are great! The kids love them. Hopefully difficult child 3 will master that skim board soon.

    Wiped Out - We are also cool. I am very close to putting on the heat. I better atleast go out and get some winter jammies. Having a hard time getting difficult child out of the warm bed this morning and puppy needs to go out.

    Little Dude's Mom - I am surprised I got all my 1st working day of the month duties done yesterday in four hours. I decided that was enough and left work to go to school to work on Sunday School lessons. I notice I have next Thursday and Friday off work so I better work longer today, tomorrow, and two days next week in order to make up those hours. That will work out fine though - we have another rate increase as of yesterday so I need to let the counties know to change their authorizations. Having lots to do makes the work days go faster.

    Wishing - Enjoy these days at home. When I was laid off work several years ago, I got so much housework done and really loved the time off. difficult child was in every other day Kindergarten. The days he was home I had a neighbor girl over - her brother was in every day kindergarten and she was having a time adjusting to him being gone so she came over to play with difficult child giving her mom a day or two of kidless time to get things done.

    What happened to Project Runway last night? Lots of college games on instead. And I really was looking forward to my runway. difficult child thought I was strange yesterday - when the grocery store didn't have what I wanted for tomato soup (trying to get a certain kind since Sunday! When it does make it to the shelf, I am going to buy the entire shelf!), I left the store and went to the Dollar Store instead. difficult child asked, "Didn't you buy any groceries? You left because they didn't have soup?!" "Yep, I am going home to pout!" Gee, wonder where my kids get pouting from? And then no Project Runway! So, I just pouted! :tongue:

    This morning we are running late - difficult child needs breakfast and a lunch packed.

    A friend of mine asked if her son (and maybe daughter) can come to our house a week from Satuday. This is another victory for difficult child. This was another family who backed off from time with us when difficult child was at his lowest and no kid wanted to be around him. This means kids and parents are trusting him again! :)

    Well, I better get going. Have a great day and find a way to make your difficult child laugh!

  8. Pookybear66

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    Good Thursday to ev1-
    So far my day has gone well. easy child went to her gymnastics class this am and had a god time as does she always. She's always been jumping around even in utero.
    The teacher called to set up an IEP review meeting for my ds. So atleast we will talk-don't know if anything will be resolved but its a start.
    It's getting to be fall here so starting to get cool.

    Wishing-How do you do those cute little smiley guys? They are adorable!!

    Hope ev1 has a good day today. Best wishes to all.