Good Thursday Morning!!!

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    :santa: Good Morning fellow CD compadres!

    It's Thursday which means the week is marching on! It's hard to believe it was a week ago we sat down for our meal of thanks. Christmas is going to be here in no time!

    Speaking of Christmas, I've one gift left and I've wrapped all the others. No bows or tags, just names written on the bottom of the package. I think I'm ahead of the game this year which suits me just fine! My mom will be coming to spend a couple days on her way to Charlotte, but she's not sure when it will be - either the end of next week, or the beginning of the one after that. I really want to have everything done before the kids get out of school. We'll be heading to Charlotte on the 21st and not return until the evening of the 23rd. Christmas Eve is not a day to run errands and tie up loose ends!!!!!

    I'll be at the office all day today. Lots of things to do as the year is winding to a close. I hope your Thursday is a good one without incident or trouble :mistletoe:

  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Thursday.

    Sharon/LDM, you sound well prepared. I'm still working on things at the beginning. mother in law dropped in a couple of times today and has decided to use the leftover wedding register for difficult child 1 & daughter in law to buy them something for Christmas. We might do the same thing.

    I had a quiet day today (after the housework session with my helper) and baked another batch of my fancy shape biscuits for Christmas then had a good rest. I did get a little bit of gardening done but no beach - it was just too cloudy and cool. I did shop for a Christmas card for Star but I couldn't find the one I want. I know what I want - I might have to go to the village next door to get it, that's where it's printed. Cottage industry, literally.

    Tomorrow I have to go out again to see the GP. mother in law has an appointment as well. Another hot day forecast, too, and we'll be away from home for the best part of it. Again. Oh well, Saturday is forecast to be hot as well.

    I've spent this evening working on our family Christmas card - the broadcast epistle to friends and family in Australia. husband is going to try to get them printed tomorrow, then all I have to do is fold them and put them in envelopes. We get charged extra for sending anything other than a card, so we make the card itself as a letter, it folds out to form a letter with photos on the back. When you fold it back again, it's a card again, looking fairly conventional. Increasingly I'm using photos that difficult child 3 is taking. The kid is darned good!

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

    I'm heading for bed ASAP. Need early nights at the moment.

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    Good morning LDM, Marg and all to follow.


    Sharon (LDM)--Wow! I'm impressed that you've wrapped nearly everything and are so organized. :christmasgift:Hope you enjoy your mom's visit, and that you're able to get everything done while the kids are still in school. I agree. Christmas Eve is not a day for last-minute running around. Although...I have found that the stores are a ghost town so if you're forced to do your shopping then, you won't have to deal with big queues.

    Marg--I think using difficult child 1-and-wife's gift registry for Christmas gifts is a lovely idea. Hope you're able to continue getting rest, and that the weather warms up sufficiently for you to make it to the beach.:playingball:

    I am very excited, and more than a little panicked. :wildone:

    On Tuesday, I spoke with the recruiter who had submitted me for a job. He said that I was short-listed, but they selected another candidate, and the hiring manager had me in mind for another position coming up in the new year.
    Well, I got a call yesterday morning. The other candidate has dropped out of the running, and I was next in line, so I GOT THE JOB!!

    There's a brief probationary period, but this is a huge project that's slated to run for the next 3 to 4 years. If I do well during the next few months, I may well be in work until 2011 or 2012.

    They want me to start Monday! :wildone:
    Eeek. I made a whole bunch of plans about what to do with my time off, that will now need to be put on hold. But...I just can't worry about that right now. Most of my Christmas preparations are done, just need to write and mail the cards and wrap the presents. Painting the kitchen cupboards and upstairs hallway will just have to wait, as will the yard work I was planning.

    So, I need to spend the next few days clearing up the things I've been working on and studying the documentation I've been given about the job (3 2-inch binders full of paperwork. I'm in for a fun weekend...)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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  4. Jena

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    Trinity - Wow!!!! Congratulations to you!!!!! I can't imagine you must be thinking wow i have to cancel, this and that, etc. so so last minute. Yet you sound excited and i'm happy for you!!!

    Sharon - ok you are soo ontop of things i have even xmas shopped yet. I will be going next weekend. Have a great day at work.

    Marg - i cant believe how hot it still is there. Good luck with the xmas card tonight, get some rest with all you do.

    me, my difficult child is on half days today and tomorrow. so, not much time for anything. so, maybe we'll do the park today after school at 11. than i have her open school mtg tonight with-teacher. i hope everyone else has a great day.
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (LDM), It must feel sooooooooooo good to be almost done preparing for Christmas!!! You're giving me a bit of motivation to get moving!!! We never put bows on packages. One of my cats (now an angel I'm sure), tore off almost all of the bows and ripped the paper on lots of presents that were under our tree. We woke up on Christmas morning to a "work of art." Luckily, it was difficult child 1's first Christmas so he was clueless as to what had happened. I'll NEVER forget that morning, lol...:pet:

    Marg, I'm glad you got to rest a bit. I hope you get a perfect beach day ASAP:beach:!!! Just thinking about the bright sunshine, the salty air, the crashing waves... I can almost feel myself relaxing....

    Trinity, CONGRATULATIONS!!!:wine: Maybe a bit too early in the morning for:wine:??? Extra coffee in a champagne glass for now???

    While I was typing this, the phone rang. It was my primary care doctor. I had hand x-rays taken when I went in for my full physical not long ago. I've had problems with pain and stiffness in my hands for years but always ignored it. My doctor told me that I need to see a specialist because there is a chance that this is the beginning stages of rheumotoid arthritis, not just osteoarthritis. This just hasn't been a good year for me health wise. The good news is that the antibiotic she gave me is definitely clearing up my sinuses - no more feeling like all the teeth in the left side of my mouth are being drilled without novacaine!!!. She is calling in a refill of the script because she doesn't think the original day treatment is going to do it.

    I need to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe I should take my "favorite sanity saver's" annual holiday picture - She has her own Santa hat and lots of festive holiday bandanas:cool_dog::santa::rudolph:

    As always, I hope everyone has a great day... WFEN:forchristmas:
  6. Andy

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    I am running late as usual so just a general good morning to all. Sounds like Christmas is coming along. Marg will have to share that card with us once Star has received it. It makes shopping more fun when you actually know exactly what you want. Trinity, your job is awesome. What a great Christmas gift to you. Congrats Little Dude's Mom on the progress of your season's plans - now to sit back and enjoy! Jennifer, have a great afternoon with difficult child.

    See, I can't make short of my writings! Anyway, no plans for today except for trumpet lessons. I think I will let difficult child drop those the end of this month. Over a year and not much progress. Then one more night at home!

    Have a great day everyone! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  7. Andy

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    Wishing - you snuck in on me. Have a good day. I hope you can find an answer for your hand. Have a good day! Listen to Christmas music!
  8. SearchingForRainbows

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    Jennifer, Didn't mean to leave you out!!! The park sounds like a great way for difficult child to get all that extra energy out:D. Hope you and difficult child have some fun, quality time together.

    Adrianne, It's always nice to not have much on the schedule. Hope you get some time to rest. Hope you get where you need to be on time. WFEN