Good Thursday morning....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    Good morning friends.

    Another one of of those goofy sleeping ~ not sleeping nights. It's pointless to try & sleep noew as kt needs to up & going in an hour or so.l Then I'm back to bed with phones turned off & blinds pulled.

    I have a SW coming in this afternoon for signatures on paperwork for wm. Going over the latest treatment plan, ect.

    Have a good dayl I hope it goes well & you accomplish all you set out to do.
  2. Marguerite

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    Sorry you're not sleeping, Linda. I hope you can get some sleep after kt leaves but before the SW arrives with the paperwork.

    difficult child 3 did some maths coaching this afternoon, of his best friend. Friend at first locked himself in his room to avoid the session, but we finally coaxed him out. Hopefully next time won't be so difficult.

    We've got a big day tomorrow - difficult child 3's school presentation day. We got a letter a few days ago telling us that difficult child 3 is to receive an academic award. That's all we know. This is also the first time (for us) that the presentation day will be away from the school. Hopefully the acoustics will be better than the school hall.

    mother in law is coming along too, but not sure how well she will be able to walk, so we might have to get a taxi to go only a few blocks.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  3. Rabbit

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    Good Morning friends! difficult child 3 's therapist has decided to blame me for everything! Ugh! Therapy again
    today! double Ugh! Hope the rest of u all have a GREAT day!(better than mine will be)
    Linda- I hope u get some sleep
    Marg- Hope u have a great day. I know u r proud of
    your difficult child. Sending Hugs to all. Rabbit
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :christmaslights: Well, the calendar says December, but the temps say September! It's currently 63 degrees, foggy and raining! The temps are supposed to drop a little to the low 50's during the day, but we must be getting the same system that dropped all that snow on Wiped and Timer in the form of rain because they are talking 2-3 inches in just a couple hours this afternoon!

    Good morning Linda! Glad you are going to pull the covers over your head this morning. This is the kind of morning I would choose the same!

    Marg, I think our "special children" are an invaluable asset to education in general. I can see so many of our kids ending up being really cool and understanding science or history teachers. They understand..... Hope the ceremoy goes without a hitch tomorrow.

    Busy day ahead for me. I will take my car in for it's 30K after dropping off difficult child. They will give me a rental for the day. Then I will head to the eye doctor for my annual appointment followed by the office. I have the gym on my schedule this evening as well - easy child is teaching a power hour class at 6:30.

    difficult child seems to think the vyvanse is ok. He said he doesn't feel the same and he doesn't feel different. I told him that really didn't make sense to me. I asked if he felt it was making him calmer, he said yes. I asked if it was helping him focus, he said "no, I am already able to focus!!" HA!

    I gave him a 3 mg melatonin last night. He was a little resistant. He doesn't want to go back to taking more "nightime drugs". I brought him to my computer and googled it so that he could see it was not a "drug". He took it. We went upstairs and I was exhausted. He ended up standing by the side of my bed talking about stuff while I was under the covers. He said, "is this supposed to make you really tired and ready to go to sleep?" "Why?" "Because my eyes feel kinda heavy like I want to close them."


    Hope your Thursday is productive but not too stressful :snowman:

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Sorry it was a no sleeping night! Glad you get to go back to sleep.:sleeping:

    Marg-Cool that difficult child was helping someone in math. Can't wait to hear about the award:)

    Rabbit-I hope today isn't as bad as you are thinking!

    Sharon-Glad the melatonin helped difficult child. Your day sounds exhausting today! You will be ready to fall asleep right when you get home! Have fun in easy child's class!

    After work tonight difficult child has wrestling practice. I also have to mop the floor and hit the grocery store as Dad and his wife are coming to celebrate Christmas tomorrow-they'll be here when I get home from work.

    Looks like another day of no health club-this is driving me crazy. I may have to start going at 4 in the morning if I can't squeeze it in some other time but these days I'm not sure I can get up that early!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in:)
  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Timer - I hope you are able to sleep once KT is off to school

    Marg - Have a great day tomorrow!

    Rabbit - Stay strong. Try to turn the tables. No need to blame anyone, the issue should be "what does difficult child need?" They are there to provide services. It is hard but don't take anything personally, keep it professional.

    Little Dude's Mom - I hope you get a nice rental car. When my sister would take her newer vehicle in, they would give her an old junk car that was ready to fall apart itself. Glad difficult child was finally able to go to sleep last night.

    Wiped Out - Have a great day!

    I will work 6 hours today then difficult child has trumpet lesson tonight. I am going to get scolded for not keeping the tree watered. I have a very hard time remembering to do so. difficult child and I did not find musical lights yesterday so that search continues.

    Yesterday on the way into Fleet Farm, the doors beeped when difficult child went in. The clerk asked if he was wearing any clothes from Kohl's or Old Navy. His pants are new from Old Navy. She said there is a tag inside that is suppose to be removed before wearing! I went home and sure enough, there is! How ridiculous! I wanted difficult child to go to another door to give his Salvation Army Red Bucket donation but he refused to leave the store if he had to come back in. It did not beep when he went out.

    Whenever difficult child sees a Red Bucket, he is asking for change. If I don't have any, I will give him a dollar bill. He wants to give gifts to the boys in his class. One mom told me their family can not afford that. I told her that we do not give to get anything in return. Usually we are the only ones giving at the boy's Christmas party. difficult child is never disappointed about not getting anything and I don't want to put the focus on him getting something by saying he can only give if he gets. I just make sure the cost is very low so that the other families don't feel obligated to give back.

    Time to get going. I hope you all have a great day. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Thursday morning all. It's rainy and warm and spring like. Odd weather. I may run out to walk the dogs early before the deluge and storms hit. Talking flash flooding. Sheesh. :windy:

    Linda, I sure wish the doctors knew of a way to help you improve your health. It must be so debilitating to sleep so oddly and to have no energy to do the things you need to do. Hang in there. Hope the flare settles down so you can have a more normal(what's that) life.

    Marguerite, excellent news about the award for difficult child 3. It just makes me so happy to see one of our own get acknowledged for his hard work. :bravo:

    Rabbit, how awful to feel she is blaming you. I don't understand it. Of course, we all contribute somewhat to the problem as well as the successes but to put all of it on your shoulders is awful.

    LDM, I'm chuckling about you being under the blankets and difficult child talking away. Sounds familiar. In our worst days I imagined tying his tongue to knot. Glad the melatonin worked.

    Wiped out, sorry to hear about not having time for the health club. I know that is stressful.

    Adrianne, too bad about not finding the right lights. I do try to encourage my boys away from the holidays being about getting and more about giving and family. They are pretty giving but they aren't done cooking yet. They are still young and think like a young person. I suspect as adults they will be pretty thoughtful.

    difficult child has to be re evaluated by the County. It's frustrating. Do they think they will find something new? or different? He has been evaluated so many times that difficult child could probably do the evaluation. Services take forever to get completed. In the meantime, he is also going to be seen at the regional center for TEACHH. Hopefully they will have some services that will benefit difficult child.

    easy child is coming home tomorrow for 2 wks. He has been put on sick leave. He mentioned he is on anticonvulsants post craniotomy and the system said "Oh No!". He isn't allowed to work on any attractions. He will be reassigned in another area. easy child was devastated. He decided to confront the issue. He has not had a seizure since surgery 3 yrs ago. He is allowed to drive a car. He refuses to be treated as if he is not able to function. He has his neurologist who will write a letter in his defense. He will, in the end present his case. In the meantime he is on short term medical leave which works for me. He gets to be home for 2 wks over the holiday.

    In the meantime, I'm dealing with mom's failing health. She is going to require a femoral artery bypass but her heart seems to have had a "silent heart attack" and has areas with little circulation in the heart muscle. She will come stay with me(Dec.20th) for a while and when everything is ready I will go home with her to have surgery and recover. She hates being frail. It's hard to watch her frustration.

    In the meantime, no progress in the hurricane ravaged house. Sigh. Everything is as it was the day after the hurricane. Sheesh.

    The holidays are upon us and I'm not very ready. I'm sure you all can relate. I keep thinking if I get through this one event then it will ease up but the juggling just keeps getting more complicated. I'm shooting for the day after Christmas for things to calm down.

    Hope things are moving smoothly for all of you and your heart is full of giving and kindness. Life is too short to be miserable.