Good Thursday morning,

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    friends & fellow warrior parents. :warrior:

    It's hard to believe we're already onto Thursday....another weekend approaches. This is respite weekend for kt ~ a visit to wm on Saturday. I'm so looking forward to seeing wm.

    Other than a couple of errands I have nothing but paperwork on my agenda today. After the meeting with the financial planner yesterday I have a great deal more paperwork than I had planned.

    Laundry for kt - she needs clean clothes for respite. I got a delivery of groceries in yesterday.

    I plan on visiting the conservatory this weekend. There's a new spring flower show starting tomorrow. It's really planned for the Valentine day weekend (lots of weddings planned there).

    I love this place ~ it's absolutely gorgeous.

    Have a good day, friends. :cheerleader:
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    Wow, Linda, that place is gorgeous. The spring show sounds wonderful, just what everybody needs after a harsh winter.

    I think we'll be glad to hand summer over to you all, once we've finished with it. The heatforecast for this weekend is harsh. Today wasn't too bad where we are because we're right on the coast, but even so we had to close up the house, closing windows and doors and drawing curtains to block out the heat. It's gonig to be worse over the weekend, culminating in Sunday, where the west of Sydney is expected to hit the record books with temps over 45 C (113 C). They reckon it will only be 35 C here (95 F) but we've seen it go higher than that in this sort of weather.

    husband has taken to going for a swim after he gets home in the evening. By that time we've had our swim and have showered already. Today we headed for the beach (again after difficult child 3 finished his lessons for the day) but we'd only been there for half an hour when the bluebottles started washing in. They blow in from the north east. The float is the size of your thumb; the long blue string of tentacle armed with vicious stinging cells is as long as your leg sometimes. If you get hit with one it looks (at first) like someone has drawn on your leg (or arm) with a blue biro, then the pain hits. NEVER pick it off with your fingers, they will get stung too. And you can't rub it off. The traditional islander treatment was fresh urine being used to rinse it off. I remember my last sting, I just rinsed it off with seawater. I had a very mild sting, it was only a fragment of tentacle that got me on the leg. It stayed blistered & red for a week.

    So once we got up to five bluebottles on our tiny beach, we packed up and left. difficult child 3 has never been stung so he doesn't know.

    If the bluebottles become too much of a problem over the next few days, we can take ourselves to the next village where a huge sandbar blocks the sea and snags the bluebottles. The area fills up through a channel wich is all sand, so it's lovely for swimming. Very calm. If mother in law is up to the walk, we'll take her out with us for a swim, it's calm enough for her.

    I had a cooking binge today. Two curries, plus some tandoori chicken mariniating in the fridge. Tonight we had two hot plates on (finishing the curries) and the oven to cook the chicken. husband commented on how hot the house was, the ceiling fan was pushing the hot air back down into the room. But it's all turned off now, and we have curries and spicy food stocked for the weekend. That way, when it's REALLY hot, we only need to use the microwave oven. A good curry is fabulous in hot weather, especially with cucumber raita. Or tsaziki (OK, it's Greek). A hot curry cools you down in summer. For me, the smell of ginger, onion and garlic frying is the smell of summer.

    Tomorrow difficult child 3 has an appointment with his psycologist. Unfortunately, the previous one (we've seen her twice) has taken indefinite sick leave. difficult child 3 is 6 weeks overdue for an appointment and we have missed a great opportunity over the holidays to work on his medications. And now they have assigned difficult child 3 to someone new. I wish they'd done that 6 weeks ago. We'll be driving in the heat because this appointment is earlier in the day. If things work out right, we'll be back home in time for a swim. Failing that, we'll hit the mall (air-conditioned) and do some shopping instead. So one way or another, we'll be cool. I've got the water bottles already in the freezer, that should help.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

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    Good morning,

    Linda, the conservatory IS gorgeous. You have fun and enjoy!

    Marg, all that food sounds so yummy! Good luck with the psychologist.

    Gettin' the kids off to school, B has his Reintergration Program today. They take the teenagers coming out of partial and teach them how to make resumes, apply for jobs, and help with basic lifeskills. B has 1/2 of their goals already accomplished before walking in there, but it can't hurt to go over everything a 2nd or 3rd or 5th time, especially where he's concerned.

    I have a ton of housecleaning to do today. We're getting an old puppy back we had over summer. Her name is Lizzie - she's a mini Daschund, cute as she wants to be, but we had some housetraining issues with her, so I gave her back to the breeder (who is a dear friend) for a while. Well, she's all fixed up and comin' back. Little 8 lb thing should get along great with my 85 and 65 lb Labs LOL!

    Hope everyone's day is peaceful!
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I hate paperwork! I hope it doesn't take too long. Enjoy the visit to the flower show-nice to see them at this time of the year!

    Marg-We'll gladly take summer when you are done!! It's great there is another beach nearby that doesn't get the bluebottles. All that cooking sounds delicious!!

    Made it to the health club yesterday!!! I really needed the workout. It's back to work after the voice therapy yesterday-it was a long, difficult, but worthwhile day. I hope I can remember to do things accurately-it's much easier to do the voice exercises with a person there modeling it for you.

    Tonight is wrestling practice for difficult child. Other than that there are no appts.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: Hi if you snuck in.
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    :queen: Good Morning Ladies!!!!!!!!

    Linda, the conservatory is going to be a wonderful outing :flowers:. When bonehead and I first split, I spend hours upon hours going over financial papers and figuring out what the future was going to hold for me and the kids. It's not the same situation you are in, but I understand the paperwork stuff!

    Janna, bonehead has two miniture wieners and we love them!!!! Vincent and Pablo! You know that they are a breed that is difficult to housetrain and the youngest, Pablo, has just recently been on "good behavior" and I think he was born last spring!

    Sharon, glad you got to the club! Only one more day till the weekend!!!!!!!

    Marg, I absolutely love curry!!! Can you send me some???? Our youth minister and his wife are from India and they come over and cook for us! Love it! But I hate the jellies!!!!

    Another busy day here. The gym for some tread mill and weights this morning, then a run to the Body Shop with my cuz - they are having their 20% day for preferred customers and I need some more body lotion, face makeup, and a new scent! After that I'll hit the office for payroll and putting together/coordinating/mailing in all my stuff to the IRS and social security office regarding year end payroll filings. It's all done, it's just a matter of getting it organized for mailing and filing. Then payroll. I'll leave and pick up difficult child from his art class directly from the office so I'll be home around 5. I'm going to prep dinner between the gym and my cuz picking me up at 10 so it'll be ready to pop in the oven when I get home.

    I hope your day is a good one - with Friday a day away, it's a reason to smile!

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    HI all,
    No time for lengthy hellos today as I am back to work after all my medical tests yesterday. They have not found anything seriously wrong, but they have me on small doses of an anti-depressant right before I go to bed to control IBS. Other than that, the kids are fine. They are working on taking on more responsibility for behavior sheets and homework.
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    Good morning all!

    Timer - We also love Como. We usually take in the zoo and last Spring we took the kids to the conservatory. The zoo also has their new exhibit Grizzly Coast which difficult child loved. he was able to watch the grizzlies eat.

    Marg - We will take the Summer without the extreme heat please. You can send some of the heat now (not all). Glad you have plans to keep cool tomorrow.

    Janna - Any class B can take will help. It will reinforce what he has learned and maybe even add something new. Happy puppy home coming!

    Wiped Out - It would be hard to remember an entire day worth of voice lessons. I hope you have the most important ones down pat and can practice all the others. You do have a busy day.

    Yesterday my office got moved. I will go back to my old office to update the answer machine with my new number. I did find a phone on my new desk. I went out and purchased some office supplies (paper trays, black tape dispenser, black stapler, and garbage can). I inherited a very HUGE box of papers that can be shred so I will need to find out which facility the shredder is in this morning and take care of that.

    difficult child is putting his butterhorns that he made last night in the oven for breakfast.

    This afternoon, I will purchase cheese, pepperoni, and English Muffins for the pizza workshop tomorrow at school. The leader asked if I could get four crust only from Papa Murphy to save cost. She would put the ingredients on it. What a frustrating visit to the shop that was! difficult child was badgering be about finding the cost of cookie dough and the employees stated they couldn't sell me just the crust! I would have to purchase everything. Then (as difficult child continues to badger) the store employees had to ask their manager how to prepare just the crust and put the ingredients in a different container for me! They didn't know if they could do that! Unbelievable! So, end result, difficult child got yelled at (by me) for being a major PITA while I tried to get the staff to do what even difficult child could figure out. (yes, he knew the solution as well as I did and asked me why they couldn't figure it out). I finally called the leader and we decided since we had to purchase the entire pizza, we may as well let Papa Murphy put it together. I will pick them up at 11:30 tomorrow.

    Oh well, another day! I better remember to take the garbage can to the curb. I have decided not to set high expectations of getting any office work done this week as I set up my new space. I need to find someone who can tell me what the new fax number is so that I can prepare my documents and forms with my new address and phone numbers. I learned how to make an internal and external call. Now I have to learn how to pick up messages - something about them going through the e-mail system?

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  8. Andy

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    Artana - We really are both on at the same time a lot. Take it easy - I hope you get answers soon.