Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    It's a chilly -6 with the wind chill this morning. At least I know it can't last long now!

    I actually made it to the health club yesterday!! It felt so good to get in that work out. I can't wait until next week when there is no more wrestling practice and husband and I can get back to a much needed regular routine!

    Tonight is difficult child's last practice and then Saturday we host the regional tournament. I have to skip book club because there are still things to do for the tournament. It's o.k.-at least I won't be tempted by the usually delicious and fattening dessert at book club.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

  2. timer lady

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    Sharon, so glad you made it to the health club yesterday. I know how much better you feel when you can maintain your exercise routine.

    A very good morning to you all. It's a "balmy" 1 degree here this morning :frostbite:. Spring is just around the corner! ;)

    I go out to see my therapist this morning; kt has her in home therapy this afternoon & then Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker will be in after that. No rest for the wicked.

    I got my painting table put together & I love it. I moved it in my kitchen yesterday (best light in the house) & loved painting there. The warmth of the sun coming thru the windows combined with my now favorite pastime had me so very relaxed. :painter: AND now I have room on my desk to sort thru & complete all my paperwork & bills.

    Have a good day ~ hope your day is calmed & filled with cooperative difficult children.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :cutie_pie: Good Thursday Morning Sharon, Linda, and all to follow!

    Sharon, glad you got to the club yesterday. Just think, this time next week wrestling will be over! Hope our day is incident free.

    Linda, glad you got the painting table together! The kitchen is the heart of the home! Hope your day is peaceful.

    easy child and I saw Jesus Christ Superstar last night and it was fabulous!!!! Ted Nelly, who played Jesus in the 70's movie has reprised his role for this broadway touring show. I was kinda wondering how the 30 years would play into this part. Let me tell you, that man can still reach those high screams!! He was amazing!!!!!!!

    So yesterday we hit 79 degrees and tomorrow morning we are expecting sleet and snow! Crazy late winter - early spring weather all over the country.

    Office today for me........ wishing you all a productive but quiet Thursday :peaceful:

  4. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folk. I was hoping someone else would start this today.

    Sharon/WO, you sound very busy. I'm glad you got the chance to get to the gym. Warm weather will be there soon.

    Linda, I'm glad your painting table is a success. Being able to move from room to room to take advantage of the light - sounds wonderful.

    Sharon/LDM, I'm glad you enjoyed Superstar and the lead singer wasn't in a walking frame. I can't remember him from the movie, but I do remember the guy who played Judas (fabulous voice!) and Yvonne Elliman, who played Mary (I felt, ineffectually). I felt she sounded whiny, which spoiled it for me.

    I was hoping to get a lot of paperwork done today, just catching up on stuff. But it's amazing how I can get slowed down, mostly by difficult child 3 constantly interrupting me. Some of the interruptions are legitimate, as he stops to ask me questions about his schoolwork, but others are just him walking in to the room, saying something rando that is on HIS mind but not relevant to anyone or anything else, then walking out again. Then just as I get my mind back on what I was doing, he walks in again to say the next sentence. Very annoying habit that I can't break in him.

    I was rummagingthrough my music collection for the choir I should have gone to last night, and found some treasures. it's so old it's in danger of decaying purely from reaching the limits of paper-keeping capability, so we'll have to begin scanning it all. And my mother (or someone) had simply stuffed it all into a plastic shopping bag! I've got my work cut out for me. I got difficult child 3 to help me scan a couple of barbershop pieces which date from about 1915. I found another piece, NOT very Politically Correct, entitled something like "A Fat Little Baby Wid his Mammy's Eyes" which dates from 1905, so it must have been my grandfather's. Snuggled up next to it was a lullaby piece just as old, written by a Maori princess (her likeness and that of her baby were hand-painted on the front page). Then I found my aunt's old leather music case. She died in her early 20s during WWII and my mother put all her things away and never looked at them after that. As a result in that case is old sheet music, in almost mint condition, often with the marvellous, curly india-ink calligraphy titles on the front page.

    A friend said to ring a local auction house, but it's too specialised for them. They gave me acouple of leads though. But while looking around at the topic, I found some samples being auctioned on eBay, for not exactly huge sums. So I think all I can do, is scan it all as and when I get the time, and perhaps consider donating it to a museum or something, eventually. Maybe frame some of the best, they are simply superb! It's funny - many of these have the typical copyright warning of their day, but are all probably well out of copyright purely by their age!

    I will check - but if they ARE out of copyright, I might even be able to publish a collection of the scans, just as they appear. Now THAT would be something!

    Tomorrow I have an early start, so does difficult child 3 2who is coming with me. I haven't told him yet what time we have to leave (horribly early) so if you hear screams from across the Pacific, it's difficult child 3, when I tell him! We're going in to his school, I have a meeting concerning shortlisting applicants for a new teaching position, while difficult child 3 will be waiting down stairs or in the school library working on what schoolwork I have for him.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  5. Janna

    Janna New Member

    Good morning ladies!

    Sharon, so glad you made it to the health club! Cool!

    Linda, the painting table sounds great. I'm glad you got that set up for yourself. Sounds lovely.

    Sharon, glad you had a good time with Superstar. We had the warm weather yesterday too, it was lovely!

    Marg, D has the same habit of walking in the room while I'm consumed in something. I haven't been able to break him either, so if you figure out a "cure" would you please share?

    Not much on the agenda today. Day 4 of Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for D. I got to speak with him last night again, and his mood was much lighter. The first few days were horrible - Tuesday night was all tears and sadness - Wednesday night he sounded depressed and I was so concerned, so it was good last night he seemed better. We are going to take a ride up this weekend to see him and drop him off snacks :)

    Guess I'll just be around - cleaning. Gonna get my 3 miles in.

    Hope everyone has a good day!
  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - You are so positive about the weather! :) "Chilly" I would say down right "Cold", "Freezing", "Horrid". But then, maybe -6 would be "chilly" for me right now? We have -15. Stay warm.

    Timer - 1 degree does sound "Balmy". I am glad you are enjoying your new table.

    Little Dude's Mom - I think some of your heat is headed our way! Yeah! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are suppose to get up to 40 degrees this weekend. Glad you enjoyed the show.

    Marg - When difficult child 3 starts the interruptions, have you tried setting a time that he needs to leave you alone? I will sometimes say, "Please give me 1/2 hour to finish this and then we can ______" Sometimes my difficult child will set the timer and for the most part he will leave me in peace. (And then it is husband that starts that behavior - like father/like son!)

    Janna - Glad D is doing better. Have a good day!

    As stated above, the temp has dropped again! :( Oh how I hate cold. difficult child has gun safety starting tonight. He is not looking forward to it. The ATV was super hard - basically everyone had to know the entire book before class and it was reviewed in three hours. Gun Saftey is 6 classes so it should be easier as smaller chunks of materials will be reviewed each week.

    We will have a juggling of vehicles tonight. With it being so cold, we should not be using the little car which leaves us with two vehicles, Diva's jeep and my van. Normally this is not a problem but tonight husband, Diva, and difficult child all have to be somewhere at the same time. Diva has to babysit at 6:30, difficult child has to be at gun safety at 6:30 (I will stay with him), and husband has to be at church at 7:00 for church council meeting (I am so glad I am not on that again). Normally, I can drop husband off at church at 6:15 and he can do school board work until 7:00. He can call me when he is done (I will be home by then). However, he has made the statement, "I hope to be back in home just in time for council." Meaning he may not be home until 6:30/6:45.

    Everyone have a great day. Find a way to make your kids laugh.