Good Thursday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    I just woke up from an extremely scary nightmare. It's the kind where I would like to wake up husband but I really don't want to since difficult child had him up in the middle of the night. For some reason this one really creeped me out.

    We had a good time in my classroom yesterday with April Fool Day. Two days til spring break. You can tell the students really need it! Still most are hanging in there really well.

    After work difficult child's in home therapist is coming over and then maybe husband and I will go to the club tonight. I did make it there yesterday which was a good thing!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, I hate those dreams ~ are you left feeling disturbed & out of sorts after waking from such a dream? Enjoy the evening out.

    kt's PCA will be in around 10:30 this morning; I head out to see my GP & run a few errands on the way home. Later kt's Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker will be in again tonight. It helps to have these people here ~ kt doesn't spew garbage & hateful things at them & they take kt out of here for at least a couple of hours at a time.

    I'm working on a new painting; something I've never attempted before. husband found the coolest looking picture of a stack of tomatoes on a huge platter. I'm having fun with the similar colors yet not having them all run together into one big blob. I'm loving the challeng ~ my next painting is to be one of husband's sunsets, though I'm not sure I'm up to it. :painter: All I can do is try.
    Have a calm, safe day all. I hope all your difficult children are cooperative today. (We can dream, can't we?)

  3. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - Sorry about your nightmare. I hope you have a good day today to chase away those feelings.

    Timer - I am glad KT will be occupied for awhile and that you are getting into your hobby.

    This is the first day in a long time that weather related news (flooding, snowstorms) is not all over the news. We have some snow forcasted but no word of the flooding. Nice to have a break.

    As I posted yesterday, I got a psychiatrist appointment for difficult child tomorrow. Yesterday morning was so hard. I got difficult child to school early to get him out of the house and spend time at school with him (tried to do a crossword puzzle) before I had to go to work. It was the hardest morning yet to leave him. He was sobbing the entire time. He will not let on to the teachers what is going on. He will tell them his head feels weird but I don't think they really understand either what that means to him. His teacher said he had a good day. He doesn't want the other kids to see him struggling so he hides it very well.

    husband should be home in time to take difficult child to firearms safety. Monday's class was cancelled due to weather (that was a very good thing for difficult child but only means we have to make it up). It will be good to have this class over - just tonight, Monday and a range day which was scheduled for Saturday but we will find out tonight if that will be rescheduled.

    If husband is home in time, then I can go to a bible study. I belong to a circle at church but only make about 1 maybe 2 meetings per year of the monthly meetings. Not often that it works out for me.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  4. artana

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon - I bet you need Spring Break as much as the kids do.

    TL - The painting sounds peaceful. Good luck with kt!

    Andy - I remember what it was like to leave my child at daycare when he was younger, with him howling.:( That makes your heart so sore.

    My difficult child had a meltdown yesterday coming in from recess and he was written up. The school might try to suspend him for it. I'm very upset at this. They know he is a difficult child. He did not hurt anyone or even say anything mean. He also ended up with a fever last night, which tells me the tantrum was health-related exhaustion.

    difficult child has slept 12 hours and seemed better this morning. We gave him Motrin and sent him to school. I called his teacher to let her know that if he shows any of the signs of lethargy or exhaustion that he did yesterday to give me a call so I can go get him.

    I'm hating spring. I am so tired. I can't keep missing work and the school is suddenly being very rigid.
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, I hate nightmares. I hope you can get back to sleep soon. If it continues to bother you, write it down.

    Linda, I'm glad you're getting a bit of respite from kt's venom. Enjoy the painting. A challenge is always a good thing.

    Andy, the concept of "firearms safety" classes seems weird to me. Of course it makes sense, but in Australia you either need to use guns (say, living on the land and shooting vermin) so you teach your kids yourself, or guns just don't figure in our kids' lives at all. I remember difficult child 1's best friend used to shoot vermin on his uncle's farm, he had to have a junior shooter's licence to do this. His uncle taught him gun safety. I think if you live with guns it's a good idea to make sure everyone is educated and drilled in safety.

    artana, here's hoping difficult child gets through school OK today. Sorry to hear about yesterday being not so good.

    A very quick good morning from Down Under, because I'm desperately tired and short of sleep. difficult child 3 had a study day at school today (which means, for correspondence school, it's a day where we actually GO to school, which is in the city) plus we have another one tomorrow. It's a long way especially in peak hour traffic on a rainy day! We leave before sunrise and thankfully can leave the school just after lunch, but because we live in such an isolatedpocket, we get other errands done on the way home. Today we had to hurry home so difficult child 3 could get to his tennis game with his best friend, so my usual "pull over and catnap to recharge batteries" was not an option. Thankfully the rain held off so the boys COULD play tennis...

    Tomorrow we'll go to the mall on the way home, I can take a little more time and catnap on the way back if I want, buy something quick and easy to prepare for dinner. The chicken casserole I made is very much to my taste and husband's. but difficult child 3 only tolerates it. Plus, although I like it, it is unfortunately swimming in more fat than I should be eating.

    Last week at the study day, one of difficult child 3's classmates (female, of course) passed him a note saying, "I think I have a crush on you." I found out today that she and her boyfriend have broken up - boyfriend is also a classmate and friend of difficult child 3's. Could get awkward. The two kids are still friends despite the break-up, I'm told, but the boy was very edgy today. I don't think he's take it too well to find his ex-girlfriend chasing difficult child 3. I'm not happy about the idea either - difficult child 3 just hasn't got the social maturity to maintain a relationship like this, not with this girl. She would expect conversation, for a start!

    difficult child 3 has a lot of schoolwork to get done on the weekend, I'm not looking forward to it.

    One more week before the end of Term 1, for us.

    oh, joy...

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - The kids need to go through this class in order to legally be out in the woods having gun in hand with their family during hunting season. I wish it was mandatory for even non-hunting kids to go through. There are some great videos showing how easy it is to be careless and every night of class the three major hunting rules are hammered into them.

    If by the test time the kids do not know: Be sure of your target and what is around it, handle your gun as if it is loaded at all times, and control your muzzle at all times then they automatically do not pass.

    They go through what to do if you become lost and stress to make a plan and stick to it. Many injuries are due to one of the hunting party getting bored and changing positions without the others knowing. So, others have no idea where that person is. That happened to me on a drive once. The idiot I was next to dropped out of sight. I stayed put and after 10 minutes of not seeing him left the woods (I was very close to the edge). I refuse to go forward not knowing where the other hunter was. He had found a dead deer and decided to stop driving the woods (didn't stick to the plan). He had stooped down to examine it. Very very foolish. He should have marked the spot to come back to later. If I had continued and the person outside the woods saw me go past and figured it was clear and saw a deer, he could have shot the idiot that changed the plan of the group.

    I think they get more than what most of their dad's would teach.

    difficult child may not be carrying a gun, but we want him to have this class to be out with the hunting party. He wants to go out this fall. I will actually be surprised if he does.

    I don't like watching kids running through the neighborhood playing "cops and robbers" and "shooting" at each other. Those kids have no clue about respecting guns. My neighbor is surprised that while I allow difficult child to carry a BB gun I am not comfortable with airguns and paint pellet guns. I don't like the paying big bucks for kids to run around (should not run with a gun in hand - loaded or not) shooting at each other.