Good Thursday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    As I was putting in the title of this thread I was wishing I was writing TGIF! It's been a long week with far too many appts. Today after school difficult child's in home therapist is coming.

    On the bright side we are in for a beautiful day with sunshine and temps in the mid 60s!! I may even wear sandals and capris today, we'll see. My class always laughs at me because I'm always cold! I am so looking forward to this beautiful day!!!!!

    Several of us went to the visitation yesterday of the mom of one of our students. It is so sad to think that they are so young and have lost there mom. While we were there I was able to reconnect with a former student. She had a lot of challenges as she was going through school and had to work extremely hard. Her brother was shot when she was in high school. She is now 31 years old and working in North Carolina in law enforcement! She looks fantastic!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. artana

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    Good morning,

    WO - As sad as the passing of that student's mother sounds, reconnecting with someone who went through your class and seeing her succeeding must have given you some sense of accomplishment. What an amazing thing it is that you do!

    My easy child had a perfect day yesterday. I was so proud. He worked really hard for it.

    I am going to talk to my difficult child's reading teacher. He doesn't like writing so he ignores the writing centers and his grade is suffering for that. She and I need to come up with some way to get him interested in the centers, even if he's only there for a little bit.
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day for Thursday.

    Sharon/WO, I know how you feel about wanting it to be Friday. So sad about the mum of your students, dying so young. I'm glad you made contact again with your old friend.

    Artana, I hope difficult child's teacher and you can come up with some good strategies to help him. What about letting him use a computer for writing tasks? Sometimes that can make it sufficiently easier, so he can do more and feel a better sense of accomplishment. difficult child 3 is sitting here with me and asked me to share this swith you - "That's a good idea - it works for me. I can flick through different windows in a pinch without messy papers to take care of."

    I knew I was in for a busy week, in some ways it hasn't been too bad; in other ways it's been more tiring. But I've got through it so far. Life is getting really busy for us at the moment.

    Today - sunny and warm, not as much as yesterday though, which was like a hot summer's day. I had washing on the line today, it all dried well (thank goodness). My cleaning bloke was a bit ratty today, he's bipolar and I think was in a very 'down' mood, certainly not on the ball. Was getting upset with me when we were discussing religion - which he brought up, as usual. Anything I could say was making him more depressed and as a result, more ineffective. At least we got the essentials done - washing out and cooking complete.

    Tonight difficult child 3 made bolognese sauce according to the recipe on the Nintendo DS Cooking Guide, although I made him modify the recipe because I think it had too much liquid in it. He likes the taste of what he produced; he had to season it "to taste" which meant HE got to choose when it was just right. A good lesson!

    I had my hair done at the local hairdresser this afternoon - a colour with foils then a trim. I think it makes me look ten years younger. She's trying to take out a lot of the artificial red in my hair, the result of my hair being resistant to hair dyes plus the way they fade (or at least, the way the over-the-counter home colour packs fade, in my hair). I think it looks great - husband isn't sure because of the price. I think he likes how it looks, he just wasn't happy about the cost. I'm not a hairdresser-goer as a rule, so he has no rule of thumb. But talking to other people, I'm told this hairdresser is very reasonable.

    Tomorrow I'm hoping to get my sneak peek at my friend's art exhibition because I won't be able to attend the opening (I have a writers meeting I can't get out of) and Sat/Sun we'll be flying to QUeensland and back for my brother's birthday. difficult child 3 has one more week of school holiday, during which time he MUST finish his overdue assessment task and email it in. I've also got some school paperwork (arrived in the mail today) which I have to deal with ASAP. I suspect I'll be spending time tomorrow working on it. If I get the chance (weather permitting) I might get some sun in (with hair covered, of course - don't want to speed up the fading on the new colour!). I also have to pack for the trip which of course requires me to re-pack my handbag so I won't lose half the contents to the whims of those confiscating customs officials! My swiss army knife, for example, the manicure set, most of my make-up - all has to go in the hold luggage. medications too. We have to take our bedding, our toiletries bag (also in the hold) and a change of underwear. It's crazy - a trip like this, I used to do with carry-on luggage only, but all the stuff I need to take (including toothpaste, shampoo, bottle of water) can't be in the hold.

    It's a crazy world.

    husband & I just finished watching a documentary on Andrew McCauley, the bloke who ALMOST paddled from tasmania to New Zealand. He got within 35 km of NZ, within sight of Milford Sound, when something went wrong. They think a rogue wave knocked him out of the kayak. This had happened before and he'd been fine, but this time it happened after he'd sustained damage to his hatch which was designed to stop him form shipping water in rough seas. Coming in close to the coast is always dangerous, the Southern Ocean is the worst in the world. And even then he could have been saved, if they had understood his message. But it took them 2 weeks to play the full message to his wife and the rest of his team, by which time of course it was far too late.

    So sad. But the documentary showed just how thoroughly he had prepared, how well he managed (as well as how tough it was). The storm he survived was probably worse than the one which killed contestants in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race a few years ago.

    It was interesting to watch this - the guy wasn't a ratbag loony after all, he was an adventurer with a dream. And as far as his wife is concerned, because he got within sight of land and well within territorial waters, he made it. Probably died of hypothermia then drowning, after falling out in another capsize, they believe. His voice in the last mayday message, sounds constricted as with shivering. It could explain why they had trouble understanding him.

    Enjoy your THursday.

    The week is amost over.
  4. Andy

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    Wiped Out - Yes, this has been a long week (and I even had Monday off). My schedule has been weird. My prayers go out to those girls. It is always nice to see how people we watch grow up actually make it through their struggles and shine on the other side.

    O.K. Artana - I think you are up about 1/2 hour early today! hehehe. Way To Go easy child. Does it matter what difficult child writes at the centers? Can you come up with something outside the box for him? Make sure it is subjects he is interested in?

    Marg - As your busy week comes to an end, do you have plans for the weekend? Two more weekends to the wedding?

    I am looking forward to a long day of work today. Monday was up to Fargo to a neurology appointment for difficult child, Tuesday I went to help with Social Studies to be told that it was Wed this week. I decided not to go back to work and did errands instead. Yesterday: work, difficult child to orthodontist, work, help with Social Studies, work, pick up difficult child from school, home, Wal-Mart, Subway to go. Tomorrow is the funeral for the dad who died Saturday night. Nothing planned for tonight.

    It has also been beautiful weather here. I think I may hang out wash on Saturday.

    I hope everyone has a great day and finds a way to make your kids laugh.

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon, I hate the types of week you are having; the type that by Tuesday morning you swear it's Friday & you must survive another 4 days. Hang in there lady. Take deep breaths & nap.

    Artana, big congrats :bravo:to difficult child for his perfect day. I can tell you're a proud mum.

    Marg, you're far worth the cost of that hair salon appointment. It sounds lovely.

    Andy, like Sharon, you're in the midst of a insane (bad word?) week. Sit out on your deck & enjoy the weather tonight. by the way, I love hanging out my sheets & some of my summer tops. I love the fresh aroma.,

    It's a somewhat busy day here ~ I head out to see my therapist (we're working on grief issues) this morning. My the time I get back the contractor will be in again with what I suspect is the final plan & price. The work begins April 27th.

    I met wm for lunch yesterday at his school. My goodness, every time I see him he looks taller. He's doing well (in the big scheme of things) & seems stronger emotionally. My wm is taking his state testing very seriously while none of the others at day treatment are (according to teacher/SW). :bravo: Gives me a small bit of hope for my son.

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy the spring weather.
  6. Marguerite

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    Andy, you sound like you've had an even busier week than we've been having!
    About this weekend - I did mention it, we're flying to the Gold Coast (me, husband & difficult child 3) and back overnight. It's my older brother's birthday party, the entire family are gathering. Then we're back home for a week and a few days, and we're off to Newcastle to get ready for easy child's wedding.

    And I just remembered something else that will have to go into the hold luggage - his birthday present, a set of acrylic paints in tubes. They'd get confiscated for sure. I'm getting to really HATE airline security!

    Meanwhile I'm chasing up difficult child 1 for another possible job ad I saw plus mowing mother in law's lawn, and also to make sure he has something to wear to his sister's wedding. At this stage it looks like he's wearing the spare (smaller) family kilt, we just need to find him some footwear. The coat and shirt he wore to his own wedding will look lovely with his kilt, as will his waist-length hair. I might dig out the tartan scarf and my cairngorm to possibly lend to daughter in law, so she can 'match' her husband. Now I think of it, I could possibly lend her MY kilt, it could fit her... it's just a little tight on me. And now she's a member of the Clan, she's entitled to wear the family tartan.

    Linda, thanks for those kind words about the hair. I really like it - it's the best it's looked for a long time. I hope your grief counselling session goes well. After all you've been through, it's very important. I'm glad wm seems to be doing so well. Keep up the work ethic!

  7. lizzie09

    lizzie09 lizzie

    More kind words about the hair!! Go for it deserve to have your
    hair done....flip the are irreplaceable!!

    I thought I deserved a treat today and picked up some nice black jeans reduced in a shop called Esprit doubt if you have heard of it.
    difficult child got a new shirt and top as hes going to a 21st tomorrow 17th.

    When I got home I realised I had read the US size on the jeans instead of
    UK and I now have a pair of jeans two sizes two big and I dont want to grow into them. I wondered how I could be so lucky to pick them dont often get regular sizes at sales! Should have tried them on!!
    Might get them changed later.....but I deserved something nice !!!!! as you do!
  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    I am sorry Marg - I must have gotten distracted and thought I had finished reading. Sounds like an adventure for this weekend for you.

    Timer - I am sitting here at 5:45 pm waiting for difficult child to decide if he wants to go to a visitation or not. He just took diva puppy outside without a leash or being tied up. We will never catch her by 6:45 to make it to the 4 - 7 pm visitation. Maybe that is his way of figuring it out? If he catches diva puppy then we go, otherwise, not.

    Lizzie - Better too big than too small. I hope you are able to find someone to donate them to if you can not return them.