Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    The weather turned out great for our field trip yesterday, none of the forecasted rain arrived instead we had a beautiful sunny day. Two more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so tired right now I can barely keep my eyes open. No appts. after work but we have to get some serious cleaning done, usually I would wait til the weekend but husband's sisters are going to be in town and we are all going out tomorrow night and they will need to stop at our house before we go out, one of husband's sister's is super neat so we need to at least make a good effort.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Fran

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    Good Morning WO. Glad you are on the last few days of school. I'm sure you are looking forward to it.
    Good news about the weather and field trip. I remember how much fun it was to go on end of the year field trips.

    It's hot but not as bad as earlier in the week. Things are going well with difficult child except the job search. Not much available at present. He went to a social function where they played pool volleyball. difficult child even played. I was surprised. He got a few phone numbers so he will try to meet up with one or two of the guys and start to work on creating a social network. He is helpful as long as I don't ask too much too quickly but every little bit helps.

    Hope you all have a nice Thursday. The weekend is just around the corner.
  3. therese005us

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    Hello everyone

    Our thursday is nearly done. It was very cold this morning, and the chilly breeze didn't help. However, tomorrow it is supposed to be colder, 0 degrees, which is 32F, but we usually get about -3 or -4 when the forecast is 0 so it might be around 26F. So it will be rather chilly milking in the morning I'd say.

    DS was reasonably helpful this mornign, though a little hungover as he went out with his friends for a short time yesterday pm.

    I have some administrative work to do on the computer tonight, so will be online for alittle bit tonight.

    Marg, hope you're feeling better tonight.... I'm too busy to get sicker, but would love to have a little "holiday" when I can leave these cares behind.

    good luck with the graduation party, I hope the weather is fine and all your plans go well. Remember to relax won't you?

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day for Thursday.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad the picnic went off well. I hope your cleaning passes the white glove test.

    Fran, the social networking for difficult child sounds good. Not such good news on the job front - it is a bad time for everyone.

    Trish, your cold temperatures beat ours. We're lucky to be close to the coast here (about a hundred metres from it) and it does help keep our temperatures more moderate. I'm glad your son is helping a bit at last; could you talk to him about what chores he would choose to do? He might have something more productive to offer, such as perhaps rebuilding a shed or two? OK, stop laughing. it was just a suggestion... cold milking in the morning - oh yes, I remember that from my childhood. Cramping hands while trying to get the blood flowing and the joints working... we did all the milking by hand but we only had a small flock of goats. Later on when my dad retired we got rid of the goats and only had one Jersey house cow, but she produced enough to feed an orphanage. We were in colder territory back then, winter mornings were often frosty.

    We had another really cold day today, it's as cold as it got during World Youth Day celebrations last year. This is as cold as it gets. A rainy day would be warmer! I had some chicken stock out of the freezer last night and forgot to put it in the fridge to thaw overnight. I needn't have worried - it was still half-frozen this morning, despite sitting on the bench in a room with the heater left running! The room temperature dropped to 5 C (41 F) overnight. That's INDOORS...

    My friend collected my asthma medications prescription from the doctor today but by the time she dropped it off the day was getting colder again, so I'm going to use difficult child 3's medications (same drug and dosage) tonight and get my script filled tomorrow during the day.

    I got a phone call from one of my sisters this afternoon, an early happy birthday call because she will be away over the weekend. Then another call from easy child 2/difficult child 2, she wants to visit on Saturday to do some sewing (for the wedding) and their washing. husband & I will be going out to dinner on Saturday night. Not because it's my birthday, but because it's the annual dinner for his train club.

    I cancelled my cleaner again today, I didn't want to risk sharing this bug with his other (mostly elderly) clients. Although the number of his clients must be dropping, mother in law is the latest to tell him to take a flying leap after he got very unpleasant to her. He even freaks me out sometimes, and I know him well. He's bipolar, not the most stable tool in the shed. Also not terribly competent, but he is the best we can get at the moment.

    Despite still feeling like I'm coughing up my lungs and a low-grade fever is still hanging around, I do think I'm beginning to get better at last. husband's bruised chest wall is looking colourful; the doctor thinks he's probably pulled the rib muscles and torn into a capillary bed.

    Hmm, bed... with our duck down doona on the bed now, it's pleasantly warm overnight. Comfortable. The siren song of a warm bed on a cold winter's night...

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon (with-o), glad to hear your field trip had good weather.
    Fran, such good news that difficult child is building a social network; I know about the lack of jobs though. He's competing with adults with mortgages at this point. Ick.
    Trish, stay warm.
    Marg, ditto AND stay in bed until that fever clears.

    Another rainy chilly day today though it's supposed to clear in time for golf league this afternoon. I have a grief support group to attend this morning.

    Yesterday we got my rocking chair for my living room assembled (you'd think for a $450 chair it would be delivered in one piece) ~ it's the final piece for my living room & looks beautiful. My bedroom is complete as well as the mirror & nightstand were delivered yesterday AND put together. My contractor got me a good brand of paint at 1/2 off & my nieces are coming in this weekend to help me paint my living/dining rooms & my bedroom.

    Have a good day all ~ there's always one reason to smile ~ hope you find it.
  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - I am glad the weather was great for the field trip. Good luck cleaning tonight.

    Fran - Good luck to difficult child on his new goal of a social network. Good for him to get those phone numbers.

    Therese005us - Stay warm today.

    Marg - Glad you are feeling a little bit better. You need all your strength back when you do have your cleaner return. It would probably be hard to put up with him when you are not feeling up to par.

    difficult child has decided to go to his baseball game instead of bowling tonight so we will make up our Jr/Adult bowling game this afternoon. We asked the baseball coach last night if difficult child can be one of his pitchers. The night the coach worked on pitching, difficult child was only able to throw the ball twice before being hit in the eye with the ball and sent home for ice so I don't think coach really has gotten to see what he can do. I hope difficult child gets pulled into the in-field. He can not throw the ball as far as needed for the outfield though that is improving from last year. He did well on the pitching mound last year. We both learned that the pitcher doesn't just pitch but needs to be able to cover bases as needed and difficult child was great at determining where to go once the ball was hit.

    Yesterday was very nice outside though a bit cool. I like cool. I ended up running across town twice for work (the first time was just stupid - the person who needed to sign should have been able to stop at my facility on his way out of town saving my time but his secretary said no - a bunch of political bull - stopping for this would not be beneath his position but they are at the management level that the worker bees come to them, they don't go to the worker bees. I think if I was able to contact him direct he would have done this but his secretary is into the political tiers.) and was glad that I didn't have to do so in the rain - especially with contracts in hand that I wouldn't want to get wet. Let's hope the 2nd set of contracts are signed and ready for me to pick up this morning. Then to figure out how to get our person to sign. Everything has to be in by next week but I have decided not to sweat it. I have no control over the contractor's schedule and I have sent a major one back down to our central office to have redone - that one will not be ready when suppose to. The one today we never use - it is just an in-case one so I am not too concerned about it. They will get done when they get done.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Timer - You snuck in on me. Your home sounds so nice with all the updating. I hope the weather cooperates for your golf outting.