Good Thursday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    I had a wonderful day yesterday and then fell asleep early for me (early for me in the summer that is). I had so much fun at the pool with my friend and godson-we played in the water the entire time-he is 5 and loves the water! Later the HP movie was great!

    Today lots to do to get ready for our Michigan trip this weekend. difficult child will be at overnight camp tonight so that should help. Wish I was getting ready to go to Cleveland to meet with many of you! I'll have fun in Michigan but wish everything didn't fall on this weekend (I'm missing a family reunion as well).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Sharon (WO),

    Glad you had an excellent day yesterday. It's too bad everything is happening this weekend. Sometimes it seems like it always happens this way. Anyway, I hope you have an excellent time in Michigan and the car trip is peaceful both ways...

    Today it's going to rain here. Lots of errand to do. I'm thinking of buying some fresh corn for dinner. The local farm stands have just started selling it. Well, got to go - I want to go for a jog before the rain hits.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... SFR
  3. therese005us

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    Good Morning Sharon and everyone

    Well, today started off interestingly. DS19, decided he didn't want to do his chores before work. However, the poor cows did need water. He was persuaded to go ahead and do it, but only half filled the water trough. So, rather than argue, I just went ahead and did it myself, taking my own sweet time, while he waited in the car for the taxi driver to take him to work. It was a little annoying, since I had so many other chores to do before 6.20am. We left around 6.45am, and I knew he was goign to be late. However, needing to make a point, I stopped the car several blocks from work. By this stage,I think he was getting the message. Oh, aren't you driving me all the way down? No, sorry, now I have to hurry home and get little cherub ready for school, I'm running very late. It would have been at least 20 minutes later he would have been to work....

    This afternoon he sent a text, saying he would do his chores, sorry for the morning etc. Following it up with a phone call to see how I was, he never wastes his credit on me!!! He was very humble when he got in the car.

    Managed to get some paperwork done, inbewteen the phone ringing hot regarding cherub.
    tomorrow we go for an interview to the police. I hope to gently prep her about talking to my 'special friend' about asking her (female officer lined up) to talk to daddy about not hurting her anymore please etc. along those lines. God will give the wisdom and the words I'm sure. So prayers please if you will.
    Also, other officials are making movements, (albeit slowly) so all going well, I won't have to take her home tomorrow. It might also mean I'll have 'extras' for the weekend if they seize the siblings. I pray they come here, to somewhere familiar.

    Might have to go look for a 7 seater car, because if this happens, I'll have six children to care for and only a 5 seater car at present!!

    I have some pretty cranky friends who are ready to jump in and go to the media if something isn't done to ensure the safety of these children.

    Well, enough said. It might be time to do a little more work before hopping into bed a little earlier. The stress of all this is tiring me out.

    have a lovely day everyone. :D
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad you had fun at the pool and enjoyed the movie. Enjoy Michigan.

    SFR, fresh corn for dinner sounds wonderful. We often have it for lunch, difficult child 3 & I. It's available at the moment but not as cheap as we can usually get it.

    Trish, sounds like you got the message across to your son very effectively! Well done! I hope your friends don't have to go to the media - here's hoping that tomorrow's interview goes well for you. I won't be home for moral support for you tomorrow, not until mid-afternoon, but I'll be thinking of you and praying for you all. Is it still as cold at your place as it has been? We've had a cold day here today, I did get my washing dry although I had to finish it on the heater; I fetched the washing in just as it finally began to rain.

    It's been a moderately busy day today, beginning with cleaning/washing/cooking. I had help thank goodness.

    I've made a batch of sausage rolls and frozen about half of them. The rest go in the fridge to eat over the next few days. And tonight I've been making a double batch of Moroccan lamb for dinner tomorrow night. It has to slow-cook but won't all fit in the crockpot, so I'm cooking half of it tonight on the stove and the rest of it will cook tomorrow during the day in the crockpot.

    All of this happening with difficult child 3 as usual expecting me to be in total sync with his mind and his thoughts as well as my apparently being the repository of all knowledge of the universe and exactly what is happening. Every little noise - of course Mum MUST know what has caused it and how the noise is made. Tonight a typical example - husband turned on the bathroom light then went outside. "Why did Dad just turn on the bathroom light? Hang on - was that the garage door?"
    Of course I must know. Even if it would be easy for difficult child 3 to go ask his father, he still expects me to automatically know everything.

    It's quite a burden, being omniscient...

    Tomorrow I am taking mother in law out to the mall so she can get her hearing aids fixed. I'll grab the chance to get more shopping done, but try to get home early enough to get a bit of rest (mother in law too) before the family dinner tomorrow night. I'll have to sneak a birthday cake for mother in law tomorrow as well so we can celebrate at dinner. She will be 85 on Saturday!

    It's holiday time but difficult child 3 has decided to stay home to get some schoolwork done. He gets bonus points (from me) for doing it during holidays or weekends and he really needs to catch up. All his friends will be away tomorrow so he may as well stay in and get some work done. His choice. I'm proud of him.

    It's been wonderful news about the 19 yo English backpacker who was given up for dead after going for an afternoon walk in the Blue Mountains. He had left his mobile phone behind (idiot!) and took a wrong turn and was lost for 12 days. Luckily the strams are flowing well so he had plenty of water; plus he ate whatever soft greens he found (which from my knowledge probably included Warrigal Greens aka NZ spinach, edible but with a soapy taste when eaten raw. Not terribly nourishing unless you eat a lot but loaded with Vitamin C).
    Here's a link to the amazing story of te backpacker. His father had arrived with hope, but finally accepted that his son was probably dead and was at the airport about to fly back home when the police rang to say his son had been found stumbling out of the bush. A miraculous story of survival! I do love a good news story for a change.

    Here is a link -,25197,25790389-2702,00.html

    Oh, and last night's tsunami was no big deal, less than 20 cm but still a good thing that we were told about it, a good test of the early warning systems.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Don't have time to greet you all this morning, sorry. Sounds like summer is going well for all of you; and winter at the other side of the world is tolerable.

    I'm finishing the last of my laundry so my contractors can fill up my laundry room & take my bedroom apart. The hardwood floors will be completed this weekend while I'm gone. Additionally, my bedroom will be painted.

    I have golf then a visit to kt before I leave town.

    Have a good day.