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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sorry I missed you all yesterday ~ this & that going on. It rained nonstop yesterday & we had tornadoes cruising thru the Twin Cities.

    I was happy to have gotten out in my yard Tuesday with my niece to spread mulch & get a great deal of those pesky weeds pulled. Niece "T" ran the lawn mower & weed wacker for me.

    I have a therapist appointment this morning & hopefully golf this afternoon. The weather report isn't promising though ~ in my younger days I would have played thru the rain. Not so much. I'm keeping fingers crossed that the rain backs off as it's our last day of league play.

    No golf I'll be starting a painting I've been planning.

    Have a good day - hug your loved ones.
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I'm glad you got some gardening done before the rain. I always like rain just after a heavy garfening session, it settles the earth back in to where it should be.

    I'm glad you started the thread - I was just about to, I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight. My pain levels have been really bad today, I've had to boost my pain medications. difficult child 3 put in some extra work today to get his schoolwork finished.

    Tomorrow we have a big day in the city - first, school for some private lessons. His science teacher wanted some completed worksheets (hence today's heavy session). We've just finished watching a really good program on TV oon teen health, tonight's episode was on sleep patterns and especially natural melatonin leve.s difficult child 3 was very interested because he takes melatonin. Thanks to the program, we're now going to try to change his gaing patterns as well as bringing his evening dosage time earlier. Now he watched the program, he understands why. We told him that getting up early to play computer games is probably good for him, because it should make his melatonin levels drop earlier, which is a good thing. But he HAS to make sure he gets enough sleep.

    Tomorrow he has a lesson with his health teacher, so this will be something to discuss. PLus he's bringing his laptop, so he should be able to do the schoolwork that requires use of the CD ROM.

    Sometimes it's tricky trying to juggle it all. Meanwhile I have paperwork to fill in, after school he has an appointment with the medical research team again.

    Then the weekend - and it's going to be busy also.

    So I'm off to bed early tonight - I need my sleep!

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning: Good Morning Everyone!

    Linda, good you got the yard work done before the rain settled in. Hope you are able to play a round this afternoon!!

    Well, today is the day....my mother comes for an indefinate visit :holymoly:! I have no idea how long she is staying so it's tough to plan the occupation of mom - movies, museums, shopping, sitting - your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that I'm headed to the office shortly so I can be back here at noon when she says she'll be here...

    difficult child got his schedule for his 8th grade year yesterday. He is thrilled! He got year-long PE and year-long art (in his school, electives in 8th grade are all year rather than by semester). These were his first choices! He does have math every day (his least fav subject), but it's connected to his lunch period so I told him it's a shortened class and if there was any class he could have wished would a shorter one, it would be math. He agreed. Fingers crossed - he is happy with how his classes worked out which hopefully translates into a positive start! :teacher:

    Well, take care today everyone. Hope your day is a good one :thumbsup:

  4. Wiped Out

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    Linda-The rain you had yesterday started here late afternoon for us and it's raining again now. Looking at the radar it looks like maybe it will clear up by both of us, I hope it clears in time for your golf game.

    Marg-I'm sorry your pain levels are so high. Hopefully the pain will be better by tomorrow. If not is there any chance you could reschedule?

    Sharon-I'm glad difficult child received the electives he wants, that should definitely make to a good beginning of the year! An indefinite amount of time on your mom's visit-WOW-that does make things more difficult. Maybe she will be able to give you more of an idea of how long she plans on staying when she gets there today.

    Long day yesterday! It was especially nice to meet with some of my friends from book club. We didn't get to meet on the terrace because of the weather but met at a friends, she has a lovely porch with a ceiling so we were able to sit out there even with the rain.

    One thing I am learning is I need to start getting back to bed earlier now that school is coming-I'm really tired this morning and only went in to school for a bit (couldn't get in my room because of waxing) and shopped for some school stuff. Imagine when I'm back full time-time to kiss my summer schedule good bye.

    Another busy day ahead. Registration for both kids (although we might wait and register difficult child late because he will be out of the city on a field trip with his day camp), driver's ed for easy child and workouts for husband and myself plus I'm hoping to maybe be able to get into my classroom and work for a bit but they might be waxing the floors so that would mean home for a nap.

    Tonight the new season of Project Runway starts-I can't wait!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. therese005us

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    Good morning everyone!
    I felt like sleeping in forever this morning, after my bad day yesterday. I feel really drained.
    After getting the students off to school, we came home and daughter had to cram as much schoolwork into two hhours as possible as she had a performance for Seniors Week that we had to race to. Firstly, though, we had to pick cherub up early from school.
    The Dancing went well.
    DS was locked out of the house, in my final attempt to make him realise I meant business. I did ask him to brush down the windows while I was out. he filled the woodbox without being asked.
    I felt bad all day for being so mean.
    The rest of the day went fast. I got some shopping done.
    I'm puzzled how to fit 5 girls into one car tomorrow as I have 2 japanese students for three days, and they come tomorrow afternoon.
    Cherub goes home for the weekend, which will help.
    DD12 has several performances in the Music Eisteddfod as well as a heavy dance class schedule.
    Tomorrow will be cleaning, photocopying and transporting.
    Have a gentle day everyone.
  6. rejectedmom

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    Good mOrning! I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful day. Today is my birthday. I have nothing planned 'til this evening when I will go to dinner at my daughter's house. I'm not sure how I will fill the hours up to then. Maybe I'll run the vacuum today the Dog has begun to shed again and there a fur bunnies floating around under the table...or not. -RM